Our Review of the Five Best Glock Holsters for Concealed Carry [2020]

LAST UPDATED: December 21st 2020
GUIDE: Chris Browning

Aggregating data, utilizing first hand experience, additionally leveraging other experienced shooters testing, reviews etc., here we’ve narrowed down what we consider the best Glock holsters available.

As is customary, we are obligated to remind readers, notwithstanding the claims found in some manufacturer promotional literature, we ourselves stop short of guaranteeing any one holster as perfect for each and every shooter. What we can, and we pray achieve however, is narrow down the margins for error.

Here we aim to give the unadulterated pros of the best holsters, but also the potential cons, which holster makers are unlikely to mention. This is important as, just as there is no one holster fits all people, or all situations, fundamentally, there is no one holster with absolutely no con points or particular limitations.

Part of choosing the best holster for you and your needs consequently, is choosing which of these cons / limitations you deem manageable and something you can live / deal with.

So, join me in surveying some of the best Glock holsters available, worthy of your hard earned cash, representing holsters across the spectrum of carry modes, pistol size, and price tag, among other factors.

Just before we do however, and at the risk of overstating the blindingly obvious, always approach the question of which holster selection on the strict understanding that whichever holster one procures, it must be either model specific for the actual Glock you own, or at the very least, recommended by the manufacturer as being compatible with your specific model of Glock.

Our Top Pick: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5

Our Best Pick holster for Glock handguns is the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster, an inside the waistband holster intended primarily for Concealment (CCW) wear, typically worn at the 4 ~ 5 o’clock position.

Why it’s our favorite

Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 3.5 is the product of a design process, (though pretty much a classic from it’s inception), refined gradually over the years, AG taking the rare course of action, of actually listening to their customers, and masterfully implementing suggested improvements.

The resulting 3.5 holster offers a host of tangible features, of which some being.. excellent concealment, no break-in period required, and famously, unsurpassed comfort under the most demanding conditions.

Small Point Of Concern

As touched on earlier, no one holster is a perfect match for all Glock owners. In the Cloak Tuck 3.5’s case, there is the potential, (arguably, in common with any IWB holster), of obstruction of the holster when attempting to draw or re-holster the sidearm.

Given the holster’s plus points.. excellent comfort, concealment, etc., we’d recommend trying on the 3.5 in the flesh to determine if there’s any issue in your own case.

How Gun News Daily Reviews Products

Starting out as hardcopy, Gun News Daily has been the leading authority on right wing gun news since 2001, innovating aggregated gun news & information into a single source, foreshadowing how we would all go on to gather information with the advent of the internet, web based publication and search function.

This author has been shooting circa 12 years, albeit principally with the military, which also formed my introduction to handguns. Accordingly my experience is limited to full size semi automatic pistols rather than compacts, sub compacts, wheel guns etc.

Couple Things to Remember

While most folks will readily accept the merit of learning from our own mistakes… learning from others experiences (successes, as well as mistakes), offers a better approach, saving you time, money, finger & knuckle skin, (or worse injury) etc.

With this in mind, our strategy is to augment any author’s experience, utilizing input & experience from other shooters from a broad range of disciplines & backgrounds. Where we suggest models, e.g. for particular carry mode, this is based on our own testing of the item as first preference, or in the event of that not being the case, at the very least, hundreds of hours analyzing input from other shooters findings with the specific holster in question.

Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Buy Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5

Comfortably conceal carrying a sub compact like a Glock 26, 27, 30, 43 or compact 19, 23, 32, presents no major challenges, for most reasonably well designed CCW purpose holsters.

Once one enters the realm of full size service pistols however, Glock 17, 22, 20, 21, etc., this proposition does become more of a hurdle, and the practicalities of a pistol made of so much real estate, demands fine tuning (to facilitate concealment / optimal functionality) particularly vis a vis ride height, cant angle, secure repositioning of the holster.

Technical Considerations

Even with the bespoke flexibility / control afforded to the user within these parameters, for some, their physique may constitute a (practically) insurmountable limitation. Consequently, again, one needs to try the holster on with the intended weapon and see how well it works or doesn’t, for your needs and requirements.

If one needs to conceal carry a sub compact / compact Glock, and will spend the greater part of the time on your feet, this holster should figure near the top of the list for most people. For those who the aim to concealed carry a full size pistol, this holster may work well for you too, albeit the need to try on in the flesh becomes that bit more critical.

