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“Guns without restrictions”: Trump victory escalates legislative moves in states

The victory of Donald J. Trump—as the 45th president of United States—has escalated moves across the country calling for new legislation on the gun rights. Various gun rights activists are calling for fresh legislative measures to gain victory on the legislative front.

Several bills have been presented in different states to revoke the licensing requirements and also revert the ban on carrying guns—as the ban was imposed to curb the gun rights in past—in public facilities. Recent move intends to support the gun rights movement in United States calling for implementation of famous slogan, “guns without restrictions”.

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Recently, President Trump called for more gun rights to secure the lives of American people—amid the controversial federal and state crime statistics—as part of the campaign to respond “American carnage”. According to the POTUS, “crimes are rising, while people are being murdered because America is experiencing the worst wave of terror by most deadly and terrific enemy”. This supportive presidential stance has not only encouraged gun rights advocates, but has also given them opportunity to push for new legislations across the country.


“ People of the country have realized the importance of gun rights across the country by embracing the fact that they are the only and first line of defense against any enemy to secure their lives, property and rights”, said by James Lucas (R), Indiana state representative in a recent interview.

He further added, “People are fed up of the on-going lawlessness in recent years of American history”. This is not the only and last voice supporting gun rights, but beginning of the pro-guns era of American history. Gun rights activists are also pushing the politicians in other states to utter similar statements and support gun rights in other states.

As per the bill proposed by Lucas—chief sponsor of gun rights in Indiana—universities will not be able to ban possession of guns within university campuses and acquirement of a license will no longer treat as a basic requirement to hold guns.

Six other key states including Kansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana and New Hampshire have presented new bills to call possession of firearms as ‘constitutional carry’ within states. As per the present state regulations, firearms are not allowed on the university campuses—and also not regarded as the ‘constitutional carry’ –in these states.

13 other states have also moved new legislative bills to support the gun rights by allowing firearms on the university campuses—as part of the recent campaign to advocate gun rights—after the election of Donald Trump. Republicans moved the bill in Florida to allow the firearms in the pre-security areas because 5 people were killed at the airport in January by the men armed with AR-15s. Colorado and North Dakota are considering allowing the appointment of specialized armed security personnel in the schools.

Two states are also considering expanding the scope of self-defense laws that allow the people to stand against the armed attacks. Utah is even considering passing landmark legislative amendment that will shift the burden of proof on prosecutor instead of defendant—and a move is supported by several key state representatives, organizations, and intelligentsia—in the state. Red states have also introduced several measures—mostly by Democrats—to lift strict guns regulations. Indiana is leading the movement by calling for tax exemption schemes for the organizations who offer gun safety courses.

Lucas supports tax exemption on firearms training courses instead of the gun safety courses. National Instant Criminal Background Check System—all of the retailers have to go through this system—of FBI reported 4 million annual rises in the gun processing applications. Fear was the result of the speculation that Barack Obama will enact new strict gun control regulations—while Hillary Clinton was presumed as next American President—in last days of his office.

Trump was also wrong on comparing the crime statistics, because violent crimes committed in 1981—population of country was 100 million less in 1981 as compared to 2015—were more than 2015, according to the crime statistics revealed by FBI in September.

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