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12 Best Glasses For Shooting [2024] We Put Them to the Test!

image of a man wearing shooting glasses for eye protection

If you’re serious about shooting you need a pair of quality glasses, not just some Walmart garbage. This guide is to help you find the best shooting glasses.

Shooting glasses are a must for any active shooter. Most ranges require you to have a good pair of glasses and you should be wary of ranges that don’t require you to wear them.

In this post we’re going to cover absolutely everything you need to know about shooting glasses. 🙂

I’ll say right off the bat that anyone who is looking for a discount pair of glasses — this isn’t the review for you.

We cover some of the top brands and go into the specific brands for different sports.



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ProductWhere To Buy
image of Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil with Prizm Shooting GlassesOakley SI Tombstone Spoil with Prizm Shooting Glasses
image of Oakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue Shooting GlassesOakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue Shooting Glasses
image of Pilla Magneto 2 Shooting GlassesPilla Magneto 2 Shooting Glasses
image of Pilla Outlaw XPilla Outlaw X
image of STNGR Unbreakable Tactical Ballistic Outdoor & Shooting SunglassesSTNGR Unbreakable Tactical Ballistic Outdoor & Shooting Sunglasses
image of Ranger Edge Shooting GlassesRanger Edge Shooting Glasses
image of Wiley X Saber AdvancedWiley X Saber Advanced
image of Wiley X ValorWiley X Valor
image of Pilla Magneto RX SeriesPilla Magneto RX Series
image of Beretta Shooting GlassesBeretta Shooting Glasses
image of Beretta Performance Frame Shooting GlassesBeretta Performance Frame Shooting Glassess
image of Pilla Outlaw XBLUPOND Shooting Safety Glasses


How We Reviewed

The answer is pretty simple. I’ve been a shooting instructor for the last fifteen years and done a handful of professional shooting workshops for private security companies.

I’ve used almost every brand of glasses out there.

Want to Share a Recommend Pair?

We are always open to new reviews or products that you think would make good candidates for our recommended gear.

If you’re a distributor who wants us to review your gear please send us an email via the contact form.

If you’re an individual shooter just drop a comment below.


Let’s keep your eyes safe.


Our Top Two Shooting Glasses Picks

If you don’t want to read this giant 5000 word article than just focus on the top two picks for this review.

They offer the best shooting glasses for both men, women and new shooters. Oakley combines a great looking pair of glasses with high quality design and 100% ANSI certification.

They also offer 100% UV and UVB protection and a carrying case. While the price tag might be a bit higher you’re getting a better deal overall when you add the case, UV resistant lens and cleaning solution together.

Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil with Prizm Shooting Glasses (Top Pick)


image of the Oakley Tombstone in action
Badass Shooting Glasses


The Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil with Prizm Shooting Glasses is built for tactical use. Built on mil-grade specs, the Tombstone’s are a pair of glasses that you can literally use for years to come.

The guys at Oakley have worked on the FOV and asked veteran marksmen what to include. They modified their original model a few times to come up with a pair of shooting glasses that improves FOV without compromising design or functionality.

The veterans focused on three things. They singled out contrast or clarity, the changing of lens, and field of view.


tombstone increased field of vision


Prizm is also in use here, where it decreases eye strain. The lens can also be changed without leaving a fingerprint mark on the les. All of these advances are incorporated into the Tombstone. 🙂


image of the complete package of Oakley Tombstone
Case comes with everything you need



  • Unobstructed field of vision
  • Complete UV Protection
  • A Tombstone cases, designed to look and feel great
  • Allows for the quick changing of lens with the help of the Switchlock Quick Lens Exchange.
  • PRIZM is included in the package. The PRIZM technology enables the lens to be fine tuned for the environment
  • Best FOV you’ll get with any glasses
  • A plethora of lenses can be chosen, like the PRIZM TR45, PRIZM Tr22 and Clear types
  • The PRIZM TR22 is for lighter conditions while the TR45 is for dark conditions
  • The Thin Stem technology works with the Oakley SI Tombstone Spoil with Prizm Shooting Glasses
  • Compatible for hearing protection
  • Unobtanium nosepad. This feature allows the grip to stay firm even if wet
  • 120 degrees on the lens profile. This gives the user the a wider FOV


  • PRIZM feature allows for fast modification
  • Fast changing of lenses
  • Unobtanium nose grips even in wet conditions
  • Tombstone Spoil


  • More expensive

Oakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue Shooting Glasses (Best 2nd Choice)


Oakley Radar Range with Prizm



  • Includes the PRIZM, which allows the fine-tuning of the lens for every kind of lighting condition
  • PRIZM TR22 for lighter conditions and TR45 for dark conditions
  • It has the MIL-PRF3243 for ballistic resistance
  • Unobtanium ensures grip even in wet conditions. This technology is applied on the earsocks and nosepads
  • The Oakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue Shooting Glasses has an anti-fog coating
  • This product includes O-matter technology, which enhances its durability but is still lightweight.