Obvious statement time again, if in testing the holster on with your Glock 20, you find it prints to an intolerable level, then you need to consider another option, (e.g. appendix carry holster solutions). Lastly, I would suggest, if concealment is not of primary importance, the 3.0 might not necessarily be the optimal solution, and you may wish to consider e.g. OWB holster options.

Our Top Glock Holster Picks

Product Specs

Alien Gear

IWB Holster



Product Features

Great comfort

Adjustable ride and cant

Adjustable retention


  • Unbeatable comfort in use, consequently forming a perfect compliment carry system to your Glock
  • No break-in period required
  • Proprietary thermo-elastomer shell custom designed to suit your specific Glock model
  • Adjustable ride height & cant angle
  • Holster shells fully-swappable to suit other handguns on same stainless spring-steel / neoprene / ballistic nylon base
  • 30 day ‘test drive’, free shell swaps for-life as well as a forever warranty
  • Adjustable retention with a stainless spring steel core


  • Big-built owners may find draw / re-holstering obstructed by ‘love handles’, holster ride is more tightly situated against body than OWB holsters
  • Similarly, requires wearer to purchase additional larger size pants, to comfortably accommodate holster & pistol
  • Relatively large surface area of holster, while aiding to spread load of heavy full size pistol, may cause some users to feel overheated, location / climate conditions dependent.

Main Features & Benefits

Composite-construction lightweight holster, design developed over number of years, refining concept originally introduced in 2013. Already a well proven, field-tested holster, the 3.0 provides a number of features, including some tweaks over the previous iteration. At the 3.0 holster’s heart is a stainless spring-steel core, replacing the ABS plastic used in the 2.0.

Another feature, and further refinement, by the 3.0 is the concealment of the majority of body-side metal nut heads by the neoprene base. Although black steel is available, the 3.0 recommended standard-nylon clips, more than capably ensure the holster stays in-place.

As touched on above, a key feature of the 3.0 is that the holster is not solely the rig you receive at the time of purchase, but additionally, free shell trades for life, to suit different model handguns bought later on down the line. The supplied kit of screws & washers allow user-adjustment of holster ride height and cant, in addition to retention strength.

Beyond the obvious, some benefits of this holster are that, due to it’s success, i.e. popularity, proliferation, (as well as design development), you are assured of a holster that has already been thoroughly tested, by a substantial size user group in the field. Most readily appreciated perhaps, applies to the headline benefit of this holster, i.e. the comfort in use, for EDC / extended hours wear.

If new to handgun holsters, the issue / beneficial value of the holster clips may appear trivial, paradoxically, they can be the making or the breaking, of otherwise decent holsters. The 3.0 nylon clips are excellent and up to the task, rectifying a common issue symptomatic of lesser quality holsters in use, i.e. the holstered pistol wandering around your waist.

This is saves you that annoyance, but critically, facilitates you to function with your sidearm in the intended manner i.e. carrying with effective concealment, being able to efficiently draw your weapon.

The patented stainless spring-steel core, beyond basic rigidity, ensures the adjustable retention feature has a solid base to work upon. This is particularly beneficial for heavyuse shooters, e.g. in training for competition, liable to impose heavy strain / abuse on this nexus of the holster.


As above, we’d recommend the AG Cloak Tuck 3.0 for most users who wish to concealed-carry their Glock, expect to be on their feet principally, and who require the superior concealability performance of IWB. The AG Cloak Tuck 3.0’s strengths will serve equally well, civilian EDC or LEO / Security operatives with need of the 3.0’s specific skill sets.

Further to the Cloak Tuck’s supreme comfort in use, another aspect qualifying the Cloak Tuck as the top pick, is Alien Gear’s unbeatable guarantee, with 30 day free test drive, lifetime free shell-trades, and forever warranty. If nothing else this putting their money where their mouth should pique your interest enough for you to seek one out and give it a closer look.

Product Specs


OWB Holster



Product Features

SERPA Safety

Carbon-Fiber shell

Adjustable carry and cant


  • Level 2 retention Auto Lock design reduces scope for sneak / hostile unholstering of your Glock
  • Supplied as standard with belt loop and paddle attachment options, providing a more secure, (also better concealed setup), or alternatively, more easily achieved demounting / remounting of holster onto your waistband, respectively
  • Carbon-Fiber shell designed specific to your Glock model
  • Adjustable carry ride height & cant angle
  • Unaffected by moisture / humidity, versus natural material holsters e.g. leather / suede
  • Audible positive click upon re-holstering
  • User adjustable passive retention screw


  • Lesser concealability performance, should this be a requirement, versus IWB holsters
  • Low tolerance of retention mechanism for contamination with dirt, dust, mud etc, potentially rendering holster inoperable under the most extreme circumstances
  • Allegedly, may represent increased risk of ND with certain users

Main Features & Benefits

With Blackhawk Auto Lock this holster is promoted as providing level 2 retention, beyond which however, it would be only mild exaggeration to assert the Blackhawk Serpa CQC’s active release / retention, is the heart around which this holster is designed.

