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Liberty Gun Safes Worth the Money?

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of firearms are stolen from the homes and vehicles of legal gun owners. Careless gun owners leave their firearms in car glove boxes, under a mattress, or in a kitchen drawer. Not in a proper gun safe. As a result, these guns wind up in the possession of unauthorized users, leading to countless injuries and death.

As soon as you decide to purchase any type of firearm, you should find a place to keep it secure, locked up, and out of the hands of those who are unauthorized users. And by keeping your guns locked up, you are protecting your loved ones. Investing in a quality-made gun safe is one of the smartest choices you can make as a responsible gun owner.

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Liberty Gun Safes Are The Most Popular Safe Brand

Liberty gun safes are probably one of the most well-known brands in the safe industry. With this notoriety comes a premium price. We will look at Liberty Gun Safes in-depth and let you know if they are worth it. Before we start, let’s talk about a few things to consider when purchasing your first gun safe.

Buying a Gun Safe Checklist

If you’re buying your first safe or your fifth, you still need to follow some basic criteria as it will greatly affect your decision.

Gun Safe Size

To begin with, size is very important. Does the gun safe fit where you want to keep it? A sure way for a proper fit is to measure the dimensions: width, depth, and height. Be sure to account for how the safe door opens.

Gun Safe Weight

How about the weight? You know that a burglar isn’t going to sneak off with your safe if it weighs over 500 pounds. However, are you planning to keep this safe in the basement? Or on the second floor. Are you going to be able to move a 500lb gun safe up or down the stairs? Installation is very important when buying a gun safe.

Gun Safe Lock Type

Next, check the lock type. By choosing an electronic lock or a biometric lock versus a manual lock, there are fewer chances an intruder will get access to your firearms. Also how quickly might you need to access the weapons in your safe? No one wants to be fumbling for safe keys in a life and death matter.

Bolt Down Options for Gun Safes

In addition, it’s always a good idea to bolt down your safe. Whether it’s home safe, jewelry safe, gun safe, or any other kind of safe, bolting it down gives you added security. Also reduces any chances of injury due to safe tipping over.

Gun Safe Compartments and Shelves

Lastly, you should have enough compartments so that you can store more firearms and additional items.

Now that we’ve gone over some gun safe basics, it’s time to select a brand. I will now present to you the Liberty safe company…

Liberty Gun Safe and Security Products

Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Utah, the Liberty safe company first started out building safes in rental storage units. Today, they produce more than 320 safes per day. Employing approximately  500 employees, Liberty is considered by critics as one of the best brands in its category.

Safe owners have come to choose Liberty safes because of their reputation to render quality products backed by superior customer service. Liberty safes are offered at great prices and unprecedented value, with each one delivering top-notch reliability and security.

Various Liberty Gun Safe Lines

Liberty Safe and Security Products is the number one seller of full-size residential safes in the United States. They create large gun safes (can hold 64 guns), as well as economy-sized safes (can hold 24 guns). The company’s products are offered under three popular brands: Liberty, National, and Centurion.

In addition, Liberty sells the broadest line of home, gun, office, and commercial safes by one successful company. With brilliant marketing based on high quality, innovation, and technologically advanced security, you can also find their products at full-service dealers and mass retail outlets.

Liberty Gun Safe Lifetime Warranty

Backed by Liberty’s lifetime warranty which protects the consumer against manufacturer’s defects, fire damage and break-in attempts, the company will also replace or repair your safe for free. The warranty is also transferable and includes a five-year warranty on the lock and finish.

Best Liberty Gun Safes

Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Liberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart VaultLiberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart VaultCheck Price
image of Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-100 Quick Combo VaultLiberty Handgun Vault – HD-100 Quick Combo VaultCheck Price
image of Cabela’s Signature Mechanical Lock 25-Gun Safe by LibertyCabela’s Signature Mechanical Lock 25-Gun Safe by LibertyCheck Price
image of Liberty Centurion Safe 12 Gun CapacityLiberty Centurion Safe 12 Gun CapacityCheck Price
image of Liberty Prod 24 Gun Safe Door PanelLiberty Prod 24 Gun Safe Door PanelCheck Price

For this review, I will take a look at two of Liberty’s top handgun safes, two long gun safes, and a bonus look at one of their gun safe door panel kits.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault

The Liberty 9G HDX-250 Biometric Smart Vault is designed to be compact and easy to access.

image of a button check this price

Nothing is more important than keeping your family and home protected from a potential intruder. If you want to ensure your handgun is in a place that is easily accessible, as well as in a place only you can access, then a biometric safe is the one for you.