The guys at Oakley have been perfecting this design for over 30 years. The Oakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue is one of their best products.


image showing the spec of these shooting glasses


The Oakley Radar Range with Prizm (TR22) Standard Issue is fully equipped with the PRIZM, Unobtanium and O-matter. Countless athletes have won using Oakley products and this product aims to continue that proud heritage.


prizm technology



  • Extremely clear FOV
  • Unobtanium means that your glasses won’t drop even in wet conditions
  • Anti-fog coating
  • O-matter technology ensures that this product will be lightweight but strong


  • Little bit on the pricey side

Pilla Magneto 2 Shooting Glasses


Pilla Magneto 2 Shooting Glasses


Although they’re not the best shooting glasses, the Pilla Magneto are a popular choice especially with shotgun shooters. We still give this product the thumbs up, but our ultimate pick is definitely still with the Oakley glasses. Let’s jump into some of the more technical aspects of the Pilla Shooting Glasses.


  • The package includes 4 temple arm kits, enabling greater flexibility for each user
  • The Pilla Magneto 2 Shooting Glasses is correction lens friendly, meaning it can accommodate users with seeing impairments
  • Neodymium magnets are used for changing lenses
  • A plethora of kit choices

Progressive Lens Kit (PED,PL,PM and PN)

  • Included in this kit are 4 vision lenses that can adopt in light and dark situations by swapping lenses

Enhanced Def Kit (42ED, 22ED and 78HC)

  • 3 types of lenses that will ensure the fidelity of the view in different environments

Kit B (69MWN, 58ED and 18RHC)

  • This kit also has 3 lenses in its package. They work to make your vision clear even in broad daylight by sharpening the contrast while the last lens is focused on giving you a good view even at night.

Kit A (60HCP,50RHC and 32MXB)

  • The lenses are focused in giving you a better contrast, enabling you to see better in any condition

The Pilla Magneto 2 is designed for tactical performance. As such, users will not feel the weight of this product because it is made to be light as possible and not feel too heavy on your face.

Titanium frame is extremely strong whilst keeping it pretty light. The Pilla Magneto 2 is package with 3 VVX (made by ZEISS).

It is also quite easy to change lenses with this product, as neodymium magnets are used for lens ingress and egress.


  • Partnership with Zeiss means that the lenses in use here are of top-notch quality
  • Lots of kits to choose from
  • Can accommodate corrective lenses
  • Lightweight but sturdy frame


  • Fitting issue might arise from some users

Best Shooting Glasses for the Money – Pilla Outlaw X Shooting Glasses


purple shooting glasses


Another quality product by Pilla. These are a great choice for people looking for a general product pair of glasses without breaking the bank. There are a lot of options for this model, so let’s take a closer look at what lens type best suits your needs.

If you’re unsure about size, go with the X6 as the glasses are somewhat adjustable. I’d rather go with a bigger pair of glasses for better FOV then a smaller pair any day.


  • The Pilla Outlaw X has different configurations for shooting, archery, and action shooting
  • The Pilla Outlaw X comes in White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Gray and Black
  • Other color combinations are also available

Option for Lens Filtration

Up to 4 kits made available by Pilla

  1. Progressive Lens Kit
  2. Truck Kit
  3. Bank Kit
  4. Boost Kit
  • Prescription inserts is an added feature
  • Two temple options are available:
    • Rubber is essential here as the temple tip is made up of soft rubber
    • No metal wire for better comfort
    • The 5 positions for adjustment gives it added versatility

Two size options:

  • X6 (M-L)
    • Provides wide coverage
    • Over 1500mm wide and 55mm high (Dimensions)
  • X7 (S-M)
    • Provides high degree of wrap and better coverage
    • Somewhat similar to the X6 but bends around the face

Pilla has yet again partnered with Zeiss to create another product. The Pilla Outlaw X guarantees a good viewing experience for shooters. The two size options available puts up a non-obstructed view of the environment.

