Best Beretta Holsters for the Money [Review + Top Choice]

LAST UPDATED: August 23rd 2020
GUIDE: Chris Browning

If you’ve got a Beretta pistol, it’s worth investing in a quality holster to carry it in.

However, a lot of popular Beretta pistols have now been around in essentially the same variants for many years now, and over that time there have been hundreds of different holsters produced for them, making choosing the perfect one a daunting task.

That’s where we come in. After reading hundreds of reviews, talking to loads of experts on Beretta holsters, and trawling through seemingly endless forums full of people discussing the pros and cons of various holsters, I think I finally know which holster you should buy for your Beretta.

It’s the Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster. This holster offers a great mix of superior concealment, rugged design, and adjustment features generally only found on holsters several times the price.

In addition, the Blackhawk SERPA system means that this holster is compatible with most of the rest of the Blackhawk line of holsters and accessories, so if in a few years you upgrade your weapon, or just want to try a different carrying style, you can.

What Makes BlackHawk Holsters Different?

Blackhawk holsters are a very popular choice amongst soldiers and law enforcement professionals, trusted for their reliability and advanced safety features.

These features also make the holsters great for a wide range of situations. Whether you are into concealed carry, competition shooting, or need a holster for tactical situations, these holsters will not disappoint.

Another great advantage of these holsters is that the SERPA Auto Lock release actually promotes correct weapon grip, no matter what angle your pistol is carried at.

This, combined with the variable cant and retention offered by this holster, means that whether you prefer an FBI cant or a more traditional carrying angle, these holsters actually help you to develop a naturally effective carrying and draw technique.

In addition, the Kydex that this holster is composed of is the perfect thickness for most purposes. Thin enough to offer a slim profile and a good level of concealment, whilst also begin thick enough to last a lifetime, the people we spoke to for this review reported that these holsters will last for years.

However, this holster offers far more than just a low-profile carrier that will hide your weapon. It also includes many safety features typically only found on huge holsters much larger and more expensive than this one.

In terms of disadvantages, we can find very little negative to say about this holster. It’s true that this is not the smallest, most minimal holster available for your Beretta.

However, if you are packing a gun as powerful as a Beretta 9mm, we strongly recommend that you get a holster that can handle it, and that, unfortunately, means getting a slightly bulkier holster than you may be used to. In most other respects, this is a great holster.

Our Review Process

Our review process is tried and tested, and we think it’s one of the best around. For this review, I spent many hours reading users’ reviews of these holsters, and where someone had a particularly strong opinion I contacted them for clarification and further information.

In this way, here at GND we draw on the huge and vociferous community of gun owners in order to bring you the boiled-down opinion of the whole community. This, combined with the many years of experience we have in the GND office, results in an opinion that can be trusted.

For this review in particular, I read hundreds of reviews of Beretta holsters, and talked to a lot of people who take their Beretta very seriously. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to choosing the perfect holster for their needs, and I’ve tried to take everyone’s opinion into account.

Then, we ordered the holsters that we thought were the best, and tested them ourselves. Nothing beats real, hands-on experience of using these holsters for shooting and carrying your weapon, and we would never recommend a holster that we had not tested ourselves.

All the holsters I’m recommending today performed well in their own way, and so together they represent a great collection of products.

Beretta 1911 Holsters: Final Thoughts on the Blackhawk

Is the Blackhawk SERPA the #1 holster for Beretta pistols available today?

We think so. This holster is, in many respects, one of the best holsters available for any handgun today.

The SERPA system really revolutionized gun safety when it was released, and to our mind it still represents the high water mark of retention and safety technology.

Add to this the super fast draw speed, and the fact that this holster will last for years, and you have yourself a very good holster indeed.

Technical Aspects to Consider Before Purchasing

All that said, this holster is not for everyone. First and foremost, it is definitely not the cheapest holster available for your Beretta.

This is because, of course, it has been designed with professional users in mind, and comes with a host of advanced features that mean it is superior to cheaper holsters. In this way, despite the slightly higher price than many other holsters, it still represents great value, because many of the features here are often only found on much more expensive holsters.

Secondly, this is not a minimal holsters. I know that a lot of people, and especially those who are really into concealed carry, like to carry their weapon in a tiny pouch that is little bigger than the weapon they are carrying.

If you prefer this type of holster, the Blackhawk SERPA concealment holster is not for you. However, for most people we would never recommend the kind of tiny holster that minimalists prefer, for the simple reason that for inexperienced gun handlers they can be dangerous.

