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Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster Review

drawing gun from a drop leg holster

With so many different holsters on the market today, many become confused and overwhelmed trying to figure out which one is best for them. It isn’t always easy to find one that combines all of the features you love into one affordable piece.

Then, you have to factor in the price of the holster as well. Trying to get one that works for you shouldn’t be so difficult, which is why we recommend the Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Black Holster.

Out of all the different drop leg holsters on the market today, this one delivers on multiple levels. Its durable construction coupled with its assortment of features make it one that you don’t want to be without.



Not only can you get the Blackhawk drop leg holster that you need, but you can rest assured that it is going to last for quite some time, meaning your investment is protected for the long haul.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster

While looking for a Blackhawk drop leg holster, you probably came across a few of the different options on the market today. Before purchasing one of the holsters, you need to first think about the things that you absolutely must-have in your new holster. Is it a certain amount of features you crave?


Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Black Holster


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Do you only care about the price point of the item? Whatever it is, you need to have a list made up so you know what to look for. You don’t want to end up with a holster that isn’t capable of doing what you need it to do. When you invest in the Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Black Holster, you will get everything you need and more.

Key considerations:

  • Price
  • Comfortability
  • Style
  • Product Size

Blackhawk Drop Leg Holster – Features and Benefits

While some are focused entirely on the price of an item, others really just want to make sure it has the features they need to carry their firearm securely. By doing your homework and checking out some of the various features, you can prevent making a decision that is only going to cause you more problems later on down the line.

It all starts by checking out things like the size firearm the holster can hold, whether it works for right-handed or left-handed individuals and whether the holster is capable of withstanding the daily grind or not.

With this Blackhawk drop leg holster, you get everything you need rolled into one amazing package. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Just check out the assortment of features this holster has to see what makes it one of the top choices today.


  • Flexible Thigh Platform
  • Quick Disconnect
  • Accessory Mounting Locations
  • Immediate Retention
  • Left or Right-Handed Options

Flexible Thigh Platform

When purchasing a Blackhawk drop leg holster, one of the things that many look for is freedom of movement. You don’t want a holster that is going to make it uncomfortable to bend or move, especially if you are in the middle of a raid or other dangerous situation and you need to act quickly.

One of the best things about this holster is that it contains a flexible thigh platform that quickly and easily conforms to your individual leg size. Regardless of what size you are, this platform will bend and move with you. It’s also a simple way to carry other survival gear or weapons, such as a magazine or good-quality tactical knife.

Because of the Y-harness suspension system, the weight is distributed evenly, so you won’t feel off or lopsided when wearing this holster. If you need to kneel down, your holster will remain vertical, making it ideal for emergency situations when you need to draw quickly. You don’t have to worry about the holster bending and shifting all over as you move about.

Quick Disconnect

For those who need a Blackhawk drop leg holster for use in the line of duty, it is more important than ever that you are able to grab ahold of your firearm and be prepared to defend yourself.

While some of the other holsters end up grabbing your firearm and pulling back against you, leaving you struggling to draw, that isn’t the case with this one. It has a quick disconnect features that provides you with superior flexibility making it easy to mount or dismount your handgun. Rest assured that you won’t be fighting to draw when in a dangerous situation.

Accessory Mounting Locations

One of the key features of this holster that many of the other holsters don’t have is that of accessory mounting locations. These locations allow you to easily carry knives, mag cases, pouches or whatever else you need when in the field.

You don’t have to worry about being unprotected because you have the tools you need at all times. The rubberized straps help prevent your tools from sliding all over the place, securing them right where they need to be at all times.

Immediate Retention

When carrying a firearm, you want to make sure that the item is secure inside of your holster when not in use. But, how can you be sure that you got the firearm back in the holster securely and it isn’t going to end up falling out on you? That’s where the immediate retention system comes into play in this holster.

When you put your firearm into the holster, it immediately grabs onto it and holds it in place. As an added measure, it has an audible click that lets you know for sure it is securely in position until you need to draw again. With those features at your disposal, you never have to worry about your firearm not being secure again.

Left or Right-Handed Options

One of the things that many end up struggling with is finding a holster that comes in both right-handed and left-handed options. When a holster only comes in one option, it ends up limiting the number of people who are able to use it. With this Blackhawk drop leg holster, that isn’t going to be a problem.

You can choose from either the right-handed or left-handed option when placing your order to ensure you get the right one for your needs. Now, everyone can benefit from this holster.



Alternatives to the Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Black Holster

While this Blackhawk drop leg holster is ideal for the majority of users, there are some who want something different. If you are just curious what other options might be out there or you want something with an assortment of different features, there are plenty of others available for you. Check out some of these top alternatives below.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Blackhawk Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light HolsterBlackhawk Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light HolsterCheck Price
image of Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Tactical HolsterBlackhawk Serpa Level 2 Tactical HolsterCheck Price


1. Blackhawk Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Holster


Blackhawk Omega VI Ultra Universal Modular Light Holster


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One of the main differences with this holster over the one above is that it comes in an assortment of different colors. The other one is only available in the standard black. If you want something different, there are four options available from which you can choose.

It also offers the right and left-handed configurations to accommodate all users. The rubberized leg straps provide you with the comfort and stability you need to keep everything securely in place. Another great thing is that it has a quick release belt mount for when you need to quickly change things up.

2. Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Tactical Holster


Blackhawk Serpa Level 2 Tactical Holster


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This particular Blackhawk drop leg holster is only available in black, but it does have the right and left-handed options for you to choose between. It also comes with the accessory mounting locations to easily store your knife, pouch or other tools.

The full-length holster helps protect your rear sights and prevent them from being damaged. With the help of the flexible thigh platform, you can easily adjust it to conform to your individual leg size. All in all, this holster has a lot of the same features as the Level 3 model.

Our Final Thoughts on the Blackhawk Serpa Level 3 Tactical Black Holster

When it comes to Blackhawk drop leg holsters, this is one of the top options on the market today. It features an assortment of different benefits that you don’t often find in other name brands.

Because you can get it for both right and left-handed users, everyone can benefit from this holster. It also has a flexible platform, so everyone can use the holster, regardless of whether you weigh 150-pounds or 250-pounds. It bends and moves with you making it the perfect all-around holster.

Another great thing about this holster is the fact that it offers accessory mounting options. This allows you to carry the extras that you need, especially when working out in the field and you need to be properly armed to handle any situation that might come along.

Having this features is also beneficial for those who are out hunting and need to have their knife on-hand to accommodate their hunting adventures. All-in-all, this holster is one that you definitely want to check out if you are in the market for something new.

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