These shooting glass incorporates materials that are strong yet lightweight to ensure that the performance of the shooter will not be impeded. Fogging is reduced because the rubber sweat bar has integrated vents. Likewise, the sweat bar minimizes the risk of lens smudging. All in all, the Pilla Outlaw X is an excellent product


  • Lightweight build
  • The lens changing feature ensures that changing said lens will be stress free
  • Customizations galore
  • Zeiss made lenses
  • Extremely protective


  • The inserts may be too close from the eyes

Best Shooting Glasses for the Money from a US/Family owned Company you may not have heard of, yet!

STNGR Unbreakable Tactical Ballistic Outdoor & Shooting Sunglasses


STNGR Unbreakable Tactical Ballistic Outdoor & Shooting Sunglasses



  • Ultra-Durable Memory Nylon frame
  • Shatterproof, Scratch Resistant Poly-carbonate lens
  • BALLISTIC RATED: Ballistic ANSI Z87+ Certified
  • Polarized lenses
  • 110° Hinge Technology
  • Two Models: Alpine & Ridge
  • 4 Lens Color Options: Mirror – Blue, Red, Green & Smoke
STNGR’s line of ballistic eyewear is purpose built for the practical shooter who wants one pair of glasses for both a range application and everyday use (One pair to rule them all). Made with the shooter in mind, the RAZR polarized lenses cut glare and help provide a crisp clear picture of the target downrange.
Built from a virtually indestructible memory nylon material and backed with a no-nonsense lifetime warranty, STNGR isn’t messing around when they say these are the last sunglasses you’ll ever need to purchase.”

STNGR Unbreakable Tactical Ballistic Outdoor & Shooting Sunglasses


Founded by Ernest and Philip in 2016 out of a garage in Allen, Texas, STNGR was born out of a desire for more. If you like the idea of buying from a family owned, US based business that stands behind their products with a life time warranty then the STNGR brand is for you. Basically return broken, damaged, basically “whatever is left” and they will replace them.

Great Video from our friends at 704 Tactical to see glasses undergo extreme testing.


  • Two models and multiple lens choices.
  • Virtually Indestructible lens
  • Great looking for wearing away from the range also.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • US based, family owned.


  • Not a traditional shooting glasses frame.

Best Glasses for Shotgun Shooting – 

Ranger Edge Shooting Glasses – 


ranger glasses


The Ranger Edge shooting glasses are built for versatility. As is the norm for Randolph Engineering products, the Ranger Edge comes in a lot of different flavors.

The NexPC lens is rated to be 6 times more resistant than other glasses. The materials in use can absorb the blast or any smaller particles that are emitted from a blast. The lens also provides better contrast when compared with contemporary products. Glare reduction is also great with these. Ranger optics are one of the best shooting glasses you can get.


  • Includes a lifetime warranty for solder joints
  • Premium case is also included
  • EDGE is the name of the frame
  • The lenses in the Ranger Edge are dubbed the NexPC
  • Distances between lenses are reduced
  • A plethora of color choices for the lens component:
    • Medium Yellow, Max-Light, Modified Brown, Vermillion, Pale Yellow, Orange, Light Purple, Dark Purple, Copper Polarized, HD Copper, HD Medium, HD Light, HD Dark, CMT
  • Three choices for the frame can be had:
    1. 63mm
    2. 67mm
    3. 69mm

The lifetime warranty for solder joints means that the Ranger Edge will stay with you for a long time. About the only difficult thing here, especially for novices, is that the plethora of configurations may overwhelm would be buyers.


  • Lifetime warranty for solder points
  • The comprehensive customizations and configurations
  • The numerous NexPC lenses available
  • Easy ingress-egress of lenses
  • Extremely protective


  • The plethora of customizations may overwhelm, especially for novices

Wiley X Saber Advanced – Best Special Ops Shooting Glasses


image of the Wiley X Saber in action


The Wiley X Saber Advanced are built for tactical use based on military special force team specs. They Wiley X are extremely lightweight and offer a hell of a lot of protection for the price-tag.