Your holster should protect you from accidental discharge, and so the weapon retention and locking features are one of the most important features of any holster. This SERPA holster offers safety in abundance, at the expense of concealment, but to our mind that is a compromise worth making.

Note, also, that whilst this holster is available for an impressive array of Berettas, no holster will fit every variant perfectly. If you own an unusual gun, or have fitted some strange after-market accessories, it is worth checking that this Blackhawk holster will fit your weapon. Give the guys at Blackhawk a call, and they will be happy to help you with this.

These caveats aside, for most Beretta owners this is a great holster that is adaptable enough to suit most purposes. If you are looking for a holster for competition shooting, or merely one that will allow you to carry your Beretta concealed all day long, this is a great holster.

Berreta Holsters Reviews

Product Specs


OWB Holster



Product Features

SERPA Security System

Made from quality Polymer

Low - Mid Price Range

Perfect draw angle

This is quite simply the best all-around holster available for Berettas at the moment. It has several features that hve only previously been found on tactical-level holsters, meaning that it is a serious piece of kit for a serious 9mm pistol.

It’s difficult to know where to begin when describing the genius of this holster, but let’s go with the SERPA system, which is unique to Blackhawk holsters. Soldiers and law enforcement professionals swear by this system, as it offers unparalleled weapon security whilst also not getting in the way of your draw.

In addition, the SERPA system automatically positions your weapon at the perfect draw angle. This is great for dangerous situations, where you want to be sure you know precisely where your weapon is. However, it also has advantages for both beginners and those of us who may have fallen into some bad habits in relation to our draw technique – having a weapon automatically at the correct angle really helps to promote and improve draw technique.

The SERPA system also issues an audible click as you re-holster your weapon, and many people find that this gives them extra peace of mind. It also means that your pistol is essentially impossible to grab by anyone but you – a factor that means this kind of holster is greatly preffered by law enforcement officers.

Normally, this feature is only available on holsters several times the price of this one, and it is great that safety technology like this is finally within reach of the casual gun owner.

In addition, this holster is my choice for the best Beretta holster for a number of other reasons:

  • First off, this holster offers an amazing balance between safety features and draw speed. The draw on this item is smooth and fast, and the fact that the leading edge of the holster is cut down means that you can bring your weapon forward almost as soon as your begin to draw it.
  • The adjustable retention screws used in this holster are also a feature normally limited to high-end holsters. If you are using your Beretta for competition shooting, these are an absolute necessity, of course, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance between weapon retention and draw speed.
  • The holster can be attached either with a belt attachment, or in a paddle configuration. In my opinion, it works best in the paddle system. The paddle itself is rough enough to maintain a good level of adhesion, and holds the holster still very well.
  • Last but definitely not least, the fit of this holster around evey Beretta we tested it on was great. It is clear that Blackhawk mold these holsters directly from the weapon they are designed for, and this really shows through in the extremely close fit these holsters achieve.

Though this is my favorite holster for Berettas at the moment, as with any holster it does have some cons:

  • If you’ve got aftermarket accessories fitted to your Beretta, they are not going to fit in this holster. Whilst this might be a little annoying, the silver lining here is that this is because the holster fits the base weapon so tightly.
  • Some people we talked to said that the belt clip on this holster would not fit over large or thick gun belts. In these cases, use the paddle!

Overall, in my opinion this is the best value holster for Beretta around at the moment. It incorporates many features only previously found on high-end holsters, without the price tag. The positive click retention system, in particular, is a joy to use and offers that extra layer of security that could make all the difference in a dangerous situation.

Product Specs


OWB Holster



Product Features

Light OWB Holster

Thumb-break retention strap

Magazine pouch

Strong and stable belt clip

A slightly more minimal holster for your Beretta, this holster represents the best of this kind of fabric OWB holster.

A lot of people are pretty dubious that a fabric holster can be as hard-wearing as Kydex or other polymer-based holsters, but the people we spoke to for this review said that this one stood up really well to everyday use. On that basis, I’m confident in predicting that this holster will provide you with many years of reliable service.

This holster attaches via a belt clip, which is strong and stable. This is particularly important if you are carrying a full-sized 9mm Beretta – if you want to carry a bulky gun that will give you a lot of stopping power, whilst also being assured that it won’t slip around, this holster is a good choice.

