Wisconsin Gun Control

Wisconsin Senate to Stop Gun Control Session in its Tracks

What Happened?

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has ordered a special session on November 7th to test if Senate Republicans will stand their ground on the 2nd Amendment. 

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is calling this the governor’s “first attack on the Second Amendment.” 

Senate Republicans are vowing to end the session quickly.

Democrat Governor Evers who won a close race by 1.1% in 2018, is calling for 2 of the left’s most popular gun control legislations.

Here’s what the governor is trying to jam through legislators:

Red flag laws — it’s intended to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous and mentally disturbed people. But what’s the catch? 

A neighbor’s lie away from confiscation. If a gun owner is reported as a threat, a judge will be able to seize your firearms until you prove that you’re mentally stable enough to possess one. See how this could go wrong?

Universal background checks — having vigorous background checks to prevent bad guys from buying or transferring guns sounds like a no-brainer. However, just like any left-backed gun legislation — there’s going to be caveats. 

Pain in the butt transfers. You’ll be required to go through an FFL to do background checks for most gun transfers. Lending your gun to a friend that has a burglar in the neighborhood? Too bad — you’re now a criminal. 

How Does it Affect Our Rights?

Thanks to Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled Senate and Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, this “special” session is expected to be quicker than John Wayne’s quickdraw.

Shall not be infringed. Republicans aren’t willing to pass any bills that’d violate 2nd Amendment rights.

The Wrap-up

Wisconsin’s Democrat governor is doing everything in his power to try and force more gun control. The Republican Senate has promised to stand their ground to uphold due process and the 2nd Amendment.

Is there any reasonable new gun legislation that you’d support? Let us know below.

Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph is an avid bow hunter and father of two boys. Originally from Tacoma, Washington. Alex now resides in California.

2 thoughts on “Wisconsin Senate to Stop Gun Control Session in its Tracks

  1. DEMOCRATS LIE; Quit agreeing to ‘their version’; ‘Universal background checks’ ONLY work if the GOVERNMENT knows who owns every gun. You have a pistol and are stopped by police. You have a pistol in your car legally; LE runs the serial number and it is ‘registered’ to ‘John Smith’; THEN you get charged for having an ‘illegal’ fire arm cuz the government data base says ‘john smith is the owner’. PLUS since the government knows who owns what, BETO is now ‘President’ and he can confiscate YOUR gun cuz the ‘guberment’ knows who owns what. Vote DEMOCRAT and YOU lose your freedom, AND get to pay for ‘free sheet’ for NON-CITIZENS!! Is this not a great country or what?

  2. Wisconsin has some of the best freedom in terms of guns and knives I’ve found. It would suck to have that taken away. I think certain gun control items may be useful, and in the end all they do is take a little more time to get the gun, which if you NEED a gun in a day, something is wrong.
    BUT, these red flag laws and registrations are unconstitutional and it is funny to me how so many politicians who are supposed to know the most basic laws and rights, don’t. It is certainly understandable that we all want to prevent mass shootings and violence, since these are acts that take away people’s fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But currently, making laws that will not matter to people wishing to use guns for violence and crime is not going to prevent them from doing so. I don’t have answers, other than we need to ban people, we need to have extremely swift and harsh penalties for those that do use weapons for violence and crime. This starts to border on unconstitutional as well, unless we decide that once you’ve done these things, you have given up your rights and will be prosecuted accordingly…which used to happen.

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