3 Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits (Easy To Use) in 2023

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Keeping your firearms clean and ready for use is a no-brainer, right? It’s just good practice to clean them on a regular basis if you want them to be able to perform at their peak and to do so safely. To do this, you need a good gun cleaning kit.

Every time that you fire your gun, you are leaving behind carbon, lead, and copper residue.
To help you decide which kit may be right for your rifle, we have narrowed it down to what we believe to be the top 3 AR-15 gun cleaning kits available in 2022.

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1. M-Pro 7 Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit (Top Pick)

M-Pro 7 AR 15 Cleaning Kit

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The M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit is known as one of the best AR-15 cleaning kits on the market. While this kit is designed for and geared more towards military shooters and those taking place in competitions, it is the perfect all-around kit for just about anyone.

When you slide open the locks and open the box you will find several tools that can be used for a variety of rifles. There is a bottle of the patented M-Pro 7 cleaning spray and gun oil, a GP brush, a steel dental pick, a Handyman multi-user multi-tool, and even a white cloth so you can get to scrubbing right away.

Most of the stuff in the box are the basic tools you would want to see in any good AR cleaning kit. But, there is one thing in this box that we got really excited about. This cleaning kit comes with its own carrying pouch.

The outside of this pouch is covered in MOLLE webbing to carry additional MOLLE compatible gear to make or extra cleaning tools.

But that’s not where it ends.

Inside the pouch, you’ll find yet even more cleaning tools that include a debris dusting brush, brushes for a variety of calibers, 3 bore snakes and a full set of coated steel GI rods. If you don’t know how to use a bore snake, our detailed guide might help you.

The M-Pro 7 Tactical Rifle Cleaning Kit is our top pick for the best AR cleaning kit available for a good reason, check it out for yourself.


  • Lockable, durable plastic case
  • MOLLE compatible carrying pouch
  • All the basic tools for cleaning your .556, .9mm, and .762


  • Carrying pouch isn’t as durable as we would like

2. Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit (Best For Multiple Guns)

Gloryfire AR 15 Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

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The Gloryfire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit is what you can easily call an “all in one” cleaning kit for all kinds of firearms. This kit is loaded to the brim with enough tools to clean everything from your rifles to your pistols.

Included in this kit are 3 solid brass rods for 17 to 270 caliber rifles, as well as 3 rods for all your caliber rifles, shotguns, and pistols. And it contains all the brushes you could possibly ever need. All the brushes and rods can be matched up to your caliber thanks to etched-in identifying marks.

On top of all these brushes and rods, you get cleaning patches, various mops and jags, muzzle guards, polishing cloths and so much more that we can’t even cover in one article.
In total, this kit contains 159 pieces. If you can’t find what you need in this Gloryfire kit, you will be hard-pressed to find it elsewhere.


  • Contains a large variety of tools
  • Able to cater to the cleaning of multiple guns
  • Easily identifiable brushes


  • Polishing cloths are not good quality

3. Otis Modern MSR-AR Cleaning Kit (Best For Those On A Budget

Otis Modern Gun Cleaning Kit

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The Otis Modern AR Cleaning Kit isn’t the most inexpensive kit on the market, nor is it the newest out there. But for your money, we have to tell you that it is the most complete compact kit you will find.

This compact cleaning kit comes stocked with a variety of tools specifically for cleaning your .223 caliber pistol or a 5.56mm rifle.

The kit itself is contained within an easy to carry compact nylon kit. Some of the tools you will find in the pouch include a B.O.N.E. tool for cleaning your bolt carrier, a .223 caliber and 5.56mm bronze bore brush, and 8″ to 30″ aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables for breech-to-muzzle cleaning.

There is also a bent pick, a straight pick, a chamber flag, microfiber gun cloth, locking lug scraper, short AP brush, and even an instructional manual so you know what everything does.

If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck but don’t need a large case of tools, you cannot go wrong with the Otis Modern MSR-AR Cleaning Kit.


  • Lightweight, compact carrying case
  • Enough tools to accommodate tough cleaning jobs


  • Limited range of firearms it can clean

Gun Cleaning 101

For those of you who have never cleaned a gun before or maybe just need a quick refresher course, we’ve got you covered.

There are a few basic things that you need to know in order to keep your gun clean and functioning well. For starters, it helps a lot to know exactly how your gun gets so dirty, what all that build up is, and lastly, how to get rid of it.

