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Our History, Since 2001

Gun News Daily has been the leading authority on right wing gun news since 2001.  We started as written publication that helped aggregate gun news and information before online search got popular.

Over the years we have written about gun news with a specific focus on political and economic events. Our readership grew over the years with more than 50,000 monthly readers for many years. Unfortunately, Gun News Daily ran out of funding and in late 2012 we stopped publishing new content.

Our New Beginnings

As of 2016 we have restarted our site in order to promote the truth and news that liberal media so often omits. It was the founder of Gun News Daily, Nick Browning, who passed on the vision of our publication to his now in charge son – Chris Browning.

Chris has been an active supporter of gun rights throughout the US and remains as one of the NRA’s most active supporters. In an effort to fight the influx of anti gun news and sentiment throughout the US, we have restarted Gun News Daily as a resource for supporters and gun enthusiasts.

For more information or media inquiries please email chris at gunnewsdaily.com

Our Staff

Sam Bocetta – PR, Editor in Chief

Sam joined the team in early 2016 and brought with him a wealth of experience.  As a retired engineer working in the defense industry for over 30 years Sam understands the role of global politics and economics on shaping gun culture and tech. Sam brings some keen technical insights to GND and is the primary writer in charge of all of our longer guides. You can reach Sam at sambocetta@gmail.com.

Chris Browning

Chris Browning is the current editor of GND. The site was originally built by his father who used it as a resource center for people looking to learn more about gun education and safety. This legacy was carried on by Chris, who in 2015, started to republish articles and build up GND as one of the top news sites for firearm related information.

Alex Joseph

For the last 10 years, Alex has worked as a private military contractor for a number of agencies and organizations. He is currently living in Colorado where he runs his own popular gun blog. Alex is also actively involved in the local community where he runs annual skeet shooting events.

Will Ellis

Will is an outstanding athlete, a college wrestler and also one of the leading competitors in a variety of skeet shooting, marksmanship and archery competitions. He understands the sport very well and knows what it takes to succeed and win. Will is also a coach for local athletes where he teaches them basic gun handling and safety information.

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