Livonia, Michigan firearms instructor faces potential charges after he shot a student in the classroom on May 3, 2017. The incident occurred during a CPL class being held at the Firearm Exchange shooting range in Livonia.

The instructor, whose name is not being released, teaches for Lifechoice LLC. He was teaching the class when he drew his firearm from its holster, pointed it at the door, and pulled the trigger. The man claims he was unaware the firearm was loaded.

Unfortunately, the door was not a safe place to point a handgun; the round went through it and into another classroom, hitting another student. The bullet went through one of the victim’s legs and hit the other leg. His identity has not been released, but the man was immediately treated on the scene.

This brings to mind several cardinal rules of handgun safety:

First, ensure your firearm is not loaded before handling it, every single time. For a semi-automatic, this means releasing the magazine and pulling back the slide to check for a round in the chamber. With a revolver, you must open the cylinder and remove all the bullets.

Second, always point your handgun in a safe direction. This is usually down range or in any direction where you can clearly see no one in the area. Keep in mind that rounds from a handgun can travel great distances, possibly endangering someone you can’t see.

Third, keep your finger off the trigger. You should never put your finger on the trigger unless you’re prepared to fire the weapon. This rule applies whether you’re in the classroom or at the range.

Following these basic rules of safe gun handling should be paramount in any gun owner’s life, and the rules apply to rifles and shotguns as well. If someone hands you a firearm to inspect, they should always check the weapon to see if it’s unloaded. Then, you should check it as well.

Even if you know a firearm is unloaded, you should still point the weapon in a safe direction. Remember to keep your finger off the trigger. When you hand the firearm back, you should go back to rule number one and clear the weapon once again.

If you don’t know how to clear the weapon, ask the person to show you. It’s important to use such caution each time you handle an unfamiliar firearm.

These general rules for safe handling should be practiced frequently, and put into place every time you handle a weapon. If there are others in your household who are old enough to handle a firearm, they should be taught all these steps as well.

Always check a firearm when handling it, keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction, and never put your finger on the trigger. Practicing safe firearm handling can help ensure that an accidental shooting, such as the one in Livonia, doesn’t happen to you.

Being prepared goes a long way when you’re shooting. Having a gun safe is important, read our reviews of all major safe brands and take a look at our ear protection reviews as well as our eye protection.

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