Glock 36 Holster Review [Essential Guide + Top Choice]

The Glock 36 packs the stopping power of many larger pistols into an amazingly slimline design. The small dimensions of this weapon make it a very popular choice, especially for those who like to carry their fire arm concealed.

Finding a  Glock 36 holster is the easy part. Choosing the best one, on the other hand, is difficult.

That’s where we come in. After reading hundreds of reviews, we would say that the Blackhawk SERPA Concealment holster is definitely the one to go for. Blackhawk is one of the most trusted manufacturers of holsters, and this one does not disappoint.


Level 2 retention means this holster is suitable for concealed carry, the SERPA system means it is incredibly adaptable, and the feel when you draw your weapon is second to none.

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How to Choose a G36 Holster

The Glock 36 has become a favorite amongst many different groups of gun owners. Its compact size makes it an ideal everyday weapon, because it can be carried for hours without discomfort.

What kind of holster you choose – whether it be inside the waist band, outside, in your pocket on your leg, depends on your personal preference. However, we think that most people looking for a holster for their Glock 36 prioritize weapon concealment, speed of draw, and weapon retention.

Accordingly, our reviews today focus on these things, as well as the ruggedness of a holster’s design. Ultimately, if you are going to be carrying a weapon around for extended periods, you want a holster that you almost forget you are wearing, and will stand by your side for many years to come.

When looking for a holster for your Glock 36, you should consider these things:

Weapon Security

Even if you are carrying your Glock 36 concealed, and hope never to draw it, weapon security should be first on your list when choosing any holster. The consequences of a poorly fitting holster can be serious, ranging from an uncomfortable rattle when you are carrying, through loosing your weapon, right up to accidental discharge.

Luckily, the best holsters available for your Glock 36 now offer fully adjustable retention screws. These mean that it is possible to adjust the tightness with which the holster grips your weapon. This is useful if you own several similar weapons, because you can adjust the holster for each.

It is also especially useful for those who shoot in competitions, but also carry their weapon on an everyday basis. For competition, you can slightly relax the hold your holster has on your weapon for greater draw speeds, and then tighten it back up again for normal carrying.

Another thing to look for is the trigger guard mechanism. The guard on your holster should ideally cover the entire trigger mechanism, to avoid accidental discharge.

Ease of Access

The flip-side of weapon security is ease of access. In a perfect world, you would have a holster that holds your gun very securely when you need it to, and then allows you to draw it extremely quickly when necessary.

In the real world, of course, these two priorities must always be balanced. Especially if you are a fan of concealed carry, having a level 2 retention system is a must, even though this can slow you down on the draw. In most cases, the more deeply concealed a weapon is, the longer it will take to draw, although practice with a particular weapon system can mean that drawing your weapon from a concealed position can be achieved astonishingly fast.

Another feature to look for with holsters for the Glock 36 is variable cant – the angle at which your weapon sits when in the holster. Different people prefer different cants, and with some holsters you can even adjust this angle depending on the situation.


Many people choose a Glock 36 because it is perfect for concealed carry. The compact size of this weapon means that almost any holster you buy will hide the fact you are carrying pretty well.

As with other guns, the major obstacle to concealment of this weapon is printing. Though some people worry unduly about this, it can be a problem. Luckily, the best holsters for your Glock 36 are now designed to either sit inside your waistband, where printing is less of a problem, or to break up the outline of your gun.

Of course, if you are shooting in competitions, concealment is less of an issue. In these situations, you want a holster that will allow you to draw quickly, because if you are standing on the range everybody already knows you have a pistol!


Look at the materials the holster is made from, and whether they are a good fit for your needs. Hard case holsters, made of polymer, generally last the longest, and have the added advantage that they protect your weapon.

For those who want a more minimal solution, though, leather holsters can be a good bet. Generally smaller than polymer holsters, they also last well if they are looked after.

Other Great Glock 36 Holsters

1. Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster

Blackhawk SERPA Concealment HolsterWe were deeply impressed by this holster. It is a paddle holster which offers a good balance of concealment and ease of draw. In addition, the Auto Lock feature, unique to this range of holsters, emits an audible click when your weapon is safely stowed in the holster. This ensures great piece of mind, because after holstering your weapon you can be sure that it will stay secure.

