Magpul Hunter 700 Magpul 700 Hunter Review 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 / $2000 + transfers + visa The Hunter 700 Stock by Magpul is a high-quality and extremely versatile stock that will greatly enhance the performance of your short action rifle. This is a great replacement stock for your Remington Model... Read More Buying a Gun Online How to Buy a Gun Online Without Worry 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 / $2000 + transfers + visa Buying a gun online is actually quite a simple process.  While many prefer to purchase weapons in person, buying online can potentially get you some major discounts that you won’t find in-person shopping. While... Read More a picture of .243 Winchester ammo and a rifle .25-06 Remington vs. .243 Winchester: The Better Overbore 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 / $2000 + transfers + visa You might be reading this article because you’re one of the few people who either have a love-hate relationship or simply fell out of love with some modern 6- or 6.5-mm rifle caliber like... Read More Dove Ass FI Best Accessories for Dove Hunting 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 / $2000 + transfers + visa If you are interested in adding dove hunting to your repertoire, purchasing a few accessories for your kit will help make your experience more enjoyable.  Below, we have compiled a list of some of... Read More Dove Shotgun FI3 Ed2 Best Shotguns for Dove Hunting 4 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 / $2000 + transfers + visa Dove hunting is one of the most laid back types of hunting.  Unlike other types of hunting, it does not require a whole lot of preparation or equipment in order to participate. Just a... Read More
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