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Best Tactical Fanny Pack Options – 2024

Huntvp Tactical Waist Pack Bag Military Fanny Pack

If your tactical backpack is already filled to the brim with all your gear but you still need more room, what do you do? Start sacrificing things you want or need to take with you to make more room for other gear? Nope, you just need to get yourself a tactical fanny pack. We’re not talking about the kind you would see around the waist of a parent at the amusement park or your last trip to the zoo. Tactical fanny packs are in a league all their own.

Adding a tactical fanny pack to your load will give you just enough room to carry a few smaller essential items with you.



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Top 5 Tactical Fanny Packs

To help you speed up the process, we’ve put together this review so you can take a look at what we consider to be some of the best tactical fanny packs on the market at the moment.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Creator Tactical Waist PackCreator Tactical Waist PackCheck Price
image of Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny PackVoodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny PackCheck Price
image of Maxpedition Octa VersipackMaxpedition Octa VersipackCheck Price
image of Huntvp Military Fanny PackHuntvp Military Fanny PackCheck Price
image of 5.11 Tactical Fanny Pack With Holster5.11 Tactical Fanny Pack With HolsterCheck Price


1. Creator Tactical Waist Pack (Best Tactical Fanny Pack For Those On A Budget)


Creator Tactical Waist Pack is the Best Tactical Fanny Pack For Those On A Budget



The Creator tactical waist pack is the perfect addition to your current hunting or hiking gear. It is made from a high-density 1000D water-repellent and scratch-resistant Oxford nylon. When a spacious tactical fanny pack is what you need in your life, but you don’t want to break the bank, we have got the perfect pick for you.

On the exterior, there are a total of 4 pockets that offer enough space to carry most things. The main compartment is zippered from the top of the pack and contains an open inner pocket. With the main compartment of 5″ x 4″ inches, you should have plenty of room for your pistol, a few clips, extra ammo, your keys and a few more smaller trinkets.

On the exterior, you will find 3 pockets that are large enough to carry things like your map, a compass, and a few snacks for the trail. Admittedly, we wish these pockets were a bit bigger but the company made up for this by giving you such a large main compartment, so it’s a decent trade-off we believe.

To top everything off, the Creator Tactical Waist pack is also MOLLE compatible to all you to carry all your other MOLLE compatible pouches, further expanding your load carrying capabilities.

Solid buildZippers get stuck easily
MOLLE compatibleSmall side-pockets

2. Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack (Best Overall Tactical Fanny Pack)


Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack is the Best Overall Tactical Fanny Pack


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The Voodoo Tactical Hide-A-Weapon Fanny Pack is a durable nylon constructed fanny pack. It is best suited for anyone who needs more than just a little bit of extra room. Seriously, this thing can hold its weight and then some.

The first thing you will probably notice about this fanny pack is that it has a rather large main compartment. This pocket is large enough to hold your main supplies such as ammunition, your knife, a handy tactical pen, or even a first aid kit.

When you open up the main compartment, you will find a concealed carry holster for your pistol. This holster is ambidextrous and best of all, you can actually adjust it so that it fits any of your pistols. The quick pull tabs on the holster are made of velcro, so you should never have a problem getting your firearm out of the fanny pack quickly and easily when you need it the most.

Also inside the main compartment, there are retention straps to hold down any additional gear and keep it from sliding around. On either side of the main compartment pouch, you will find side pockets that are secured with YKK zippers. These side pockets are capable of holding anything from extra magazines to your cell phone, or really anything else around the size of your palm.

Our favorite feature of this tactical fanny pack is the MOLLE webbing found on the outside of the main compartment. This webbing will allow you to pack on even more gear so long as it is all MOLLE compatible.

Tying it all together and keeping it secure around your waist is an adjustable nylon strap that is secured by a heavy-duty buckle.

MOLLE compatibleSide pockets are a bit small
Concealed carry pouchNylon straps could be made of higher quality material
YKK zippersBuckle clasp can be hard to get opened quickly
Extra side pouches
Comfortable design

3. Maxpedition Octa Versipack (Strongest Tactical Fanny Pack)


The Octa Versipack is the Strongest Tactical Fanny Pack



The Octa Versipack from the fine folks over at Maxpedition is designed to maximize the space it has in such a compact, sturdy design.

It is constructed from 1000D ballistic nylon that is both water and abrasion resistant. To further its water-resistance, it’s also triple coated with Teflon polyurethane that will have water simply following off this pack instead of absorbing it.

When it comes to capacity, this thing has tons of room for all of your stuff. It has a total of 7 interior and exterior zippered, sleeve, and mesh pockets. If that just isn’t enough pockets, there are also 3 elastic organizers for anything else.

Inside this tactical fanny pack, everything is padded with #AS-100 high-grade closed-cell padding that is fully capable of providing you with superior shock protection. And to keep all your contents from falling out, all of the internal seams are taped and finished. The stress points on this pack are double stitched, Bartracked or “Box-and-X” stitched for that added strength.

The zippers and zipper tracks are from YKK, and if you know your zippers, you know that YKK zippers are the highest quality zippers out there today.

Rounding out this fanny pack is a comfortable waistband secured with UTX-Duraflex nylon buckles.

YKK zippersNot much MOLLE webbing
UTX-Duraflex bucklesCan get very heavy
Teflon coated for water-resistanceBuckles can be stiff for the first few uses
Tons of pockets
MOLLE compatible

4. Huntvp Military Fanny Pack


Huntvp Military Fanny Pack - Best Mens Tactical Fanny Pack



The Huntvp Military Fanny Pack is a tactical fanny pack designed to give you the most rugged and sturdy design possible. It is made from a combination of high density 900 Denier nylon and a basic canvas material.