In addition, this holster has several big advantages over the competition:

  • First off, let’s talk about the materials used here. This type of fabric holster is obviously not custom molded to each weapon it is available for, but it does a pretty good job of encasing all the Beretta’s we tested. The fabric is flexible enough to give a good fit, whilst being thick enough to offer a good level of protection.
  • The thumb-break retention strap also feels secure, and adds another level of security to this holster. Whilst it can be difficult to fasten over your weapon when you first get the holster, the people we spoke to for this review assure me that after even a few weeks it will be broken in and easy to use.
  • The integrated magazine pouch is also a great feature. This is actually the only holster we are reviewing today that includes this feature, which we wish was more common on holsters for Berettas – after all, it is impossible to have too much ammo!
  • The holster, for a fabric variant, holds your Beretta remarkably steady, meaning that your weapon is always exactly where you think it is.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, remember that this is a fabric holster. It is not often I recommend this type of holster, as I think that hard case holsters generally offer better protection. However, this is one of the best fabric holsters I have seen in this respect.
  • If you’ve added after market accessories to your gun, such as sights, they will not fit in this holster.

All in all, in my opinion this holster offers the best compromise between all the features you should expect in a premium holster. I think most people will be pleasantly surprised by how easy this holster is to set up and use.

And that is the reason why, if you are looking for one of the best fabric holsters availabel for your Beretta at the moment, this is the one to get.

Product Specs

Federal Holsterworks

Hip Holster



Product Features

Reduces prniting

Sturdy fabric case

Low price

Comfortable holster

This is a proper budget option, giving you the minimum level of safety features that I would recommend for a gun as powerful as most Berettas. The fabric case feels pretty sturdy, and the strap that retains your weapon does a good job for the price.

It is also the smallest holster I’m reviewing today, which has advantages in terms of concealment. It reduces printing really well, so if you are lucky enough to live in a hot part of the country where thin clothes are the norm, this could be a good option for concealed carry. Bear in mind, however, that it is a hip holster, and so in general your options for concealment are pretty limited.

Overall, I think this is a good option for those who don’t carry their weapon that often, and gives about the minimum level of safety I would recommend to ensure that you don’t accidentally shoot yourself with your Beretta.

In addition, this holster has a number of advantages:

  • For a budget fabric holster, this is a pretty rugged design. The people who we spoke to for this review said that this holster had been available in gun stores for quite a while now, and those who had bought them a few years ago reported that they lasted well.
  • Because of its minimal design, this holster is also a good choice if you have rear mounted red dots on your Beretta. The fact that the rear of your weapon is left exposed when carrying it in this holster means that a lot of aftermarket accessories will fit without any problem.
  • The holster is alo pretty comfortable, especially at this price point. The fabric stays cool to the touch, and this combined with the small corss section of this holster means it is really well suited to hot climates.
  • The draw is also pretty good. The interior of the holster is composed of a smooth nylon material, which means there is not much friction between your gun and the holster. This allows for a really fast draw, after a little but of practice.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, it’s a hip holster, and I know that some people really don’t like to carry their Beretta in this arrangement. Still, at this price point, it might be worth giving this holster a test to see if you could be converted to hip carrying.
  • Perhaps not recommended for tactical use. Whilst this holster will stand up well to civilian purposes, if you want to take it on an overseas deployment it might be worth looking at more durable holsters.

For the price, very good. If you are looking for a Beretta holster that won’t break the bank, don’t mind a slightly unusual carrying style, and want a holster that will accommodate a wide range of after market accessories, this is a great choice.

Product Specs


Drop-leg Holster



Product Features

SERPA Security System

Adjustable retention

Tactical holster

High price range

This is a serious piece of tactical kit, used by many troops overseas. This holster represents the cutting edge of holster design at the moment, incorporating all of the advanced safety features of other Blackhawk holsters in a drop-leg design that gives great tactical advantages.

The holster is based around a flexible thigh platform, which attaches to your belt and is also secured around your thigh. This means that your Beretta stays exactly where it should, even when you are kneeling. This arrangement also spreads the weight of your holster and weapon, meaning it is comfortable in the field.

You can forget concealment, of course, but if you are looking for a holster for tactical use, and don’t mind the price tag on this item, this is an amazing holster.

