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AR 15 Flashlights – 5 Best for Tactical Shooters

AR 15 Flashlights - 5 Best for Tactical Shooters

There are many ways that both military and civilian shooters benefit from mounting flashlights on the AR 15s or other firearms.  AR 15 Flashlights help increase safety by improving visibility and preventing one from shooting a loved one accidentally.

A flashlight on your AR 15 rifle allows you to see clearly in low light conditions, thus giving you an opportunity to identify potential hazards.  It is a must-have accessory when hunting in the dark or participating in one of those nighttime competitions that have gained popularity in recent years.

In this article, we’ll cover important features to look for in a tactical flashlight, as well as review our best choices for AR 15 Flashlights. It gets a bit technical at times, so if you just want the list, here are the top five:

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Features of the Best AR 15 Tactical Flashlights

If you are going to use a tactical flashlight for defense purposes, it’s important that you buy one that you can depend on in the toughest situations.

That said, refrain from buying the first AR-15 flashlight you see at the firearm accessory store. Some of the things to look for in a tactical flashlight include:

Tactical Flashlight Material 

There are a variety of materials used in the manufacture of tactical flashlights including aluminum, anodized aluminum and plastic. While plastic may work well, it’s best to choose an aluminum or anodized aluminum flashlight.

Both are lighter and more durable, with the main difference between the two being that anodized aluminum has an extra layer of aluminum oxide. The coating allows for increased resistance to scrapes and tears.

Tactical Flashlight Weight

Since an AR-15 rifle is designed to be lightweight, the last thing you need is a flashlight that adds excessive weight. Many flashlights weigh 5-10 ounces, but there are a few good ones that weigh 4 ounces.


Ensure that your flashlight has an on/off button that works well and that it is easy to operate.

Tactical Flashlight Lumens (Brightness)

This is the measure of how bright a beam is. For close range tactical situations, consider a flashlight that emits 300-600 lumens. Keep in mind that the high number of lumens, the brighter a flashlight is.

Best AR-15 Flashlights: Our Top Picks

Product NameWhere to Buy
image of JETBeam TH20JETBeam TH20Check Price
image of SUREFIRE X300SUREFIRE X300Check Price
image of KLARUS GL4 KLARUS GL4 Check Price



image of a button check this price

The PL-Pro Valkyrie is considered the souped-up version of PL-2 Valkyrie. This is a rechargeable version. This little powerhouse is upgraded with a lockout mode and a magnetic port for charging. It is an excellent accessory for guns like CZ p-09, Sig Saucer P226, and Glock 17, also works great on AR platforms.

This flashlight has a max lumen of 1500 and a throw rate of 280 meters.

It has two mode light modes, low and high, and three output options; constant, momentary, and strobe.

Low mode emits a 300-lumen beam while conserving battery life. High mode emits a 1500-lumen beam.

It comes along with the rail adapters to make it compatible with almost every weird rails available. With the help of a quick detach mount, you can easily attach and remove it at your will.

It is IPX6 rated with an impact resistance of 1 meter.

Overall, it is a compact and excellent flashlight for guns.

2. JETBeam TH20

The Jetbeam TH20 has a stunning 3150 lumens that projects light up to 320 meters

image of a button check this price

The JETBeam TH20  is a military-grade flashlight designed for rugged use and weapons mounting. It has a stunning 3150 lumens that projects light up to 320 meters. This AR 15 tactical flashlight has four different levels of brightness settings as well as a strobe mode

The best feature is the easy access to all outputs with one hand operation. It has an on/off tail switch, but also secondary switches. A short press of the tactical tail switch gives you momentary on and off. When the light is off short pressing of either the tail switch of secondary switches create strobe when needed.

Using high efficiency batteries you can reach a runtime of 100 hrs. The electronics of this flash light create long life of the circuits via a temperature control system stepping down brightness if the unit gets too hot. 


SureFire X300 tac led flashlight attachment for your AR 15image of a button check this price

The X300 is a light yet powerful flashlight designed for weapon mounting. It is less than four inches long and has an LED that emits up to 600 lumens of light.

The light is focused by high a Total Internal Reflection lens that offers significant surround light needed for peripheral vision in close combat situations.

This flashlight uses two 123A batteries with a tactical runtime of 1.5 hours. It fastens easily to the firearm and the controls are easily accessible at the back, which is convenient in high stress situations.

You have the option of choosing between a Rail Lock or T-Slot mounting system when ordering the X30. This makes it virtually any type of rail system that your firearm has.


Inforce WMLX Multifunction LED tactical is a powerful tactical flashlight with a brightness rating of 800 lumensimage of a button check this price

The Inforce WMLX Multi-function is a powerful tactical flashlight with a brightness rating of 800 lumens. It only weighs 4 ounces, which is as good as you can get. The flashlight is powered by two lithium ion batteries with a tactical lifetime of two hours.

We love that it offers three light settings, which is an improvement from the two light settings provided by other models. These include full beam, strobe light and momentary flash light.

It has a heavy-duty shell that is built to survive rigorous use. The pressure sensitive switch at the back of the light makes it easy to turn on and off without having to fumble in the dark.


Klarus GL4 3300 Lumens USB C Rechargeable Tactical Weaponlight

image of a button check this price

The Klarus GL4 will prove a worthy investment if you are in the market for a flashlight that provides intense light. One off the AR 15 Tactical Flashlights designed for PICATINNY mounts, the Klarus GL4 features an innovative removable slide rail mount with a mechanical lock for secure operation.

The light has 3300 lumens that can project to 370 meters. The great feature is it has a rechargeable battery with 4 hours of runtime. A simple to use press-switch control that has one touch high, and double click strobe.

Our only concern is that it weighs 14.9 ounces, making it the heaviest flashlight on this list.

AR 15 Tactical Flashlights Conclusion

Having learned a little about AR 15 tactical flashlights, you can embark on your search for a weapon-mounting flashlight for use with your AR-15 rifle. Trying a few models makes it easier to find something that works best for you.

If you need some additional equipment for your AR-15 rifle, check out our guides for buying lower receivers and scopes for AR15s.

Whatever you purchase, ensure that it is easy to use and durable. For the rifle enthusiast who already has a tactical flashlight, which one have you been using? Is it something we should have mentioned in our guide?

We would love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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