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What Exactly Is a Revolver Shotgun?


Crackin’ the Mystery of the Revolver Shotgun – A Comprehensive Review & Guide

Let’s Cut to the Chase: What’s A Revolver Shotgun, Anyway?

This ain’t your Grandpa’s old six-shooter or your Dad’s pump-action. This here is a strange beast – a marriage between the high-capacity boon of the revolver and the pure, unadulterated power of the shotgun. Picture heaven with a hell of a punch, and you’re on the money.

These bad boys are essentially scatterguns but in the form of a revolving cylinder. They can fire shotgun ammo, but they do so from a rotating, multi-chambered cylinder, like a revolver. None of that pump or bolt action stuff. Just pull the trigger and boom, ya let another one rip.

The big sell’s the high-capacity advantage coupled with the reliable, simplified mechanism of a revolver. Now let’s get ya properly introduced to these mean machines.

We’ve got the best 3 revolver shotguns right outta some survivalist’s fantasy – and trust us; we’ve cracked enough gun vaults to know the cream of the crop.

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Taurus Judge

Taurus Judge


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Callin’ the shots first is the Taurus Judge. This wheelgun-rockin’ 410 bore shotshells, or if you prefer, 45 Colt bullets. That’s right – the Judge ain’t choosy. It can handle both.

Pros of the Taurus Judge Revolver Shotgun

The benefits of this solid chunk of power pretty much start with its flexibility in firing different types of ammo. And let’s not forget that reloading this nifty piece is a cakewalk. No fumbling around there.

Cons of the Taurus Judge Revolver Shotgun

The flipside? Well, ain’t that always the case with multi-taskers? It’s decent with both types of rounds but doesn’t really top the charts if you’re solely after a 45 Colt revolver or a 410 shotgun.



Circuit Judge

Rossi Circuit Judge


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Cousin to the Taurus Judge, we have the Rossi-made Circuit Judge. Like its relative, the Circuit Judge is a smooth-talker that handles .410 bore or .45 Colt rounds.

Pros of the Circuit Judge

Now, it shares the Taurus’ flexibility, but here’s where it takes the lead – A full 18.5-inch barrel. If range and accuracy are your game, this bloke’s much more on target than other contenders.

Cons of the Circuit Judge

There’s always a flip side, ain’t there? The Circuit Judge takes longer to reload – but again, if you’re looking for a more rifle-like experience with the benefits of a revolver mechanism, this might just be your pick.

Smith & Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson Governor


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The Governor delivers exceptional accuracy and power, whether used for self-defense, target shooting, or hunting. Its versatility is further enhanced by its six-round capacity and comfortable grip. The setup of this firearm is straightforward, allowing for easy handling and operation.

The ability to chamber multiple types of ammunition increases versatility and adaptability.
The stainless steel construction ensures durability and longevity.
Offers high accuracy and power for self-defense, target shooting, and hunting purposes.

Limited ammunition capacity compared to other firearms.
Potential recoil due to the weapon’s power, which might affect user comfort.
Higher price point compared to other revolvers on the market.

Thunderstruck S333 VolleyfireThunderstruck S333 Volleyfire

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Last but not ‘least, let’s talk about the Thunderstruck S333, or simply, S333. Now this one’s a bit of an oddball since it not really a shotgun, but fires .22 WMR rounds, but its uniqueness lies in firing two rounds simultaneously with each pull of the trigger.

Thunderstruck S333 Volleyfire Pros

So you get a double whammy with each shot, huh? Quite a punch for something this compact. Its size (double-action revolver) also makes it easy to carry.

Thunderstruck S333 Volleyfire Cons

However, the old saying rings true: double or nothing, and this approach reduces your total shots. Plus, the S333 only holds 8 rounds, so you’re getting four trigger pulls before you need to reload.

Each and Every Revolver Shotgun Got Its Pros and Cons

All things considered, there’s a reason these two disparate elements of the gun world – the revolver and the shotgun – came together. The revolver shotgun’s a unique beast, offering high-capacity blasts coupled with the reliability of a wheelgun.

Remember to weigh the pros and cons depending on what you need. After all, there ain’t no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to firearms.

Shotgun Revolver FAQs

What is a Shotgun Revolver?

A shotgun revolver, often known as a revolver shotgun, is a firearm that combines the revolving cylinder of a revolver with the firepower of a shotgun. It is designed to offer multiple rapid-fire rounds without the need to reload, much like a traditional handgun revolver.

Are Shotgun Revolvers Legal?

Yes Shotgun Revolvers are legal unless state laws prohibit. Revolvers with rifled barrels that can shoot . 410″ shotgun shells are unrestricted because 26 USC 5845(e) exempts handguns with rifled barrels from the Any Other Weapon definition and their bore diameter under a half inch avoids classification as a destructive device under 26 USC 5845(f).

How Does a Shotgun Revolver Work?

Just like a traditional revolver, a shotgun revolver uses a rotating cylinder that holds multiple rounds of ammunition. As the trigger is pulled, this cylinder rotates to align the next round with the barrel ready for firing. The primary difference is that, instead of bullets, shotgun revolvers fire shotshells, essentially small shotgun blasts.

Is the Recoil of a Shotgun Revolver More Than a Regular Revolver?

Generally, due to the nature of the shotgun shell ammunition, shotgun revolvers can produce more recoil than a regular handgun revolver. The exact amount depends on the specific model of the firearm and the type of shells you’re using.

Can a Shotgun Revolver be Used for Home Defense?

Yes, a shotgun revolver can be used for home defense, though this depends on personal preference and comfort with the weapon. It offers the advantage of multiple rounds and a wide spread of projectiles, increasing the likelihood of hitting a target. However, always remember the golden rule of firearms for home defense – the best firearm is one you are comfortable and proficient with.

A Final Word on Shotgun Revolvers – Find What Works for YOU

Now we ain’t sugarcoatin’ anything here. At the end of the day, you’ve gotta decide what’s best for your needs. Do you prefer an effective sidearm or an intimidating primary?

In summary, when it comes to gunplay, the versatility of the Taurus Judge, the accuracy of the Circuit Judge, or the unique double-hitter baboom of the S333 might just fit the bill. But don’t take our word for it – grab your gear, roll up those sleeves, and get to testing. Remember, good first-hand experience beats an online review any old day!

Now y’all better load up, lock in, and bust out on that firing line. No time to waste now that we’ve unraveled the mystery of the revolver shotgun. Ain’t no excuses for not givin’ these mean machines a whirl!

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