The Liberty 9G HDX-250 Smart Vault Biometric Safe is a great value. Like all handgun vaults, the Liberty 9G HDX-250 is designed to be compact and easy to access. You can easily hide your handgun on your nightstand, under the bed , or anywhere else that is within reach and out of site from thieves.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 – Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

With the biometric fingerprint scanner, you can be confident that no one will be entering the safe other than you. The Liberty 9G HDX-250’s biometric scanner can store up to 15 fingerprints and is one of the most advanced systems to recognize your fingerprint. In addition, this safe features an auto-opening door, an AC power backup in case of failure, and a key that can be used to access the safe.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Capacity

The capacity of the liberty safe is not large, but it can surely meet your needs. It can easily store a single handgun along with a couple of items or two small pistols, as the total interior cubic feet is 0.22. Another fantastic feature of this biometric smart vault is its capability to remember up to 15 fingerprints.

For some people, limited storage may be a disadvantage. If the biometric scanner fails to recognize your fingerprint, you’ll have to wait 10 to 15 seconds before attempting again. But fortunately, the scanner is high quality and unlikely to fail.

Smart, Safe and Secure

The Liberty HDX-250 is constructed of a tamper-resistant design from solid 14-gauge steel that will help prevent your vault from being pried open. Thieves will surely have a difficult time if they attempt to break into this safe.

If you decide to secure your safe to a surface, you will not have a problem — Liberty provides mounting holes making it pretty much impossible to remove without a large prying device.

This safe also features a composite door with an interior plate and 4-inch military locking bars on two sides of the door to keep it in place, should a pry attempt occur. An upgraded quick access low profile electronic lock is used on this vault instead of a manual combination and key type lock.

The Liberty HDX-250 comes in a textured black with a handsome gray fabric interior. Because this vault is made to be hidden out of the site, there are no color or finish options. But, there is a host of accessories to add to your safe such as dehumidifiers, outlet kits, gun shelves, and organizers.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Reliability

Most gun owners want a reliable safe to store their handgun and to keep it within reach. The Liberty HDX-250 is known as one of the most reliable gun safes you can find. The biometric scanner on this Liberty safe should make you feel exceptionally secure and confident knowing that your possessions, as well as your firearms, are safe.

And even if there’s an instance when you can’t access the safe by the biometric scanner, you can use the handy backup key, which comes included in this safe.

Liberty 9G HDX-250 Features and Specifications

  • Quick and secure access
  • The most reliable biometric system available
  • 15 fingerprint memory
  • Lighted Interior
  • Fits most handguns
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Key backup
  • Five-year warranty
  • Includes AC adapter
  • Exterior: 7 inches x 11 inches x 12 inches
  • Interior: 4.25 inches x 9 inches  x 10 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Liberty Handgun Vault – HD-100 Quick Combo Vault

The Liberty Handgun Vault HD 100 Quick Combo Vault is Designed to protect handguns as well as cell phones, passports and other important documents.

image of a button check this price

The Liberty Handgun Vault HD-100 Quick Combo Vault is a perfect option for a portable safe. It’s a foolproof blend of security and quick access all in a nicely-compressed size. The Liberty HD-100 is great little safe to keep in your drawers, suitcases, or on your nightstands, or on closet shelves.

Designed to protect handguns as well as cell phones, passports, and other important documents, this home safe provides secure access with the simplicity of an electronic combination. Other features include a piston-assisted door, a lighted interior, and a key backup in the event something should happen to the lock.

Great Safe for Gun Vehicle Storage

Private gun owners have a responsibility to ensure their firearms are locked up. The included security cable will help secure this gun safe in your home or vehicle so your handguns will not be stolen. In addition, the Liberty HD-100 Quick Combo is not only California Department of Justice (DOJ)  approved, it is TSA compatible for airline use as well.

Liberty stands behind their product and this is why they offer a 2-year replacement warranty on any defects on the HD-100. Stow a personal handgun or other small items within this 16-gauge steel safe and easily store it or bring it along for a trip, thanks to the compact design.

Liberty Handgun Vault Design

This Quick Combo Safe by Liberty offers a unique notebook design and can easily fit into a backpack or most travel bags, while still being able to hold a regular sized handgun. The user-friendly, programmable electronic lock provides quick access.

Once the lock is inputted, the auto-open door lifts up with the gas strut attached and the interior light will make it easy to see the contents inside, especially at nighttime.

Liberty Safe Key Back-up

Not to worry … the key backup override will let you into your safe even if you forget the combination! Lastly, the Liberty company truly believes in and stands behind the quality of its products by offering a two-year replacement warranty on any defects to the HD-100 Quick Combo Safe.