The CQC shell is built of lighter, more durable carbon fiber e.g. than Blackhawks own polymer plastic cousin holster, the Sportster. Another feature of the Serpa CQC holster, as opposed e.g. to the Serpa Sportster, is that as standard it comes supplied with both belt loop and paddle attachment options.

Although normally advertised in matte black, the holster is also available in tan, green, and olive drab versions. As the case with OWB holsters generally, the CQC allows for smooth one handed re-holstering, predisposing, on the face of it, toward LEO / security users. Ultimately, however, how well the CQC matches your needs, pivots on the assessment you form, of your environment, and which performance traits are critical in your own mind.

The CQC is an excellent choice for mostly anyone with a need to conceal carry their Glock, particularly when utilizing the belt loop attachment option, and particularly for those with the option, of dressing to the CQC’s strengths.

Conversely, where rigorous (or any) concealment performance is not required, from a purely practical standpoint, employing the paddle attachment is a joy to use and just super convenient. Furthermore, regarding attachment options, particularly with the paddle option.. detaching / reattaching the holster is a cinch.

As an illustrative example, if wearing the CQC, (e.g. in the 5 o’clock position), proceeding to sit down in a motor vehicle, the paddle facilitates no hassle detachment / on the fly adjustment.. The value of this cannot be overstated versus e.g. traditional paddle holsters, where the only options left are between gritting your teeth & taking the discomfort, or un-belting, taking out your pistol, and placing it in the glove box / on the floor.

If in the normal course of your work you are customarily required to disarm, e.g. for entry to the courthouse, removal / reattachment with the CQC removes any stress / fiddling around from this task.

In a another vain, albeit still regarding convenience, if you find the CQC provides the functionality you need, it will do so minus the expense of needing to repurchase an additional proxy wardrobe of pants, upsized to fit around a holstered Glock inside your waistband. Finally, for those where such a feature is most relevant, the value of level 2 secure retention can’t be overstated.

The Blackhawk Serpa Auto Lock feature effectively renders the probability of someone creeping up on you, while you carry in the 5 o’clock position, pulling up the hem of your shirt, and drawing your Glock to almost zero.

The Auto Lock will disengage only when the retention button is depressed, prior to any motion to draw, and even then, is liable to bite onto your Glock, save for if drawn with a well practiced linear motion.


We’d recommend the Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment holster for most folks with a need to conceal carry their Glock, and are happy with the slightly lesser effective concealment performance of OWB.

Equally, where there’s no concealment need, the Serpa CQC provides an excellent, secure, stable, smooth-in-operation base for your Glock. Further to this last point, particularly with the paddle attachment option, a common complaint, vis a vis CCW use, is that the CQC sits too far off the user.

The flip side of this ‘down point’* (*from a strict concealment point of view) for open carry use however, is that it improves / facilitates the shooter readily forming a clear, good grasp on the Glock grip. Worth highlighting again also, we’d recommend the CQC for any Glock owner, to whom the ability to adapt the holster for different environments / situations will be appreciated.

On the issue of, ultimate concealability versus clear unimpeded movement, (particularly in open carry mode), the assessment of what one should be willing to give up, in one direction, to gain in the other, it must be said, is subjective, is yours to make, and yours alone.

My own feeling is that this holster tends toward LEO / security type uses, where ultimate concealment often is not the over-riding factor, or wherever open carry is appropriate, YMMV.

Product Specs

Concealment Express

IWB Holster


Carbon / Black

Product Features

Compact design

Made of Kydex

Adjustable Posi-Click audible retention


  • Compact design facilitates full range of appendix, hip or back carry IWB positions
  • No break-in period necessary
  • 0.8” Kydex shell designed to provide Glock model compatible / model-specific fit
  • Cant user adjustable to any angle within 0º – 15º range
  • Adjustable Posi-Click audible retention lock system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Full sweat shield


  • Clip is manufactured from ABS plastic rather than steel etc., so arguably less durable
  • As with any IWB holster, requires owner to purchase over-sized pants to accommodate holstered weapon between body and pant waistband
  • Anecdotal reports of rough edges on some holsters as received by customers in the mail

Main Features & Benefits

For me, one of the neatest features on the Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster is the ABS plastic clip. I suspect, like most, I subscribe to the philosophy that one should always wear a fit-for-purpose gun belt with a holster, to complete your weapon-carry system.

