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Is NSA still Watching us? How to Check Your Computer for Spyware

Back in 2013, the Guardian leaked records that actually proved US spy programs existence. That summer, was extremely tenuous for the NSA starting in June. The scandal gained momentum and regular citizens started searching extra ways of protecting their privacy and preventing personal data from leaks. We will be showing you how to check your computer for Spyware shortly.

Alongside with top 10 antiviruses there popped up various options that were ‘originally used by hackers only’ and out of sudden became within easy reach for every user. People spent tons of money, explored all possible pieces of advice from pro IT guys, made up a bestvpnrating, a list of the most reliable firewalls and brandmauers just to feel safe in their own homes. How are things going on today? Do we still have to worry?

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How to Check Your Computer for Spyware


The Internet is stuffed with smart tips on checking computers for external activity. But only a few of them fit for regular users. The easiest one is as simple as 1,2,3:

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Open any document or web browser.
  3. Place cursor in the middle of your screen.
  4. Make sure your screensaver won’t show up within at least half an hour.
  5. Sit and watch that cursor.

If somebody is spying on you – it will move at least for a few millimeters. If it stays still at its place – everything is fine.

Most of the users are sure that the fact they see bright ads displaying goods or services they were searching for on the web is a sign of somebody spying on them. They are only half correct.

Our browsers detect all latest search requests to pick up ads that are interesting for us. This is a good filter that prevents 18+ widgets showing for kids if we are using 1 PC for a family. But it also can reveal our secret interests to the others.

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How to Protect Your Computer From Being Spied On

We are all here for freedom. Internet freedom is of significant importance as we all live in the digital world. No wonder there are so many ways of securing those data in our computers.

First of all – make sure your antivirus is updated and works properly. Another important thing is a password. Set one to lock your SSD. Professionals also use separate passwords for every folder. Even if there is nothing super serious stored there.

Do not forget about a good VPN service. There are a lot of public networks around us and here or there our tablets, notebooks or smartphones connect to them even without us noticing anything happened.

So a VPN is a must today. It protects gadgets from hackers who get access to our passwords, photos, and other data together with giving us unlimited access to any content.

Another good tip is always to cover a webcam. This trick works best when there is a need for blocking third person’s access. Nobody will see what is going on if your camera is covered with a sticker or special case.

Everyone decides what is important for them, but freedom is above all for everyone. Do not let anyone interfere your privacy.

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