Features and Specifications

  • 16-gauge sturdy steel construction
  • Piston-assisted opening
  • 1000+ quick and secure combination options
  • Lighted interior
  • Tamper-resistant design
  • Security cable and 9V battery included
  • Weight: 6.25 pounds
  • Two-year replacement warranty
  • California Department of Justice approved
  • Check latest price on Amazon

Cabela’s Signature Mechanical Lock 25-Gun Safe by Liberty

Cabela's Signature Mechanical Lock 25-Gun Safe has 11-gauge steel construction and 75-minutes of fire protection

image of a button check this price

Cabela’s has an extensive line of incredible gun safes designed by Liberty. Their Signature Mechanical Lock Safe is an excellent option for any gun owners, who like to collect valuable firearms and keep them in perfect condition.

Made from 11 gauge steel, this safe is as tough as they come. It uses 4″ wide, 1/4″ thick military-style locking bars, which extend deep into the Safes body, to ensure better security than most competitors. The safe has a mechanical dial lock for secure entry, and if the mechanism is breached, the safe has Spring-loaded external backup re-lockers, which adds an additional layer of security.

The Cabela’s Liberty Safe Capacity

The Cabela’s Signature safe can store up to 25 long guns in its flexible interior, which has two racks and multiple compartments. It has a long compartment with a collectors rack, and an EZ-out rack for rifles and shotguns, and also has smaller compartments, which can be used to store magazines, ammunition, or any other valuables you may want to keep in your safe. You also have a horizontal compartment on top, which is ideal for storing multiple pistols. The door also has small compartments that can be used to store tools, pistols, and other items.

The Cabela’s Liberty Safe Lock System

The mechanical, dial lock allows for secure entry. Signature safes are built with 4″ wide, 1/4″ thick military-style locking bars that extend farther into the safe and are proven to be much stronger than contemporary bolt models. Spring-loaded external relockers deploy if the mechanism is breached.

Fire Protection

One of the best features of Cabela’s Signature 25 gun safe is that it is fireproof for up to 75 minutes. Therefore, if there is a fire, the ammunition inside the safe will not ignite, and all your guns, valuables, important documents, and cash will be protected from the heat.

Signatures also feature Suretight™ handle with slip-clutch technology and a deluxe door panel for handgun storage. Includes Liberty’s Lifetime Warranty. Weight: 598 lbs. Made in the USA.

  • 75-mins. fire protection at 1,200°
  • Mechanical, dial lock
  • 11–gauge steel construction
  • Tough Military-style locking bars
  • Flexible Interior with up to 25 gun storage
  • Installed Door panel for additional storage

Liberty Centurion Safe 12 Gun Capacity

The Liberty Centurion Safe has a Fire Rating of 30 Minutes up to 1400 Degrees F

image of a button check this price

The Centurion Series 12 Gun Safe by Liberty is an excellent entry-level option for safe gun storage. The safe is made from 14 gauge steel and has 10 military-style flat steel locking bars, which extend deep into the Safes body for maximum security against theft. The Centurion comes with an Electronic Combination lock, which allows you to open the safe quickly when you need to. The safe door also opens at a complete 180 degrees for ease of access.

Centurion Series 12 Gun Capacity

As the name suggests, this safe has enough capacity for up to 12 long guns. The interior is customizable, and you can add or remove shelves according to what you want to store inside the safe. It also has a permanent shelf on top for storing handguns, or any other valuable essentials, if the bottom section is completely filled with your rifles and shotguns. Liberty also sells storage pouches that can be installed onto the inside of the door for additional storage.

Centurion Series 12 Fire Protection

As far as fire protection goes, the Liberty Centurion series safes are rated to keep your ammunition, guns, and other valuables safe from the heat of up to 1200 degrees, for up to 30 minutes. This is more than enough to withstand any normal house fire

Overall, the Liberty Centurion is an excellent entry-level safe for anyone looking to keep their guns safe from getting into the wrong hands. Moreover, this safe also has enough space to store a wide range of other essentials as well.

Liberty Prod 24 Gun Safe Door Panel

The Liberty Safe and Security Prod 24 Gun Safe Door Panel has a cool pocket document protectors which keep documents and valuables up to 50 degrees cooler in the event of a fire.

image of a button check this price

We all know the purpose of any home or gun safe: to keep valuables, important documents, and other keepsakes hidden from thieves and intruders. Generally, safes come in different categories, such as one that can be secured to a floor or wall, as well as one that is compact and portable.