So, let’s take a quick look at a few of these topics.


foil dieMost bullets are made out of a lead core that is surrounded by a copper jacket. If you are firing a shotgun, those shotgun shells are made from plastic.

When your bullets leave the barrel, they leave behind some residue in there from the type of material that they are made of. This residue or rather the act of them being left behind is known as fouling. The most common forms of fouling are:

  • Carbon
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Plastic

All of these types of residue build up over time in the barrel of your gun and can severely impact the reliability of your gun. everything from misfiring to splitting barrels can result from a severely fouled up gun.

There is one type of fouling that is especially nasty. This type of fouling comes from any ammunition that contains salt in the ammo’s primer. Highly corrosive fouling is most common when you are dealing with black powder guns and mostly all Berdan-primed ammunition, as these types of ammunition are heavy in salt content.

Needless to say, salt is extremely corrosive to your gun. Guns that fire salt-containing ammunition should be cleaned after every time you go out shooting.


Most gun enthusiasts will tell you that you should clean your gun after every shooting session at the range. While this is certainly a good schedule to adhere to, it isn’t always needed to be performed quite so often.

cleaning ar 15 barrel

The frequency at which you should clean your firearms will actually vary depending on a few different factors. The main factor here would be what type of ammunition you are using. If you are using Berdan primed ammunition, then yes, you should probably clean your firearm after every firing session.

Berdan primed ammunition is the type you commonly find at military surplus stores. It is an easily manufactured type of ammunition but it is also the most corrosive ammunition and usually contains quite a bit of salt that builds up in your gun rather quickly.

If you use Boxer-primed ammunition, you can probably get away with a cleaning schedule of about just once a month if you only hit up the firing range once or twice a week. If you are an avid shooter, you would, of course, want to adjust your schedule a bit. Maybe once every few days or so for the more frequent shooter.

Then you have all of the different environmental factors. Heavy winds can carry debris into your firearm, mud can find it’s way into your barrel or across the firing pin, and water can be one of the biggest threats, as it will help rust to form.

The more frequent you clean your firearms, the better. But overall, just pay attention to the elements you are exposing your firearm to, what ammo you are loading, the caliber, and how frequent you are firing it. By observing these 3 factors you should be able to determine the perfect cleaning schedule to follow fairly easily.

If you are shooting often, we recommend that you clean your gun at least once or twice a month at minimum.

Final Thoughts

When it comes time to pick up a new gun cleaning kit for your AR or other tactical rifles, you really only need the tools that will benefit you the most.

At the minimum, it should come with cleaning cloths, all the rods, and brushes you need for your main firearm, and an easy to carry case for servicing your weapon while out in the field.

We hope that this review helps you make your decision just a little easier, and as always, if you know of a good AR cleaning kit that deserves a mention from us, let us know in the comments section. We love to hear about, and even test out new products for future reviews, so your input is extremely valuable to us.

Until next time, be safe, keep your AR clean, and happy shooting!


Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph is an avid bow hunter and father of two boys. Originally from Tacoma, Washington. Alex now resides in California.

One thought on “3 Best AR-15 Cleaning Kits (Easy To Use) in 2023

  1. This is a comprehensive manual for anyone looking to purchase an
    AR-15 rifle. Great tips on selecting a weapon and accessories. My first weapon was a standard M-16 selective fire U.S. Army Colt which served me well in basic and inn Vietnam. It was equipped with a forward assist due to problems with the earlier M-16’s, some of which were created by cheap government powder and the theory that it was “self cleaning.” Being constantly around helicopters and on a base camp on the South China Sea, I worked hard to overcome exposure to sand, salt, and all the stuff kicked up by rotors. Today I own four AR platforms including a Sig chambered in 300 blackout, a RRA, a Colt, and a Saint. All are very reliable, but I do cherish the Colt because it was the first weapon I was issued. We live in a semi-rural neighborhood so I don’t consider an AR for home defense, unless the SHTFan. Shotguns and the excellent Sig M-17 are handy for home defense. But, if the outlaws come to town, my AR Sheep Dogs will certainly be put to work. Hopefully that won’t happen, but, hey ya’ never know in these troubled times. Just my thoughts since I do have the T-shirt. Anyway, I did enjoy your tutorial.

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