The lenses are also more than adequate in protecting your eyes because it has been certified to withstand close proximity firing. The temples included are also adjustable, meaning that your glasses can adapt to the environment as changes happen. The brow bar also has the Ultra Foam. The size and molding of the Wiley X make them a great choice as a top notch eye protection for shooting.

The Ultra Foam will ensure that the glasses will never lose its grip even in wet conditions.


  • Lens provided reduces glare
  • Fully adjustable temple
  • T-Shell coating will resist surface scratching
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • The package includes:
    • Instruction Card
    • Foam Brow Bar
    • Nosepiece
    • Microfiber Storage Bag
    • Smoke Grey Lens
    • Matte Black Frame
    • Tactical Strap
  • Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lens meets the following standards;
    1. US Federal OSHA
    2. EN 166 FT
    3. ANSI Z87
    4. MIL-PRF-32432

I know I keep covering the product specs, but it’s important to know what you’re getting. Let’s take a look at some of the features that I love about these products.


  • The high quality lenses included have been certified and are guaranteed to be strong
  • The lens also have anti-scratch coating
  • The Ultra Foam ensures that the Wile X Saber Advanced will not slip off your face
  • Adjustable Temples


  • Image distortion may develop on some lenses

BLUPOND Shooting Safety Glasses – Best Shooting Glasses New Comer


BLUPOND Shooting Safety Glasses


image of a button check this price


Another name you may not be familiar with in the sports eyewear category is Blupond.  I was sent a pair of these to try and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the solid construction of these glasses.  The clarity of vision is really impressive.  I have a stigmatism where glare is a real problem at night.  I started using these at night and the glare is gone.blupond details

For the money, these are a solid option for shooting. I haven’t had them very long so I haven’t put them through a lot of wear and tear, but the metal frames and polycarbonate, shatterproof, color-tinted lenses seem like they would hold up to some rough treatment at the range or in the field.

BLUPOND Shooting Safety Glasses Features:

  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • 17-Layer Lens That Block 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and Harmful Blue Light Rays (up to 400nm)
  • Anti-Scratch Coating and Shatterproof Lens
  • Anti-Reflective Layer That Decreases Glare from Objects
  • Heavy-Duty Hinge System


  • Not ANSI Rated

Wiley X Valor


Image of the WIley X Valor in black


Another great choice by Wiley, although it’s almost the same as the Saber advanced choice. In all honesty I’d go with the Saber Advanced over these. I find that the Valor glasses while still great just don’t include all the little upgrades that the Saber has.

It’s a more basic model for roughly the same price.


  • Rx Ready
  • Polarized Lenses
  • T-shell lens coating
  • UVA.UVB Protection
  • Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses with the following certifications;
    • MIL-PRF-32432(GL)
    • ANSI
    • EN 166 S

Package includes the following:

  1. Kryptek TyphonTM
  2. Leash Cord
  3. Polarized Smoke Grey Lens
  4. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Built for tactical no nonsense shooting these just work.  The lenses are easy to change and FOV is also pretty great.

The Wiley X Valor is quite comfortable to wear too as the frame is quite flexible, adapting to the wearer’s facial dimensions. The sturdy lens are certified for max protection. Also comes with UV ray protection as stated in the specifications.


  • The hardy lens will surely protect your eyes
  • Comfort fit
  • The lenses are easy to change
  • The lenses are also scratch resistant


  • Reflection haze may occur

Pilla Magneto RX Series


Image of the Pilla Magneto in a different color


I had to cover these Pilla glasses too as they are a pretty popular choice. I will say that they aren’t my favorite. For what they offer I don’t think the price is justified. They definitely aren’t the kind of eye protection for shooting we’d recommend.


  • 4 interchangeable temples are included for greater versatility:
    • Fork temple arm
    • Long temple arm
    • Medium temple arm
    • Short temple armThe frame is made up of titanium
  • Neodymium magnets for the changing of lens
  • Corrective lenses can be used
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-reflective (Reduces glare from the Sun)
  • Bifocal – Includes a “reader” portion of the lens
  • Progressive – Suitable for both near and far vision
  • Hi-index – Reduces the thickness of the lens

Kits are also available:

  1. Progressive Lens Kit – 4 lenses are included to suit every environment
  2. Kit A – Has a Max lens that guarantees up to 600 percent of contrast through an orange tinted lens
  3. Kit B – 3 lenses available that focuses in high, medium and low light settings
  4. Kit C – All around lens quality

The frame is made up of titanium. The frame is ultralight as not to impede the movement of the users but it does not sacrifice durability.

