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Op Ed – Poncho Nevarez Should Resign!


 Fellow Texans and Gun Rights Supporters

To tell you I’m irritated would be an understatement.  As I write this I am downright furious. How our leadership dropped the ball, we may never know.  But today, I’m demanding answers. 

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 On October 10th, 2019 I testified at the DFW Gun Rights Hearings at Brookhaven College in front of a panel of House Representatives including Drew Darby, Cesar Blanco, Giovanni Capriglione, Charlie Geren, Poncho Nevarez and many others.  One of the first things I noticed was Vice Chair Nevarez lackluster demeanor, his cutting up with his neighbor during panel testimony and his condescending attitude town an elderly man who came to testify in favor of the 2nd Amendment.  Unbeknownst to me (or anyone else) is that Nevarez was popped for cocaine at an airport in Austin, TX one month prior to this hearing on September 6th. Even more baffling still is that no news outlet got wind of it until NOVEMBER 14th.  More than TWO MONTHS later. 


The timeline of events is scathing… and not just for Nevarez.  After reviewing the timeline I’m left with a serious myriad of questions, but here are the big ones:

 –        Who is covering for Poncho Nevarez?

–        Why did law enforcement wait OVER A MONTH to interview Nevarez Chief of Staff even tho Officer Cabrera sent samples and DNA evidence to the lab the day the drugs were discovered?

–        Why was the search warrant affidavit not released to the media for over TWO MONTHS?

–        How many important state decisions was Poncho Nevarez involved in while he was high on cocaine?

–        Why is speaker Bonnen refusing to remove this jerk from his chairmanship?

–        How is someone who has admitted to the possession of cocaine, been arrested for it and charged with a 3rdDegree Felony still able to maintain his position?

For 8 hours I sat and watched this clown act like he had better things to do than hear the people of his state voice their concern for 2nd Amendment infringement.  He NEVER should have been on that panel, nor should he still be representing the largest state house district in the contiguous United States.  It’s a joke that he chairs the Committee on Mass Violence Prevention & Homeland Security. It’s a travesty that he wasn’t immediately relieved of his duties upon his arrest.  

 It’s elitists like Poncho Nevarez that fancy themselves above the law, while still moving to require us law abiding citizens to lay down arms for the sake of “mass violence prevention” when in fact physics dictates that armed citizens are the only ones who can purposefully and quickly respond to active shooters. 

 Where is our leadership? Who is going to be held accountable for this?  Texans deserve better.  Now. 

 I am a woman.  I am a firearms instructor.  I am a Texan.  I am furious. 

 And I am calling for the immediate resignation of Poncho Nevarez. 

Highest Regards,

Jerah Hutchins
Owner, Clearing the Chamber
Firearms Instructor
CPS/BLS Instructor
Situational Awareness/Non-Lethal Weapons
Jerah Hutchins

I’m a girl who loves firearms, sports and achieving goals. I’m a firearms instructor at a shooting range in Fort Worth and have a passion for all things self-defense, personal responsibility, and small government.

3 thoughts on “Op Ed – Poncho Nevarez Should Resign!

  1. You need to reach out to a larger segment of this country’s legal weapons owners. If anyone in a leadership position for the 2nd Amendment supporters is ever viewed by the anti gun activists as being inappropriate, weak, incapable, or idiotic then this behavior will obviously damage our ability to effectively fight back against those who wish to change our constitutional rights forever. I have not heard of this story in the weapons community so perhaps publicity is what is needed. The right type of publicity.

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