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AR 15 Furniture and Accessories – A Complete Guide

AR 15 Furniture

Upgrading an AR-15 is one of the fun parts of owning this awesome rifle. You can customize your AR so it fits you personally and suits your specific needs. Whether those needs are for hunting, target or competition shooting, or home defense, you’re sure to find some AR 15 furniture and accessories that will make your AR rock and roll!

Want to know what types of furniture and accessories will make your AR-15 even better? We’re going to talk about things like stocks, grips, rail protectors, slings, and much more. So, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best kinds of accessories for your AR and how you want to use your rifle. We’ll also talk about some neat magazine accessories you can get for the AR.

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What Does AR 15 Furniture Mean?

Because all ARs need certain things to operate properly, the pistol grip, stock, and handguard are all considered part of the furniture. But all these things can be upgraded to add benefits to your AR.

AR 15 Furniture set

List of Different Types of AR 15 Furniture

The following list of AR 15 Furniture includes an overview of the type of accessories you can consider upgrading and some of our recommended options.

AR 15 Pistol Grips

It’s called a pistol grip because it more closely resembles a traditional pistol’s grip than a rifle grip.

These are more comfortable for shooting because they’re ergonomic and they give the entire AR a more normal look. They are also easier for women to use.

Black, brown and white AR 15 pistol grips
You can get grips in literally any color you want

When you purchase a stock AR, more than likely it comes with a standard A2 grip. For most shooters, this grip is too small and feels cheaply made. In other words, it works okay, but there are much better options available.


  • Magpul AR-15 MOE: This is an excellent grip for our ARs. It’s more comfortable, lighter, and affordable at around $18. It’s also available in several colors, and for $23, you can get the MOE+ Model with a rubber, anti-slip coating.
  • Hogue Overmold AR-15 Pistol Grip: This is another favorite that offers a lot of grip because of its larger size. It’s made of rubber with a beavertail and has molded finger grooves, and it runs about $20.
  • Magpul MIAD: This grip offers even more customization because it comes with a couple different choices for palm size and front finger grooves. These parts easily swap out and the grip runs around $34.
  • Tyrant Designs Mod V2 AR-15 Pistol Grip: This premiere AR Grip is version 2 of the highest-selling skeletonized Grip. Beautifully crafted aggressive styling, paired with soft durometer rubber straps and a reduced angle. MSRP is $119.95.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul AR-15 MOEMagpul AR-15 MOECheck Price
image of Hogue Overmold AR-15 Pistol GripHogue Overmold AR-15 Pistol GripCheck Price
image of Magpul MIADMagpul MIADCheck Price
image of Tyrant Designs Mod V2 AR-15 Pistol GripTyrant Designs Mod V2 AR-15 Pistol GripCheck Price

AR 15 Stocks (or Buttstocks)

Magpul Industries MOE Rifle Stock for AR-15
One of my favorite stock options for the AR

image of a button check this price

Certainly one of the most impactful choices in AR 15 furniture is the Stock. This is the part you rest the cheek on and press into your shoulder when firing the AR. They come in a variety of styles from basic to specialty designs.


  • Magpul MOE Stock (Mil-spec): It’s a military specification collapsable buttstock that fits into a carbine-length buffer tube. It’s ergonomic in shape, light, and affordable at around $38. It’s also available in different colors.
  • Magpul CTR Buttstock (Mil-spec): It goes a step further than the Magpul listed above; this stock removes the wobble between the buffer tube and stock by using a friction lock instead of a positional lock. Worth the extra money at around $56.
  • Magpul UBR Buttstock: This is a specialty stock that gives the steadiness of a fixed stock, but you can  change the overall Length of Pull (LOP). It comes with buffer tube, but you’ll need to buy a carbine spring and buffer to go along with it. It costs around $188.
  • Magpul PRS Buttstock: The PRS buttstock is for the precision AR and offers fine adjustments for cheek weld and LOP. It weighs almost 2 pounds but is durable, and you’ll have to buy a rifle-length buffer tube assembly. It costs about $240.
  • VLTOR Imod (Mil-Spec) Stock: This is the most comfortable adjustable stock we’ve used and works well for speed carbines. It’s got a cheek weld that feels perfect and it’s lightweight. It runs around $90. You can also check out the Emod, which adds 1.5 inches to the overall length.
  • Ace Skeleton Buttstock: A super light fixed-length stock that you’ll see on light builds and competition rifles. It has comfortable foam padding and is available in two lengths for around $121.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul MOE StockMagpul MOE StockCheck Price
image of Magpul CTR ButtstockMagpul CTR ButtstockCheck Price
image of Magpul UBR ButtstockMagpul UBR ButtstockCheck Price
image of Magpul PRS ButtstockMagpul PRS ButtstockCheck Price
image of VLTOR Imod (Mil-Spec) StockVLTOR Imod (Mil-Spec) StockCheck Price
image of Ace Skeleton ButtstockAce Skeleton ButtstockCheck Price

