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BLUPOND Titan Semi Polarized Glasses Review

BLUPOND Titan Semi-Polarized Glasses

To become a better shooter, you need to practice and put in the hours at the range, and when you are training with guns, safety should be your number one priority. Every shooter needs to own a good pair of shooting glasses, which can help them see better on sunny days, and protect their eyes from dust and debris while shooting.


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BLUPOND Titan Line Glasses

Blupond is a brand known for making some high-quality sports equipment, and their Titan line of sporting glasses is an excellent option for any Sports shooter. The Bluepond Titan glasses are designed to be very comfortable and stylish. They have a semi-rimless design, and a lightweight, durable and Flexible frame made from high-quality materials. The frame also uses a Unique Heavy-Duty Hinge System. Therefore, these glasses can fit various head sizes.

The frame of the Titan glasses features a rubberized support system and Integrated nose pads for added comfort, allowing you to wear them for a long time.

BLUPOND Titan Semi Polarized Glasses


BLUPOND Titan Semi Polarized Glasses feature 17-layer polycarbonate lenses


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BLUPOND Titan Semi Polarized Glasses Lenses

The Titan shooting Glasses feature 17-layer polycarbonate lenses, which are designed to protect your eyes from glare, and provide 100% UV400 Protection while giving you a clear vision of your surroundings. The Shatterproof lenses also have an Anti-Scratch Coating, which allows you to use the glasses in rugged environments, without worrying about the lenses breaking or getting scratched. You can also use the Blupond Titan glasses while using screens since they also offer effective blue light protection.

The Titan Semi-Polarized glasses come in multiple color combinations. However, the option with the yellow lenses is best for shooting in a wide range of environments and light conditions. These glasses are also great for nighttime shooting and other sports activities.


BLUPOND Titan Semi Polarized Glasses in use at the range


The Blupond Titan Semi-Polarized Glasses are great for shooting, and a wide range of other activities. They keep your field of vision clear from sunlight glares. Also other visual distractions, allowing you to focus on your sights and aim more effectively. Moreover, they keep debris and venting gasses out of your eyes when you are shooting a suppressed or over gassed weapon.

These glasses come with a Complimentary Accessory Set. Which includes an excellent EVA protective case for your glasses. Also a microfibre cleaning cloth, a pouch, and a clip you can mount inside your car. A great place for the glasses when you’re not wearing them.

So, if you visit the shooting range regularly, or are a competitive shooter in need of a high-quality pair of shooting glasses, the Blupond Titan Semi-Polarized Glasses are an incredible option.

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