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Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Options – Best of 2024

G4Free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag

There are more carrying methods than your average hip, ankle, and shoulder holster. A concealed carry shoulder bag is another option, and when it comes to off-body carry, there’s more than just purses. Often you’ll find backpacks, briefcases, and unisex bags. But what is the best option when it comes to the shoulder bag?

The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack is multifaceted. Not only does it conceal your firearm, but it also has quite a few other uses for carrying necessities when at the range, hiking, or during a normal day. Please keep in mind it is on the smaller side, but it still is one of the most popular shoulder sling bags out there.

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Concealed Carry Mistakes

When it comes to carrying concealed, the carrier has ample opportunity to make mistakes that will affect how concealed their firearm remains and how comfortable they can be with the method.

While most of these mistakes are made among newer carriers, even the pro can mess up. Needless to say, if you keep these in mind you have a better chance of avoiding some of the common mistakes made with concealed carry.


When it comes to training, the minimum is not enough. Yes, it is what is required to get a license, but in many situations you won’t know how to handle a circumstance based on only what little you were required to learn.

The best thing you can do is, first, do your research when choosing a training course. Finding a reputable class will offer you the most training possible when it comes to the minimum requirement.

Nevertheless, don’t stop at the minimum. There’s still so much to learn out there that you can keep pursuing, whether it’s physical or mental. Merely learning the minimum doesn’t prepare you for everything, but the more you learn the more you will be prepared.


When one is licensed and carrying, instantly you would hope that the carrier is aware of the responsibility they have. The mistake comes when the responsibility is shrugged or seen as a bragging right.

Having a gun does not mean you instantly go looking for trouble, or that you are invincible. Carrying a firearm means you must be responsible, respectful, and avoid conflict at all cost. You must only engage when violence is presented and the situation calls for it.


It is important for any firearm carrier to be familiar with and understand local, state, and federal laws. This means knowing where you can and can’t carry, whether you’re in a “stand your ground” or “duty to retreat” area, and the regulations on accessories and other aspects.

Generally, to learn these things, all you have to do is a quick search on the internet to read up on the laws. If you aren’t familiar with them, it’s in your best interest to become so.


A major concern of a lot of concealed carriers is printing. This is when the shape or outline of your gun is seen through your clothing. Generally, with the proper garments and care, printing won’t be as big of an issue as it seems.

Still, not taking the care to conceal can result in some unnecessary panic among people around you. If your clothing is too tight and prints or perhaps your shirt too short and exposes the gun, you run the risk of panicking nearby people.


Cheap holsters doesn’t mean inexpensive, but rather poor in quality. Still, you want to take into account every aspect, including price. The lower the price gets so the quality will plummet with it. You want to pay attention to materials, features, reviews, and the overall match to your firearm.

That being said, don’t be afraid to try different kinds of holsters. You might acquire different types over time before you find the perfect match.


A lot of new carriers make the mistake of subconsciously checking on their firearm. Whether they reach to feel it’s still there or blatantly look and check, this can draw attention and reveal to people you are carrying.

When you feel the need to check on it, remember that, as long as you have a good holster, it’s still there. Resist the need to feel for it or check on it to maintain the concealment of your firearm.


Along with checking on the gun, there is also the instance of adjusting your firearm and holster in public. Perhaps the holster slips or droops, causing you to become uncomfortable. Resisting the need to adjust in public is important as this will also attract attention and reveal the fact that you’re carrying.

If adjustment is needed, find somewhere private to do so, and you avoid the exposure of your gun and the fact that you are carrying.


If you have a license to carry then you should carry. If you own a car and have your driver’s license, you probably drive quite often. Driving a car is a responsibility, and you are responsible for being safe and caring about those around you as much as yourself.

The same goes for a gun. If you got your license then you got it for a reason. Only carrying on occasion will not only keep you from adjusting to that lifestyle, but it also puts you in the position that, should you come across a situation and you need it but aren’t carrying, you will regret it. It’s best to always be prepared.

Top Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Choices

Now let’s look at some of the top shoulder bag options. Keep in mind there are a variety for the purpose of helping you find the best choice. There are countless others out there, but these are ones I’ve come to find as what I see as the best.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling PackRed Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling PackCheck Price
image of G4free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder BagG4free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder BagCheck Price
image of Red Rock Outdoor Gear Sidekick Sling BagRed Rock Outdoor Gear Sidekick Sling BagCheck Price
image of Roma Leathers Black Leather Pistol Concealment Shoulder BagRoma Leathers Black Leather Pistol Concealment Shoulder BagCheck Price


1. RED ROCK OUTDOOR GEAR ROVER SLING PACK (Best Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag)


Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Rover Sling Pack


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This bag comes in a variety of colors and comes with ample storage for carrying other items. While it is somewhat small, it’s perfect for the range, hiking, and other activities.