AR 15 Recoil Pads

AR 15 Recoil Pad
These are great for keeping your shoulder safe

You can add aftermarket recoil pads to most AR buttstocks. These will cushion the recoil and help protect your shoulder, especially in repetitive firing situations like target or competition shooting.


  • Limbsaver Recoil Pad: This pad is used by military and law enforcement agencies. It snaps onto many adjustable tactical stocks and is available in a variety of colors. You can get one for around $35.
  • Magpul Recoil Pad: This pad will fit Magpul’s CTR, MOE, STR, ACS-L, ACS, and UBR buttstocks. It’s available in three different thicknesses for the perfect LOP. This pad runs about $18.
  • ACE Recoil Pad: This rubber pad fits ACE modular stocks. It runs around $12.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Limbsaver Recoil PadLimbsaver Recoil PadCheck Price
image of Magpul Recoil Pad: Magpul Recoil Pad: Check Price
image of ACE Recoil PadACE Recoil PadCheck Price

AR 15 Furniture – Handguards

We talked about these in our article Best AR-15 Upgrades: Handguards, Triggers, BCGs, and More. But we’d like to add a discussion about rail protectors.

These are attachments made of polymer that help keep the Picatinny rail in great shape and offer you a better grip. They will also look awesome in contrasting colors.

AR 15 Handguards


  • Magpul XTM Rail Covers: These are thicker covers and will completely cover the rails. They run $8 for four sections.
  • Magpul Rail Covers: This ladder-style panel snaps into the unused cross slots of your Picatinny rail, helping to protect against dings while improving your grip. They cost $11 for each panel.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul XTM Rail CoversMagpul XTM Rail CoversCheck Price
image of Magpul Rail CoversMagpul Rail CoversCheck Price

Sling Plates and Slings

Best AR-15 sling plate in action
A great choice if you’re going to be shooting often

No AR is complete without the addition of a carry sling. There are plenty of choices, but we like the Magpul series that lets you choose either one- or two-point attachments.


  • Magpul RSA Sling Attachment: This mounts to your existing Picatinny rail for a front sling attachment point. It runs around $30.
  • Magpul ASAP Sling Plate: This replaces the standard AR end plate for a sturdy sling attachment. It’s better than fixed attachments; it lets you easily maneuver from strong to weak side shooting. This sling plate will rattle if you don’t have a sling attached, though. You can solve this problem by leaving the sling attached. The sling plate runs around $30.
  • Magpul QD End Plate: It’s for quick-detach swivel sling attachments, but you’ll have to make sure you pick the right end plate for your type of sling, since slings vary. This end plate also doesn’t make any noise like other plates. It runs around $30.
  • Magpul MS3 Sling: This lightweight but durable sling easily switches between one- and two-point attachments. It runs about $50.
  • Vickers Combat Applications Sling: If you don’t need a rapid detachment, this might be your go-to sling. It’s also used by U.S. military troops. It’s simple, strong, and easy to adjust and runs around $45.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul RSA Sling AttachmentMagpul RSA Sling AttachmentCheck Price
image of Magpul ASAP Sling PlateMagpul ASAP Sling PlateCheck Price
image of Magpul QD End PlateMagpul QD End PlateCheck Price
image of Magpul MS3 SlingMagpul MS3 SlingCheck Price
image of Vickers Combat Applications SlingVickers Combat Applications SlingCheck Price

Other AR 15 Furniture Accessories

Here’s an overview of some other accessories we haven’t mentioned yet, including grip and magazine options.