With that said however, the clip on the CE IWB holster is so well crafted, it can function happily enough missing this otherwise key component. As noted, the clip allows user adjustment of the angle setting e.g. full 15 degree ‘FBI’ cant, best suiting 4 or 5 o’clock position perhaps, or zero degree cant for 12 to 2 o’clock appendix carry positions.

The other thing I appreciate is the single-sheet Kydex construction Concealment Express continue up the back, to form a full sweat guard.

An inherent strength of the Concealment Express IWB holster’s compact form factor is it’s concealability, absence / minimization of printing to onlookers, but similarly, allowing appendix carry of a full size Glocks such as Glock 17, 20, 21,22, without effectively becoming an instrument of torture for the wearer, attempting to sit down in a car.

Over and above the overall compact design of the holster as a whole, the clip seals the deal, resulting in a versatile, concealable holster, at a price which belies what you get for your money. Regarding practicalities, Concealment Express’s Kydex full sweat-guard, beyond the stated purpose of protecting the weapon from body perspiration, is what makes appendix carrying a feasible option for me.

While my belly isn’t quite out of control, I don’t anticipate getting a call from Hollywood to do body double for Adam Scott in Step Brothers anytime soon, if you take my meaning. This holster’s full sweat-guard affords me just enough guidance, for want of a better description, to allow me to draw / re-holster safely, with no skin pinched between Glock and Kydex.


In conclusion, the Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster, constitutes an excellent choice for owners all size classes of Glocks, from a broad spectrum of carry-environments, modes of use. Earlier, we went touched on the clip’s strengths in terms of the flexibility of IWB position it facilitates.

It’s deserves mention however, that the CE Kydex IWB clip performs flawlessly from a convenience p.o.v. In use, the clip keeps the holster where you want it when you need it, but when you need to remove for any reason (or re-attach), this is a pain free operation.

As such, we’d lean toward recommending this holster particularly for LEO / security type users, as noted for the CQC, but critically, with the superior concealability performance of IWB, including AIWB.

While here we cover this holster as a budget option, what makes this spartan holster stand out from the crowd is precisely the ergonomics of it’s pared down, form-factor, combined with the versatility this facilitates. In fairness, this holster won’t equal the comfort levels of the AG Cloak Tuck 3.0, on the other hand, where concealability is of prime importance, (including appendix carry), this holster wins any day of the week.

Product Specs


Shoulder holster



Product Features

Full grain leather

Premium steerhide

Horizontal mag carrier


  • Full grain leather spider-harness with swiveling Flexalon back plate providing superior comfort level
  • Premium steerhide holster custom designed to provide Glock model compatible / model-specific fit
  • Cant angle adjustment possible to facilitate improved concealment / preferred angle of draw
  • Premium steerhide open front spare magazine carrier
  • Horizontal mag carrier provides unobstructed access and more natural motion reloading
  • Available as right or left hand models


  • Natural material construction will require period of time to break-in and achieve full functionality / comfort
  • Requires secondary top layer e.g. coat or shirt to provide concealment if such is required, hot weather conditions may complicate this

Main Features & Benefits

The Galco Miami Classic II sports a moderately broader harness than it’s predecessor, the Miami Classic. Additionally, in contrast to the older version, the spare mag carrier sits rotated around by 90º to ride horizontally, eschewing snap-covers, (relying instead on user adjustable passive retention screws).

Similar to the Classic however, the Miami Classic II employs smooth surface full grain leather, rather than suede or steerhide, suffering from the  tendency to stick against shirt / coat lining material, causing bunching etc.

Holster and magazine carrier construction is by stitching, rather than riveting, as one would expect in a handcrafted holster of this pedigree. An inherent characteristic worth mention, albeit common to shoulder holsters generally, is given the higher carry position, the user’s range of movement is extended to include movements otherwise liable to cause printing / expose the sidearm.

Key benefits of the Galco Miami Classic II are unimpeded pistol draw / reload motion from seated positions, such as from the driver’s seat of motor vehicle, even if wearing a fastened seatbelt.

