American national security advisor Michael Flynn gave warning to Iran after missile test. The statement has been welcomed across the Middle East. American allies welcomed the ‘warning statement’ while Iran rejected the warning. Michael Flynn has not only sparked the debate on future of Iran-US nuclear deal but also uttered much-needed policy note on future of Middle Eastern politics.

“A missile test on Sunday and a Houthi attack on a Saudi frigate on Monday exposed Iran’s subverting conduct across the Middle East and Iran has been put on notice by The White House”.  –  Michael Flynn, American National Security Advisor

Michael Flynn addressed a press conference in the White House on Wednesday.

“Iran is constantly destabilizing the Middle East region by exporting terror”, said by Michael Flynn on his first meeting with the press.

How will it affect future of US-Iran nuclear deal?

Donald Trump criticized the US-Iran nuclear deal, when it was proposed, and refused to accept the deal—although Obama was calling it an profound step to establish peace in region—during the presidential campaign speeches.

He always called Iran an American enemy and a threat to peace in the region. The historical deal was regarded as the landmark step to improve the US-Iran bilateral relations—as relations are tense since the 1979 American embassy seizure in Tehran—and enhancement of anti-ISIS cooperation in the region.

The deal has opened new economic and trade avenues for American companies already struggling to find new economic markets across the globe, due to increasing Chinese influx in the regional markets.

But for now, Michael Flynn has raised serious questions about the future of deal, while Iran has vowed to respond all American actions with equal magnitude. The deal has also provided relief to Tehran’s struggling economy burdened by economic sanctions imposed by United Nations Security Council and the United States.

The possibility of future Iran-US war?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called upon American president Donald Trump to wage war against Iran by calling Iran epicenter of terrorism in region and exporter of militant organizations. Many Republican senators and congressmen also urged the Trump to attack the nuclear facilities of Iran and by revoking the Iran-US nuclear deal. Saudi Arabia—the core ally of United States in the Middle East—has also stressed upon Trump administration to respond Iranian aggression with intensive measures including waging war on Iran.

In the case of war between Iran and United States, a multilateral alliance of the USA, Saudi Arabia, and Israel can easily dismantle the complete military apparatus of Iranian armed forces including revolutionary guards and Iranian navy. Saudi Arabia will finance the war and bear all expenses—and Saudi Arabia has repeated her offer several times during the Obama era—while Israeli air force can carry effective surgical strikes by getting assistance from American naval fleet and intelligence agencies deployed in Persian gulf.

Any future war between US and Iran will disturb the American counterterrorism efforts in the Iraq—Where Iran is American ally against the ISIS—Syria, and Kurdish areas, but American can overcome the strategic loss by extending her bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern powers.

Michael Flynn, American National Security Advisor, has not only waged the war on Iran-US nuclear deal but also revealed the official policy of Trump administration on Iran issue. His statement has received applause by some in Washington D.C.

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