In addition, and as you would expect from any Blackhawk holster, this one comes with some great features:

  • The cut of this holster has really been thought about. Drawing from it, the low front retainer allows the shooter to begin bringing the barrel of their weapon forward that split-second earlier than with other holsters, which can make all the difference in dangerous situations.
  • The SERPA system used here is one of our favorite features of this holster. Put simply, this system allows you to easily remove the holster from its standard paddle mount, and re-attach it to any SERPA holster mount. This means you can use the same holster on your waistband, on your leg, or even on vest mounts.
  • The materials this holster is made from are among the best of any holster. The carbon fiber and polymer mix used on this holster will last for ever. And, for those of you who care about such things, this holster also looks great!
  • As for disadvantages, we can honestly find none. Of course, if you are a fan of extremely minimal holsters, the fully enclosed design of this holster will not be for you. For everyone else, though, it is a great holster.

2. Pro Carry HD

Pro Carry HDIf you are looking for a leather holster for your Glock 36, this is the one to go for. Many people prefer a leather holster over a polymer one for precisely the reasons this is a great holster – it is remarkably streamlined, feels great on the draw, and will last forever if looked after.

In addition, this holster has some great features that often do not appear on leather holsters:

  • Unusually for a leather holster, this one offers variable cant. This means that if you are used to a particular angle for your holsters, getting a leather one need not mean you have to adapt to a new draw style.
  • This holster is also remarkably lightweight, especially when compared to polymer holsters. If you are carrying your Glock 36 in a concealed position, the holster will also break up the outline of your gun pretty well, increasing concealment.
  • As with all leather holsters, this holster does not feel quite as secure as a polymer one. If you are looking for extra weapon security, it is worth getting a hard-case holster, but for ease of draw and concealment purposes, we think this leather holster is the best.

3. Barsony Brown Leather IWB

Barsony Brown Leather IWBThis IWB holster is also made of leather, and offers a nice alternative to the Pro Carry leather holster we’ve just reviewed. In addition, the inside the waistband carry mode offered by this holster makes it perfect for concealed carry. The thick material this holster is made from feels very rugged, and we are sure it will provide years of service.

In addition, this holster has several advantages:

  • Holding the holster to your body with a leather holster is a real concern, of course. Barsony claim, however, to have the strongest metal belt clip on the market today, and having tested it we are inclined to agree.
  • The extra magazine pouch included with this holster is a really nice feature, and one that we wish other holsters came with. Having easy access to a backup magazine is especially useful if you are using your gun professionally.
  • Of course, a leather holster has some disadvantages, mainly to do with weapon security. Be aware that this holster does not offer the high-tech retention systems of some other holsters, and therefore may not be suitable if you value secure retention of your firearm.

4. Desantis Mini Scabbard

Desantis Mini Scabbard HolsterA huge advantage of the Glock 36 is that if you are into minimal holsters, there are plenty available. For our money, this is the best of them – it offers everything you need in a holster, and nothing you don’t.

In addition, this holster comes with some added features:

  • The no-nonsense design of this holster actually has great advantages in terms of draw speed. Your gun is right there, within reach, and there are no annoying lock mechanisms to get between you and your weapon.
  • That said, this holster actually holds a Glock 36 very well. It has a passive retention screw, and even the compact Glock is held securely.
  • This is a perfect choice for open-carry activists, and also anyone who wants added concealment. This holster, when paired with a Glock 36, forms one of the smallest weapon and holster set ups available, so if you require added concealment, it is worth a look!


What you should look for in a holster for your Glock 36 depends, to a great extent, on how you use it. All of the holsters we have reviewed today offer a good compromise between safety features, comfort, and ease of use, and which one is perfect for you depends on how you use your weapon – whether just for competition or as an everyday weapon also.

Our Pick
 Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster
Best Holster for Glock 36Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster

Featuring a unique speed-cut design, the CQC Carbon-Fiber Holster allows for smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing you down. The patented SERPA Auto Lock release delivers unparalleled weapon security and is automatically positioned to facilitate a correct drawing motion, making it the perfect Level 2 retention holster for concealed carry.

Check Price

For our money, though, the Blackhawk SERPA Concealment holster is definitely the one to go for. Blackhawk is one of the most trusted manufacturers of holsters, and this one does not disappoint.

Level 2 retention means this holster is suitable for concealed carry, the SERPA system means it is incredibly adaptable, and the feel when you draw your weapon is second to none.

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2 thoughts on “Glock 36 Holster Review [Essential Guide + Top Choice]

  1. Really? My range, and one other in an adjoining county, specifically do not allow this exact holster due to it’s inherent design flaw; finger in trigger guard to remove gun from holster. Gunsite, the premier training facility in Paulden, AZ also doesn’t allow.

    I own one, and love it. Of course, I train hard to overcome this “issue.”

    To evaluate this holster and not even mention this problem is a terrible disservice.

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