What Are The Best SOB Holsters For Comfortable Concealed Carry?

LAST UPDATED: August 26th 2020
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You’re looking for the best small-of-back (SOB) concealed carry holster. You might be wondering what’s the best holster for the job? There are numerous types of holsters adapted for carrying in the small of your back. We’ll go over several of them and address the pros and cons of each.

Our pick for the best small of back (SOB) concealed carry holster is the S.O.B. by DeSantis. It’s a leather holster with belt slots to slide over belts up to 1 ½ inches wide. It comes with an adjustable retention screw and because it has no retention strap, is meant to ride butt facing upward. The S.O.B. is backed by a limited warranty.

What to Consider Before Buying

There are many things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a small of the back holster. These holsters put your firearm inside or outside the waistband at the small of your back.

Gun Carry Regulations

It’s important to research the gun carry laws and regulations specific to your area before you decide to carry a concealed weapon. This includes the state, county, and city where you live, but also those areas you might travel through regularly.

Remember that cities and counties can, and often do, have different laws. As a responsible gun owner, it’s your job to remain aware of these.

Your Wardrobe

Small of back holsters can come in both inside the waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) models. With either model, it’s important to keep the holster concealed when you leave the house. This might include getting longer t-shirts or adding a hoodie or jacket to cover your back.

What Firearm You Carry

Small of back holsters are generally intended for small frame semi-automatics or revolvers and work well with these firearms. But, there are a few SOB holsters out there for larger semi-autos. Just keep in mind larger pistols will be more difficult to conceal.

Dominant Hand

Small of back holsters are not ambidextrous. This means you’ll have to use caution when ordering one. The default listing of most holsters is for right-handed people; if you’re left-handed, you need to ensure you’re buying a left-handed model.

Holster Material

Small of back holsters can come in either nylon or leather. Nylon is often cheaper, but leather is more durable and longer lasting. On the other hand, leather is more expensive.

Top S.O.B. Holster Brands

There are several manufacturers who make small of back holsters. We’ll look at a few of them and discuss their pros and cons in more detail.

1. Galco

Galco SOB Small Of Back HolsterGalco Gunleather produces their SOB Small of Back holster from premium leather. This is a belt slot holster that fits belts up to 1 ¼ inches. The Small of Back holster has an adjustable retention screw to improve handgun fit. There are no additional retention features.

The SOB holster is designed for a range of firearms by AMT (one model), Charter Arms (one model), Colt (four models), Kimber (two models), Para USA (two magazine models), Remington (one model), Ruger (three models), Smith & Wesson (one model), Springfield (one model), and Taurus (two models).

There are also listings on retailers other than Galco’s site for the following firearm makes: Glock, Beretta, Walther, Kahr, H&K, and Sig Sauer.

Galco offers a limited warranty on their holsters if purchased directly from them.

2. DeSantis

S.O.B. by DeSantisThe S.O.B. holster by DeSantis is a leather belt slot holster available in both black and tan. It’s designed for belts up to 1 ½ inches wide, the widest of this type of holster. The holster has an adjustable retention screw, but doesn’t feature a retention strap.

This small of back holster is available for Glock (seven models), Smith & Wesson (two models), Walther (one model), and Ruger (two models).

DeSantis offers a limited repair or replace warranty on holsters sold directly from their website.

3. Pro Carry

Holster Pro Carry SOBPro Carry produces several models of leather small of back (SOB) holsters for different firearms. These are simple, belt slot holsters that slide over a belt and some can double as a cross-draw holster.

These SOB holsters don’t offer retention straps or adjustable retention screws. The molding of the leather for specific firearms is what gives you the retention needed. They are double stitched for additional security.

The Pro Carry SOB holster is designed with the proper cant (carry angle) for maximum draw speed. They’re also backed by Pro Carry’s lifetime guarantee. They are limited, however, to certain firearm makes and models.

4. Uncle Mike’s

Uncle Mikes Super Belt Slide HolsterUncle Mike’s belt slide holsters are appropriate for small of the back (SOB) carry. These nylon belt slide holsters are available in ten different sizes for different applications, so consult Uncle Mike’s website to find the one for your firearm.

These belt slide holsters come with a retention strap with a thumb break for quick release and draw. The three belt slots allow the holster to be used as a strong side, cross draw, or SOB holster, so you’ll essentially get three holsters in one.

Many of these holsters are not ambidextrous, so use caution when ordering.

5. Relentless Tactical

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Leather Gun HolsterRelentless Tactical’s Ultimate 3 Slot Leather Belt Holster is made of high-quality cowhide for a durable product. It can also be used strong side or cross draw with two variations on cant (carry angle), depending on which front slot you use.

The 3 Slot holster is available for most small-to medium-frame semi-autos, all 1911-style semi-automatics, and J-frame .38 specials. It’s important to check the fit for your firearm before ordering, and you can do so at their website.

These holsters are not ambidextrous even when used for strong side carry, so make sure you order the correct one for you.

Final Thoughts

Small of the back (SOB) carry isn’t extremely common, but it does work for some people. Finding a holster that allows you to carry SOB might seem like a challenge. Nevertheless, many holsters that aren’t specifically labeled as SOB carry can be adapted to work.

Our Pick
 S.O.B. by DeSantis
Best SOB Holster For Concealed CarryS.O.B. Holster by DeSantis

The S.O.B. holster by DeSantis is a leather belt slot holster available in both black and tan. It’s designed for belts up to 1 ½ inches wide, the widest of this type of holster.

Check Price

Our pick for the best SOB concealed carry holster is the S.O.B. Holster by DeSantis. It fits belts up to 1 ½ inch wide, probably the thickest of any holster in this class. It’s made of high-quality leather and backed by a limited warranty.

The S.O.B. also offers an adjustable retention screw, giving you the tightest possible retention. Though the price varies by model, this is an excellent investment for an SOB holster.

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