Access to, and loading, of spare mags is optimal, needing only forming a handhold on the exposed mag and tugging clear of the carrier’s passive retention. A further beneficial characteristic of the Miami Classic II also, is the inherent ease with which it can quickly be put on, in one very natural sweeping motion.

As prosaic as it may sound, an additional inherent benefit of the MC II, is being able to take a rest break to the men’s room, with no associated need to remove of your holstered Glock from the ‘ready’ position. In terms of use over extended hours, taking nothing away from Alien Gear’s Cloak Tuck 3.0 so far as waist located holsters go, the sumptuous levels of comfort of the Galco Miami Classic II holster is itself, almost worth the cost of the holster in and of itself!


Concluding, the Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster brings it’s own competences to the game, arguably it is the best holster to carry a Glock, at least, considered within certain *parameters, (*read environments / user-defined priorities).

Within which competencies are the stellar level of *comfort once broken-in, (*particularly important with full size Glock models) Equally, the functionality of a quick higher level draw motion from a seated position cannot be overstated.

Taking all of these very specific qualities into consideration, the areas of application for the MC II, are wide ranging, certainly not limited to LEO / security / military etc., but equally, an excellent match for a many civilian Glock owners. What distinguishes the Galco Miami Classic II, is the unique skills set / inherent ergonomic advantages it embodies, the astute design refinements, and actually, frankly just looks magnificent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this holster fit my Glock?

All holsters listed here are designed to provide a Glock model-compatible / Glock model-specific fit, further:

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster, (IWB), provides Glock model-specific fit.

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex (IWB/ AIWB) depending on model of Glock provides either a Glock model-compatible or Glock model-specific fit

The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster (OWB) provides Glock model-specific fit.

The Galco Miami Classic II (Shoulder) provides Glock model-compatible fit.

For CCW use, how well does this holster conceal?

Precise results vary based on model of Glock carried, YMMV, but as a guide..

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster, (IWB) following standard CCW practice of wearing generously sized, dark colored, un-tucked shirts etc., concealment performance is generally very good. Tucking in more liable to cause some printing, as always YMMV.

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex (IWB/ AIWB) worn in appendix, no cant, virtually no printing with full size Glock achievable. Worn in 5 o’clock, with FBI cant, some concealability, but more liable to print slightly.

The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster (OWB) some printing unavoidable, but still workable.

The Galco Miami Classic II (Shoulder) excellent concealment achievable, clothing choice dependent. Wearing thin shirts will print, albeit with thicker or lined shirts, jackets, superb concealability achievable for majority of users.

How long does this holster take to break-in?

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster, (IWB) essentially is ready to use immediately, with no required break-in period.

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex (IWB/ AIWB) again, no break-in period required, works and wears comfortably from time of purchase.

The Blackhawk SERPA CQC Concealment Holster (OWB) no break-in period required.

The Galco Miami Classic II (Shoulder) Breaking-in holster a necessity prior to live use in the field, can be broken-in over around 3 to 4 days.

Wrapping It Up

Our final thoughts on Glock Holsters – Choosing The Best Holster For Your Glock..

As the owner of a Glock handgun, consciously or not, you declare yourself to hold certain principles and values, subliminally and explicitly.

At times, it feels like everyone has developed their own opinion on Glocks, but notwithstanding anything folks say on the subject, no one can deny Glock engineering and robustness, enabling them to weather all kinds of punishment lesser pistols cannot cope with.

Equally, it is this renowned reliability, which is fundamental to why Glocks have become the most popular handgun with Law Enforcement, Government agencies, militaries, security workers etc. right around the world.

Our Final Choice

We chose the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 as our top pick based on the combination of it’s performance in terms of comfort, when carrying any model of Glock, up to and including full size models, and equally, it’s IWB merits, providing excellent concealability should you require such, e.g. for CCW / EDC use.

Lastly, Alien Gear’s built-in 30 day test drive, (part of the Alien Gear Iron Clad Triple Guarantee) means, effectively, anyone can try it out, and arrive at their own informed decision, how good a match it is for them, their Glock, and their pattern of movement / requirements.

If nothing else you can see what all the fuss is about and why Cloak Tuck owners, having tried them out for the better part of a month, overwhelmingly tend to stick with their purchase never look back at other holsters again.

5/5 (1 Review)


  1. Wow, have you guys actually tried any of these for a long period of time, or did you just write about the top 5 holsters that showed up in a google search? These are notably the worst holsters on the market. Even noobs know that.


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