In addition, this holster has several huge advantages over the competition:

  • The SERPA system used on this holster, like that used on smaller holsters, is great. It offer superior weapon retention without sacrificing draw speed, and means that you can mount holsters for different weapons on the same platform.
  • As you would expect for this price, this holster has adjustable retention screws. This is absolutely necessary for soldiers in the field, who often have to do quite strenous activity with their weapon strapped to them, but also offers advantages for civilian use.
  • If you haven’t used this kind of drop-leg holster before, I highly recommend trying it. The reason it is preffered for military use is that it allows your weapon to be in an optimal drawing position, whilst not getting in the way of the rest of your kit. If you take your Beretta out hunting, it will be a revelation.
  • This holster also incorporates two magazine pouches, and even when both are full of ammo the holster stays secure. After all, you can never have too much ammo, whether you are carrying your Beretta in a tactical situation, or merely for self defense!

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, the price. This is one of the most expensive holsters we came across, but that said you get what you pay for with this kind of item.
  • That’s it. I tried to find something else bad to say about this holster, but I can’t!

If money is no object to you, and you are not worried about concealment, get this holster for your Beretta. It holds your weapon in the optimal draw position, whilst staying out of the way of your other kit. It’s comfortable to wear even in the hottest climates or the longest hikes, and will last essentially forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these holsters fit my Beretta?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because of the numerous variants Berettas come in. The best approach, to my mind, is to phone the manufacturer of the holster you want to buy, and check directly. This is especially true if you have an unusual gun, or hav fitted aftermarket accessories.

  • How are these holsters in terms of concealment?

Unlike a lot of reviews I write, none of the holsters above offer particularly good concealment, and I haven’t prioritized this in the review today. The reason, simply, is that in my experience people carry Berettas in tactical or other open-carry situations, and that those who really want a gun for concealed carry tend to get a smaller pistol!

  • Will these holsters work without a belt?

Not very well, in truth. It might just about be possible to have the waistband of your pants holding up your weapon, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Ultimately, the point of a holster is to hold your weapon in precisely the same place all day, and if your pants are slipping down that is not going to happen no matter what holster you buy.


Of course, no one review can ever recommend a holster for everyone’s needs. In this review, I’ve tried to take into account a range of views, and recommend the holsters that will fit most people most of the time.

That said, if you take your competition shooting seriously, it may be worth investing in a dedicated competition holster. These offer the quickest draw speeds, though often at the expense of secure weapon retention and, of course, concealment.

All that said, my favorite is the Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster. This holster offers a great mix of superior concealment, rugged design, and adjustment features generally only found on holsters several times the price.

In addition, the Blackhawk SERPA system means that this holster is compatible with most of the rest of the Blackhawk line of holsters and accessories, so if in a few years you upgrade your weapon, or just want to try a different carrying style, you can.

The variable cant that is incorporated in this holster is one of it’s most pleasing features. The debate about the best cant to use for various purposes still rages on, but the beauty of this kind of holster is that you don’t have to choose a cant – with a quick and easy adjustment, you can vary your cant to suit your needs.

This is also especially useful if your Beretta is shared between yourself and another person, because when they borrow your Beretta they can set up the holster how they want.

The draw speed on this holster is also amazing, considering the range of safety features it includes. It is unusual to find a concealment holster where the manufacturer has really thought about the draw technique, but it was clear from using this holster that this is the case here.

The people we spoke to for this review particularly praised the fact that the leading edge of this holster is slightly cut down – this allows your to start to bring the muzzle of your weapon forward just that split second earlier, giving you a huge advantage whether in competition shooting or in dangerous situations.

Overall, the BlackHawk is an Excellent Beretta Holster

The people we spoke to for this review particularly praised the fact that the leading edge of this holster is slightly cut down – this allows your to start to bring the muzzle of your weapon forward just that split second earlier, giving you a huge advantage whether in competition shooting or in dangerous situations.

And of course, this holster will last for ages. The tough polymer used here performed well against rough handling, and held the Beretta securely even when thrown around a good deal. For this reason, I particularly recommend this holster for those who take their Beretta out hunting.

Whether you are wading through a swamp or hiking up a mountain in the rain, you can be sure that your holster will keep up with you, protecting your Beretta against both accidental knocks and scrapes and also the weather. The amazing weapon retention here also ensures that even in the most difficult of situations, you need not fear that your weapon will fall out.

All in all, this is a great holster, comes highly recommended both by us and those we talked to for this review. If you are looking for a holster for your Beretta that offers great safety features, a good level of concealment, and will give many years of reliable service, this is the one to go for.

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