The main compartment is rather large and can certainly hold all of your valuables and smaller gear. There is plenty of room here to hold a small flashlight and a few extra magazines. It is zippered across the uppermost rim of the pouch. On the top flap, you will find a small indentation where you can secure your pocket flashlight with the help of an adjustable bungee cord.

On the front of this main compartment, there is a smaller pouch that can be used for holding all of your electronics, writing utensils, and your hunting knife.

Still need more room than that? This tactical fanny pack has got you covered as it is completely MOLLE compatible. Attaching an additional pouch to the MOLLE webbing or velcro system found on the front of this pack is easy and straight-forward.

This tactical fanny pack comes with a detachable strap that you can adjust to accommodate any style you prefer. It can be carried around the waist or over your shoulder.

MOLLE compatibleVelcro wears out rather quickly
Plenty of room to organize your smaller itemsThe buckle is really loud
Detachable strap
Flashlight area on top of pack

5. 5.11 Tactical Fanny Pack With Holster


5.11 Tactical Fanny Pack With Holster



The 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch is a low profile covert carry pouch designed to make it easy for you to tote around your concealed carry firearm.

It is small enough to be hidden under your coat or worn on the outside of your clothes without being bulky enough to cause anyone to know what you may have hidden inside it. The front of this pack has a 6.5″ x 14″ flat pistol pouch that is large enough to hold a compact .9mm or a small revolver.

There are also integrated magazine slots inside to accommodate your extra ammo.

If build quality is a major concern for you, you can go ahead and rest easy. The 5.11 Select Carry Pistol Pouch is made completely from 1050 Denier nylon, so it can definitely put up with a fair amount of abuse and rough handling. Despite the rugged material, this pack actually feels really nice around the waist due to its adjustable padded strap.

Very strong 1050D nylon constructionZippers are cheap
Adjustable padded strap is very ergonomicPoor cross-stitching
Can accept most standard size pistols

Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack


Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack


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The Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack is a compact and versatile bag designed to meet the needs of tactical enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and everyday carry enthusiasts. The fanny pack offers enhanced security features, including a concealed pistol compartment with a lockable zipper, which allows for discreet and secure handgun carry.

One of the standout features of the Vertx SOCP Tactical Fanny Pack is its excellent organization and storage options. The main compartment offers ample space to accommodate essential gear, such as a wallet, keys, phone, flashlight, or medical supplies. Additionally, the front zippered pocket and various internal pockets provide additional storage and organization options for smaller items.

Why Buy A Tactical Fanny Pack

fanny pack with gunBackpacks and pistol holsters are great to have around. But sometimes, you need something a bit more compact than a backpack but something that also offers more space and functionality than a basic holster.

Tactical fanny packs cater to that very need. They can hold your sidearm, some ammunition and a few more small items that you may want to carry with you.

Waistband holsters slide around and sometimes can sit in an uncomfortable position, and backpacks can add extra unnecessary weight to your total load and to your back. If these things have ever been an issue for you, you should really try out a tactical fanny pack.

Things To Consider When Buying A Tactical Fanny Pack

There are a few things that you should probably take into consideration before making a final decision about which tactical fanny pack you want to purchase.

To simplify things a little more for you, here are our recommendations for what are the most important aspects that make a high-quality tactical fanny pack:


tactical fanny pack materialMost tactical fanny packs are primarily made of nylon, as are those that we chose to include in this review.

Not all nylons are made equally, however. Nylon and other textiles are often measured with a unit of measurement known as a “denier”. Denier measures the density of any given material. So the higher the denier number, the thicker the nylon that the fanny pack is crafted from.

This is important because when you buy a tactical fanny pack you are buying it because it is durable enough to withstand tough situations. Also you can keep your gear or concealed carry pistol safe and tucked away securely.

To get the most durability for your money, we recommend choosing a tactical fanny pack that is rated as 900 – 1050 Denier. In this range, you are getting a fanny pack that is made of nylon that is sturdy enough to keep all your gear safe from scratches, drops, and inclement weather. But it also needs to remain just flexible enough to contour to your waist comfortably, or even be folded to be stored away when not in use.


Depending on what you will be toting around with your fanny pack, you may need more or less space.

Most tactical fanny packs are not designed to carry full-size pistols but rather compact sidearms. So it is important to have some idea of what gear you plan to be carrying. Do you just need something to carry a single pistol? Two pistols? Maybe you need to carry additional ammo and clips with you?

Once you can answer these questions you should be able to determine what a proper size tactical fanny pack is for your needs.

Tactical Fanny Pack – Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect tactical fanny pack is just like picking any other piece of tactical gear. It really all comes down to quality and a lot of personal preference.

In this article, we took a look at what we believe to be the top 5 tactical fanny packs. We went over each of their features, materials used in making them. Also we have listed some of the pros and cons of each to help you narrow down your search.

Pay attention to the material your prospective tactical fanny pack is made from. Also how much room it offers for your gear and you will already be two steps ahead of the game.

If we have left out any fanny packs that you believe should have been included, please let us know in the comments section below. We love to play around with new gear so you’d be helping satisfy all us gearheads here at Gun News Daily.

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  1. I use a 5.11 “belt bag” when I go running or to the gym. Fits perfectly on my MandP shield with an extra charger. Some larger frame pistols may not fit. Deployment is fairly quick and easy, with practice improvement of course. Great product definitely recommends. I think it looks very good too. People can laugh all they want at the gym. At the end of the day, my gun is locked and loaded there, should the need arise.

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