Pilla has partnered with Veiss again to create quality lenses that can adopt to any environment. The lens are easy to interchange with the help of neodymium magnets.

Pilla’s lens are also build for military grade projection specifically for snipers in the field. They offer max protection from blasts and other projectile matter.


  • Lots of customization
  • Partnership with Veiss = quality lenses
  • Ease of changing lenses
  • Lightweight titanium frame


  • The degree of customization may intimidate novice shooters

Best Shooting Safety Glasses for Beginners

Beretta Shooting Glasses – 

The name Beretta is known for quality gear and weapons. They have also produced their own pair of glasses that maintain that same standard of high quality materials with functional design. The Trident Glasses are no exception to that rule providing a military grade tactical shooting experience. Here are some of the specs for the Tridents in closer detail.

pink shooting glassesSpecifications

  • The glasses are rated 100 percent in UV and UVB
  • Lightweight product.
  • Three interchangeable lenses for different environments
    • Black for all weather use
    • Red lens is used for bright days
    • While the yellow lenses are used in dark and low-light conditions
  • The lenses are also of the wrap-around variant
  • Adjustable nose piece
  • Comfortable fit ensured
  • Includes a hard-clam case for protection when not in use

The Beretta Trident Shooting Glasses is built for versatility. It includes 3 sets of lenses. As stated above, the black lens is the most popular choice while the red and the yellow lenses are good for bright and low-light conditions respectively.

The Beretta Trident Shooting Glasses is also frameless, which gives you unobstructed view of the field. Sometime, the frame obstructs the peripheral view of the person using them. That is not the case for this product. The Beretta Trident Shooting Glasses is lightweight, meaning that wearing it on the field won’t be cumbersome. A case is also included in the package.


  • 3 sets of lenses for any type of environment
  • Frameless design means peripheral view is unobstructed
  • Comfortable fit
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes, the lenses are hard to change because of the nose piece.

Beretta Performance Frame Shooting Glasses 

Another popular option by Beretta are the standard shooting glasses. These are the most basic models that are good for novice shooters.

purple Beretta shooting eyewearSpecifications

  • Policarbonate Injected Lens
  • Lenses are also purple
  • The lenses also provide good contrast
  • Light weight product
  • The frame is made up of soft plastics
  • Cloth bag included for protection
  • Product weighs 1 pound
  • Not compatible with prescription glasses

The Beretta Shooting Glasses focuses on the the quality of the lenses that is included. Lens in question is injected with policarbonate and coupled with good color contrasts and a better overall view.

These elements give the users a better viewing experience which is essential in the sport of shooting.

The frame, and by extension the whole product, is quite comfortable to wear because of the soft plastics used by Beretta. The product is also quite light, enabling usage in the field without being cumbersome. Only issue are these glasses are a bit bigger, so those with petite faces may have some difficulty in using said product.


  • Excellent lenses with good contrast and added technology
  • Lightweight product for easy usage
  • Cloth bag provided
  • Comfortable fit


  • Incompatible with prescription glasses

Best Shooting Glasses for Sporting Clays


ProductWhere To Buy
image of Radians Clay Pro Shooting and Safety GlassesRadians Clay Pro Shooting and Safety Glasses
image of Titus Premium G SeriesTitus Premium G Series
image of RE Ranger | Phantom 2.0 Interchangeable 3-Lens Shooting Kit for Men or WomenRE Ranger | Phantom 2.0 Interchangeable 3-Lens Shooting Kit for Men or Women 100% UV
image of XAegis Tactical Eyewear 3 Interchangeable Lenses Outdoor Unisex Shooting GlassesXAegis Tactical Eyewear 3 Interchangeable Lenses Outdoor Unisex Shooting Glasses


1. Radians Clay Pro Shooting and Safety GlassesRadians Clay Pro Shooting and Safety Glasses

The Radians Clay Pro Shooting glasses are frameless by design. This means that the peripheral view is unobstructed.  The view is always important in the sport of shooting.

The Radians Clay Pro also over 99 percent UV protection, which is essential for the outdoor quality of the sport. The lens are also durable, with ANSI certification. The nose piece is made up of soft rubber which ensures comfort.