AR 15 Vertical Grips

A vertical grip will grant you better handling and control of your weapon. In some places, a vertical handgrip is illegal, so make sure it’s okay to do in your area and on your AR before you install any vertical handgrip.

Black Magpul vertical grip on AR 15 rifle
The awesome Magpul vertical grip


  • Troy Vertical Grip: This is a tough grip that uses a bar to lock down on the rail instead of just a single screw. It’s also modular so you can pick the right size. It runs around $70, or if you’d like a slightly cheaper one, you can choose the CQB version for $45.
  • Magpul RVG Vertical Grip (Picatinny): This grip comes in a variety of different colors and mounts to the AR’s existing Picatinny rail. It runs about $23.
  • Magpul MOE Vertical Grip: This version attaches to Magpul’s MOE handguards that aren’t Picatinny rails. It also fits on newer M-LOK versions. This grip runs between $18 and $21.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Troy Vertical GripTroy Vertical GripCheck Price
image of Magpul RVG Vertical GripMagpul RVG Vertical GripCheck Price
image of Magpul MOE Vertical GripMagpul MOE Vertical GripCheck Price

Alternative Grips

These also help with control of your AR, but they’re not quite vertical grips, so they get their own special section.


  • Magpul AFG: This Angled Foregrip is useful where vertical grips are forbidden by law, but it’s still close to a traditional vertical grip. It costs about $33.
  • Magpul Hand Stop: This is a low-profile method to improve the handling of your weapon. It also keeps your hand from reaching the muzzle on short ARs. It runs about $18 and is available in a variety of colors.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul AFGMagpul AFGCheck Price
image of Magpul Hand StopMagpul Hand StopCheck Price

AR 15 Bipods

A bipod can offer you even more in the way of weapon stability and balance for your AR. Rather than removing them, they can be raised out of the way when you’re not using them.

Black AR 15 bipod mounted on a long gun


  • Harris Bipod: It’s spring-loaded and has telescoping legs. You’ll have to make sure you get the right one for your rail attachment, since they differ somewhat. It costs $109.
  • Atlas Bipod: This is what we use on rifles for precision work, like competition shooting. You get a sturdy and repeatable shooting platform with this bipod. It’s expensive, though; it costs between $220 and $280, so it might be out of some shooters’ budget.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Harris BipodHarris BipodCheck Price
image of Atlas BipodAtlas BipodCheck Price

Magazine Accessories

These are accessories you can add to your magazine for different benefits.

  • Magpul Magazine Pulls: This is how the Magpul company got their start. It attaches to the bottom of your magazine to help you to remove the part quickly. It also cushions the magazine when it’s dropped to the ground. You get 3 for $10.
  • Maglula StripLULA Magazine Speed Loader: This speed-loading magazine for 5.56 NATO/.223 features a ripcord system at the bottom. Simply pull the cord to lower the follower, load your magazines, release the cord and you’re ready to shoot. It runs around $33.
  • Magpul Magazine Coupler: This accessory lets you bind two magazines together so you can add an extra 30 rounds to your AR. It does add extra weight, and fits PMAG30 and PMAG30 M3 magazines. The coupler starts at around $18.
Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Magpul Magazine PullsMagpul Magazine PullsCheck Price
image of Maglula StripLULA Magazine Speed LoaderMaglula StripLULA Magazine Speed LoaderCheck Price
image of Magpul Magazine CouplerMagpul Magazine CouplerCheck Price

AR 15 Furniture – Conclusion

Adding furniture accessories to your AR-15 can be a blast. So long as you know what you want, you can customize your AR to fit your own personal needs and taste.

Be aware that some AR accessories are not allowed in some locations, so make sure to check your local and state regulations before upgrading your AR.

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