Earlier this month, in Omaha, Nebraska, two brothers were able to save themselves after an armed man attempted to rob their shop.

According to eyewitnesses, Lucas M. Ortiz, 23 years old, entered the barbershop with an empty backpack and a shotgun. Several customers were in the shop, lined up and waiting to get a trim. Mr. Ortiz dropped his backpack on the ground, and pointed the shotgun at one of the owners of the shop. He instructed the owner to throw all the money they had in the bag.

The barbershop is owned by two brothers, and they were well prepared for such an occurrence. The owner with the shotgun pointed at him caught the eye of his brother as he threw his wallet on to the floor.

One of the brothers drew their weapon, pointed it at their assailant, and told him to put his gun down. That’s when rounds started flying.

The first shot was reportedly fired by the attacker, a wild shot that missed the barber by an arms length and left him unharmed. One of the brothers managed to land several shots on the attacker, who fled the shop and collapsed on the street outside.

The police were contacted, and they picked up the suspect. After identifying him, they took him for medical treatment, and then into custody.

The wife of one of the barbers, and his baby daughter, were upstairs throughout the incident, and whilst some feel that it was a miracle no-one was hurt during the attack, the brothers feel that it was their own preparation that avoided disaster.

They told the press that they had heard that several shops on the same street had been robbed recently, and that after hearing this they had formulated a plan. They were already in the habit of carrying concealed firearms, but after the recent robberies they discussed and rehearsed a plan.

They knew what to expect from each other, and that both of them would be armed at all times, and in doing so were able to respond effectively to the threat.

Mr. Ortiz will be charged for crimes relating to the incident, which is still being investigated.

The incident shows the importance of having a well thought out and rehearsed plan for such situations. Merely carrying a concealed firearm is no protection against attackers – instead, what is needed is a rehearsed plan of action.

It helped, of course, that the two brothers work in close proximity to each other, and have a good relationship. This allowed them to think and work as a team during the incident, greatly improving their effectiveness.

They also told the press that they had spent quite a long time rehearsing what they would do should a thief come into their shop, a location they knew well.

Ultimately, making the decision to carry a concealed firearm imposes a responsibility on anyone – you are carrying a deadly weapon, and it is your responsibility to know how to use it.

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  1. Glad to hear that the brothers and their patron’s were not injured. It’s unfortunate that we live in such a dangerous world. This danger is being fueled by an epidemic of drug abuse and a total loss of respect for property and human life. Kudos to the owners for being prepared and taking this guy out. Got to believe that the more the people are able to defend themselves, and property, that these bad people will think twice before acting.

    • “Got to believe that the more the people are able to defend themselves, and property, that these bad people will think twice before acting.”
      Exactly my thought as well. It adds to it that IMO the majority of our citizens aren’t “bad”, it just happens to be the case that those that are, are more likely to commit crimes and are also more likely to be armed. More concealed carry will hopefully compensate that imbalance.


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