5 best weapons for the zombie apocalypse

5 Weapons for the Zombie Apocalpyse

Picture this, a horde of zombies are approaching your door. But, as death slowly approaches you, you make a run for the local gun shop which is only a block away. Once you enter it, you come across the most extensive armory that you have ever seen.

With a limited amount of backpack space you come to the conclusion that you can only grab 1 weapon. If the zombie apocalypse falls upon us and you find yourself in this predicament, here are 5 guns that you definitely should consider when it comes to mowing down a horde of zombies. Here are some great suggestions. Thanks to Zombie Gear Dude for this great post. Check out his zombie weapons and zombie survival kits.

1) AR-15
Now this choice is a no-brainer. Unless you aren’t very disciplined when it comes to the concept of using semi, instead of giggle, you’ll find that this gun is an excellent choice. When you’re faced with a horde of zombies you don’t want to waste ammo and since it is durable, handy and lightweight it’s an ideal weapon to use against a horde of zombies, regardless if it’s for long range or short range targets.

2) Heckler & Koch G3
The Heckler is regarded as being a very dependable rifle which is commonly used in most European countries. It also operates on a rolling-block system. What this means is that unlike other rifles there’s no reason to disassemble in. Meaning for instance, unlike an M4 carbine which needs to be continuously clean because of the carbon build-up, this rifle can be used continuously without any instances of a jam. It also has an amazing accuracy at 1,500 yards and uses a .308 round.

3) Remington 870 Express 12 Gauge
Even though the 12 gauge shotgun is a common gun that you would find in various zombie movies, there’s a very good reason why this is the case. It simply provides a multitude of benefits that could prove to be handy during a zombie apocalypse. For starters you could use it on the run to either slow down or stop a horde of zombies. You could also grab some breaching rounds so that you could breach doors on the go.

4) Remington Model 798 Bolt Action Hunting Rifle
When it comes to conducting some good sniper action against a horde of zombies, a good bolt action rifle such as the 798 would be an excellent choice. Some of the neat accessory that could be attached to this gun include a scope and a suppressor which would be perfect when it comes to reaching out and dispatching them at ranges of up to 400 yards.

5) AK-47
The AK-47 cartridge must be doing a good job because it is regarded as being the most common rifle cartridge in the worlds. Time after time, it has proven to be very effective against, objects, animals and people. Needless to say, it would do an excellent job at mowing down zombies. One of the primary reasons why this would also be an excellent choice is the fact that it uses a 7.62 mm round which itself is larger that the bullets that are used with the AR 15/16 as well as the M4 carbine.

There you go, everything you need boys and girls. If anyone has any suggestions or comments please feel free to drop them below and let me know what you think.


4 Most High Tech Guns in the World

You will find many guns that look like those used in the James Bond movies. Gun manufacturers have used technology to bring in many advanced features that never existed before. Here are the most high tech guns in the world right now.



This gun is used by the Russian Special Forces. It is an underwater assault rifle that shoots off 700 rounds every minute at a range of about 80 feet.

Armatix iP1


This gun has a fingerprint-enabled watch to be within 25 cm of it to fire. The reason for this is that the gun cannot be used against the owner.



This gun enables users to take the aim and shoot from around the corners. It can also be used as a semi-automatic pistol or a grenade launcher.

‘PHASR’ Rifle


PHASR stands for “personal halting and stimulation response”. This is a non-lethal firearm developed by the US Department of Defense. It temporarily blinds it targets with its lasers.

Technology has enabled features to be added to guns that were never possible before. From underwater shooting to guns operated by finger prints –- we now have it all. If you are thinking of buying a gun, then you should choose one that will serve your purpose. You should be careful not to use it in a negative way. Guns are lethal weapons; its usage must be limited. Because of the increase in crimes it has become important for a civilian to possess a gun. But you must make sure that you can handle it and use it in an appropriate situation to defend yourself.


Overcoming Gun Fears

Guns are used for self defense and also for hunting. It can be used to prevent violence. But if it falls on the wrong hands then it may take lives. Many people fear guns. This condition is called Hoplophobia. The fear is due to the sound it makes and the damage it causes.

If someone has a bad experience with gun, for example, he or she saw someone die on a gun fight, then the fear will haunt them in future and affect their lives. The trauma may be because of witnessing the damage that it caused, or because the person might wonder what would have happened if the incident occurred with the person instead. This fear can be easily transferred to another person. That is, for example, you don’t have any fear for guns, but seeing your best friend frightened, you start having the same feeling as well. Some people even have panic attacks due to fear of guns. Trembling, fainting, sweating, increased heart rates, etc. are symptoms of hoplophobia.

In such as, the condition must be treated quickly. Here are some of the things you can do to get rid of your fear.

1. You must deal with guns regularly in order to overcome the fear. It is not necessary that a real gun should be present, but if you can come up with something that mimics the sound or a gun, then that will work too.

2. Start using guns for having a feel of it. You can start hunting or shooting. These are great sports and also will help you to get rid of gun fear.

3. You can visit a therapist to assist you in dealing with the fear. The therapist can provide you skills in managing the fear.

Having gun fear is very common. You should not worry about it much. Take the steps mentioned above and you soon overcome the fear.


3 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Guns

A new debate is going on regarding the use of guns. Due to some recent crime instances, many people are now talking for possessing gun for the purpose of self-defense. Whereas, others believe that relaxing the gun laws will give more power to the bad people. While the debates go on, most of us don’t know some very interesting facts about guns.

America owns about half the world’s civilian guns

Even though America is the third most populous nation on Earth, it has more guns than any other country in the world. India, which is the second populous country in the world, only has one-sixth of the number of guns America has. US has the highest per capita gun ownership, with 88.8 guns for every 100 people.

America is the only country in the world to relax gun laws after massacres

After the Texas dinner massacre in 1991, 27 states of America passed 93 laws allowing citizens to carry firearms in schools and churches, if necessary, for self defense.

Guns are a male obsession

Gun sellers like to trade on perceptions of manliness. Only 12% of all women in US have guns, compared to 37% of all men owning guns. About 96% of gun owners around the world are men; that means only 4% of them are women.

Guns are important for self defense. This is relevant now than ever due to the continuous massacres that is going on around the world. But, gun also brings in violence. So, guns must be used carefully. Those civilians who possess guns must only use it for self defense without causing harm to anyone.