The Liberty Safe and Security Prod is a gun safe door panel kit that can be used to store firearms as well as precious valuables. The ingenious design of this door panel can be attached inside of a safe and can be easily installed using clips that can be fastened on the inside of the door of the safe.

Deep Pockets and Ample Storage

The team who designed this safe successfully accomplished the task of providing plenty of storage space. There are more than enough pockets that provide ample storage of important items in addition to the space reserved for the firearms.

The four pockets in the safe have been designed exclusively for pistols and ensure fast access to your weapons when you need them. Also, mesh storage pockets are available for storing valuables such as jewelry or other loose items.

Liberty Safe Door Panel Document Protector

A remarkable feature of this door panel is the fire protection offered by way of separate cool pocket document protectors which keep documents and valuables up to 50 degrees cooler in the event of a fire.

Installation of the included hardware is simple and can be done in minutes by sealing the clips to the inside of the safe walls. This user-friendly product is a very popular and durable option for your next gun safe door panel unit.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy installation
  • Spacious interior and compartments
  • Zippered pockets keep valuables in place
  • Cool pocket technology
  • Comes with fire protection
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Weight 2.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 20 inches x 16 inches x 12 inches
  • Black nylon material

Liberty Gun Safes – Final Thoughts

As previously stated, a safe made by Liberty is one of the best you can buy on the market today. All of their products are made with rugged and resilient steel and come with an impressive warranty.

Offered at prices that won’t bend your wallet, Liberty safes are just what you need to secure your firearms from theft and protect your loved ones from harm. Although Liberty gun safes come with excellent features and the utmost security, it’s always best to keep your safe well hidden and out of site from any burglar.

For more information on gun safes, please click here.

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7 Responses

  1. I beg to differ with the choice of locks….I specifically went with a combination dial because the biometric or electronic locks will not open if a solar flare or EMP occur.

  2. So, just over a couple years ago I bought a Fat Boy Jr and bought the door “hanger” also. After a year It started pulling the door backing away from the door and now it is barely hanging on. I called Liberty and left a message and also emailed them. It has been over a year and no response nothing. I am very unhappy with the service and the inside of the safe. The rests are to straight up and down and the rifles fall forward then to the left or right. I need to buy another safe but I don’t think it will be a Liberty. Change my mind !
    Update !!! I am so pissed off at this f*cking safe. I opened it tonight and my 6.5×06 and 280 Ackley Imp. had fallen over and now I have a nice dent in the stock. I was given a number to call and of course I got voice mail. I checked to make sure the safe was level, I even shimmed it to lean back but then the door falls shut on me. This safe is rated for 48 and I have less than half of that. I talked to some other shooters at the range about safes and issues with long guns falling over and I guess Liberty and Browning both are well known for this problem. Well, I am posting this safe for sale and going to do some serious homework. I got some great leads from the guys at the range so I’ll start there. I guarantee you word of mouth at the range and shooting meets is bad (or good ) advertisement.
    Update !!! So I got a call from Jada at Liberty after sending her pics of the issues. The pics show that the safe is level in both directions but, the floor angles forward causing the rifles to tilt forward and fall to the side. The damage to some of the stocks is angering. The hooks for the door hanger are at an angle to where they are about to pop out. These issues do not represent enough of an issue to warrant repair SOOOOOOO …… I called a gun safe dealer who deals in a few different brands, looking for another safe. I was told that the difference between an o.k safe and a great safe is A), there are not a bunch of used ones for sale on line and on sales pages, BTW, There are a lot of used Liberty safes for sale, B), Just because you see a lot of Liberty safes in stores doesn’t mean they are good, it just means a company with over 500 employee’s have flooded the market like the Chinese do, quantity over quality. And last, a warranty is only as good as the person or company honoring it. This dealer showed me other brand safes and told me he sells more of them than Liberty’s and doesn’t get the calls about issues with those that he does with Liberty’s.
    Buy what ever one you want but, after calling and messaging a bunch of people that are selling used Liberty guns safes, I will never buy another one. My custom rifles and other important items are worth too much for this fiasco.

  3. I just got a liberty gun safe mine is the bottom of the line but you would never know looking at it. Shes a beauty thank you liberty for making one i could afford.

  4. I have a 20 gun safe, bought 10 years ago, after about 5 years the door would not open, I called Liberty who sent a local dealer and had it opened in 5 minutes, it is perfect as of today with no other issues, The original purchase was a great deal and very happy with my liberty, I am now looking for an additional safe and will go back to liberty.

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