  • Rugged 600 Denier Polyester construction with PVC lining
  • Imported
  • Molle webbing
  • Pouches and attachments
  • Adjustable ambidextrous strap
  • Snap closure concealed carry pocket
  • Four compartments
  • Lifetime warranty
Carrying space is goodMesh may tear easily
Easy to swivelOn the smaller size
Good against waterDurability over time may not last

2. G4Free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag


G4Free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag


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If you’re looking for a compact shoulder bag, this one is a good fit. It’s very small, even compared to some others, but it works great for carrying the bare necessities. For a simple and uniform design this is another top choice.

G4Free Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag – Features

  • Superior Tactical MOLLE Style Sling Bag
  • Small Compact Design for EDC (Everyday carry)
  • Ambidextrous
  • Configurable 3 ways (Shoulder Pack, Chest or Back Sling and Hand Carry)
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • Permanent Zipper Pulls
  • 3 Zippered Compartments
  • Contains Multiple Dividers
  • Upgraded 900D Fabric.
  • Velcro backed reflective Safety Patch
  • Thickly Padded Back Pocket for Concealed Carry
  • Shoulder Strap is Detachable and Adjustable in Length.
Durable and sturdyStitching may weaken over time
Functionality is greatVery little retention
Structure is niceMight shift a lot
Variety of carrying methods is good



Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Sidekick Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag


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Another Red Rock Outdoor Gear bag, this one makes a good sling as well with multiple purposes. It is perfect for a minimalist looking to use it to store a few things in along with a pistol, and has a simple but functional design.

Red Rock Outdoor Gear – Sidekick Concealed Carry Sling Shoulder Bag – Features

  • Fabric/Polyester
  • Imported
  • Large main compartment with drawstring closure
  • Mesh back panel
  • Cross body adjustable strap
  • Back panel access serves as concealed carry compartment
  • Three external utility pouches
Good construction and stitchingNo retention
Good quality materialSnug fit for larger pistols
Functionality is goodStrap may be uncomfortable





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For the ladies, if you’re looking to pack your pistol with you on the go and want to remain casual, this purse-style shoulder bag is a good choice. With all the functionality of a normal purse, you are also able to carry your firearm with you.


  • High-quality leather concealed carry handbag
  • Compartments for other essentials
  • Ambidextrous
  • Firearm accessible from right or left side
  • Dedicated locking compartment
  • Four keys included
  • CCW zipper opening is 7.5″ inches
Plenty of spaceProvided holster is not ideal
Locks are great to keep children outShoulder strap odd length (better shorter or longer)
Well madeTop opening could be bigger
Velcro in concealed compartment

Best Concealed Carry Shoulder Bag Review – Conclusion

There are dozens upon dozens of options out there for shoulder bags, but we’ve compiled this article to help you narrow that down. Nevertheless, out of each of these our favorite is still the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling PackIt has a decent size to it, and the spacing and pockets is excellent.

Whether you go with the Rover Sling Pack, another on this list, or a different bag entirely, we hope we’ve assisted in narrowing things down for you and helping you find your way to the right concealed carry shoulder bag.

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3 Responses

  1. If you enjoy being singled out by law enforcement, then by all means, carry concealed in a military style camouflaged pack. Why not just wear a sign saying you’re carrying? Your number one pick is the most ridiculous recommendation I have ever read.

  2. Says “comes in a variety of colors” in the description. Your ignorance is the most ridiculous thing I have read on this page.

  3. I have the Red Rock Sidekick and it has plenty of room for my XD40 but too small for my Sig P229. The author says one of the cons is “no retention” however there is a velcro system that allows you to set up a muzzle loop to hold your weapon in position. I can’t remember if it was extra. The bag is extremely durable with lots of room for wallet/phone/keys. It takes a little practice to learn how to access your pistol quickly, but the bag spins around easily to give you access leaving only the zipper in your way. I can have my pistol at the ready in 3-4 secs…quicker if I position the bag in front with the zipper open (hi risk areas, etc).

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