2. Titus Premium G Series

Titus Premium G Series

Versatility is the name of the game as the Titus Premium G series is a good choice for riding, shooting and target practice.

There are also a plethora of lens colors to choose from with each color serving a purpose for every environment.

The lenses are also very easy to change since the mechanism in place (Integrated Side Shield) is efficient. The Black Impact Frame is adjustable ensuring comfort when wearing this product.

3. RE Ranger | Phantom 2.0 Interchangeable 3-Lens Shooting Kit for Men or Women 100% UV

RE Ranger | Phantom 2.0 Interchangeable 3-Lens Shooting Kit for Men or Women 100% UV

This shooting glasses kit from RE Ranger, with three interchangeable shield lenses, is a solid set of versatile, durable shooting glasses in a sleek, unisex design. If you like a really good-looking pair of shooting glasses, these will get you hyped. And, if you’re into a wide range of frame colors and lens combinations, this line has a lot to choose from.

These truly lightweight, well-designed frames from RE have an easy snap-in, snap-out function that lets you easily swap out any of the three tints for whatever shooting environment you find yourself in. There’s a HD medium tint shooting shield, best for contrast and clarity between a target and background in medium-light conditions in a wooded area, a dark purple shield for bringing out the contrast between orange targets against a blue sky or against green foliage, and a UV sun shield, with a Blue Ice mirrored surface to protect your eyes from the sun. So, whether you’re in medium or bright conditions, the durable screw-hinge frames will snap in any lens you need.

If you love great design, you’ll love the nonslip temple tip details and the custom-designed ventilation windows in this sleek set of shooting glasses. And, with ballistic-tested strength, these are a good investment.


  • Wide range of trendy or classic frame colors/lens combinations available from line
  • Extremely lightweight, you’ll almost forget they’re on, easy lens change function
  • Look great in even in casual social settings


  • Non-polarized
  • Frames don’t adjust to all face shapes- some are a more comfortable fit than others.

4. XAegis Tactical Eyewear 3 Interchangeable Lenses Outdoor Unisex Shooting Glasses

XAegis Tactical Eyewear 3 Interchangeable Lenses Outdoor Unisex Shooting Glasses

If you need shooting glasses that are versatile enough for taking to the job site during the week and then to hunting or shooting on the weekend, these XAegis interchangeable-lens shooting glasses might be your best option. These durable unisex shooting glasses have three lenses, a clear one for normal eye protection during the day, as well as a yellow one and a grey/smoke tinted one, and the switching mechanism is quick and intuitive. Along with the three scratch-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate lenses, the XAegis pair comes with a hard shell case with a zipper, and a soft, drawstring bag to store the frames and lenses.

These 3-in1 shooting glasses with a quick lens change time are great for tactical situations- you can adapt to low light, high brightness, fog, and any light conditions for great visibility in any variety of environment. Not only can you adapt, but you can do it in seconds. Another great feature is the attractive and slip-resistant rubber frame. It’s sturdy and long-lasting, but has enough give for a flexible fit. These unisex shooting glasses with semi-rimless frame flatters both men and women, and look great even off of the shooting range.


  • Able to quickly adjust for various lighting conditions, great for outdoors or indoors
  • Durable, can take a beating
  • Comfortable unisex fit
  • Truly anti-fog lenses


  • Because lenses are smaller than some wide-angle lenses, some complain they sit too high or too low and obstruct vision on some face shapes

Best Eye Protection Shooting Glasses for Indoor Range

The picks below are all solid choices for shooting indoors. The difference between outdoor glasses and indoor glasses is two fold. First, with indoor glasses you don’t need a huge FOV or light sensitive lens. Second, indoor glasses are a lot cheaper as they don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that you would get with any pair of quality outdoor shooting glasses.

That being said here are our picks for the best eye protection for indoor shooters. 


ProductWhere To Buy
image of Howard Leight by Honeywell Vapor )) Sharp-Shooter Safety EyewearHoward Leight by Honeywell Vapor )) Sharp-Shooter Safety Eyewear
image of iLumen Shooting GlassesiLumen Shooting Glasses
image of Maxim GT Protective EyewearMaxim GT Protective Eyewear
image of Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety GlassesJackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses


1. Howard Leight by Honeywell Vapor II Sharp-Shooter Safety EyewearHoward Leight by Honeywell Vapor II Sharp-Shooter Safety Eyewear

Great quality glasses built on a simple design that works. The lenses meets the standard of ANSI (High Impact) which ensures the safety while shooting.

The lenses themselves provide 180 degrees of view. The lens is also coated with Fog-Ban Anti-Fog to discourage fog from forming in the lens.

The frame is also quite light, which made up of black nylon. The fit is also comfortable with a soft nose bridge and a sturdy temple.

2. iLumen8 Shooting Glassesyellow framed eyewear

The iLumen Shooting Glasses will feel at home in both indoor and outdoor settings. The lenses offers protection from debris. The lenses are also suited for low light conditions and also has anti-fog coating to discourage fogging.

The product can also be paired with UV flashlights should you choose to utilize both. This product from iLumen8 also promises 100 percent protection from UV rays by virtue of the yellow colored lens in use here.

The lenses are also both impact and scratch resistant, furthering the protection of the eyes.

3. Maxim GT Protective EyewearMaxim GT Protective Eyewear

The best thing about the GT is that they are light and extremely durable.

The product also features an elastomeric browguard, high-wrap lenses for better and wider viewing and anti-fog coating for the lenses to discourage fogging in the lenses.  The temples are dual-injected and are highly adjustable so that the user can adjust at his or her discretion.

The lens are also polycarbonate and will absorb UV rays from the Sun and the like. The Maxim GT Protective Eyewear can be used in other things too like chipping, chiseling, drilling, masonry. It is not only limited to indoor shooting ranges.

It can handle of the activities mentioned because the lenses are certified in CSA and ANSI.

4. Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety GlassesJackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses

With a black frame and blue glasses, the Jackson Safety V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses look great.

The color blue was chosen so that it can block of the rays from the Sun should the user choose to get out of the indoor range.

The polycarbonate lenses protects the user from UV and UVB at 99.9 percent. This product has a sporty, lightweight frame.

The lenses are tough and adequate to protect your eyes by meeting the ANSI standards. A patented nosepiece is included which is very flexible and channels sweat away from the eyes.

Our Final Thoughts

I realize that was a long read but the important takeaway with all of this is that getting a quality pair of shooting glasses is an investment that will protect you long into the future.

My strategy for purchasing shooting glasses is simple – get a few pairs. Having a backup pair of glasses is great to throw in your range bag or lend to a buddy when they forget his.

I hope our review was helpful and I definitely encourage you to take a look at our hearing protection page for more safety tips.


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  2. “How we reviewed,The answer is pretty simple. I’ve been a a shooting instructor for the last fifteen years and done a handful of professional shooting workshops for private security companies.

    I’ve used almost every brand of glasses out there.

    It’s great to have some criteria to base comparisons off of. I guess every other comparison made by anyone (car and driver, consumer reports, recoil, etc) should adopt the “I’m the man” comparison standard too.

    Also did you really say that “shooting glasses are a must for any ACTIVE SHOOTER”? (italics for emphasis).


  3. I gotta ask how Decot didn’t make your list. They are the first name in shooting glasses and pretty much everyone in the industry knows them. If you wear prescription glasses they are your best option. You should consider updating your list to include them.

  4. I believe the best shooting glasses depend on several factors….
    1. do they fit your face and cover all the areas you need protected where fragments can hit?
    2. Will they work if you wear over the ear protection, or will they cause sore areas from the ear pro pushing the frame into your head
    3. Do the lenses work for the type of targets you are looking at? cardboard, orange clays, grey steel, etc?
    4. Does the frame allow you to see where you need to see without restrictions…ie. above for shooters who will be in prone positions or looking up to see targets.
    5. Do you need these for tactical or sport shooting use?
    6. Will they work if you are shooting in low light or indoors? can you change the lenses for bright sunlight?

  5. Late to the game but did you all look at ESS? They are owned by Oakley but make a great set of glasses especially for small faces. Military issued them for years.

  6. Adolfo,
    There is the Bolle’ company that supplies the Gendarmerie Nationale with shooting glasses. They have all manner of sunglasses and much of their catalog is tactical wear. I wore a pair for many years. They are mil-spec and look good too!

  7. Working in law enforcement, I really hate the term ACTIVE SHOOTER. I was glad to read the term for once in a casual and professional manner. More people, like ex-military, should not be ashamed of putting “Sniper” on their resume. I like to add “Mad Dog” to my additional skills list.

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