4 Best Kahr Holsters: Choosing the Best Holster For Your Kahr (2020)

LAST UPDATED: November 3rd 2020
GUIDE: Chris Browning

If you’ve got a Kahr pistol, it’s worth investing in a good holster to carry it in. Kahr’s reputation for innovative design, using the most high-tech materials, is well founded, and you should look for a holster that is as advanced as your gun.

Getting a good holster, however, is harder than it sounds. Recent advances in holster technology, added to the range of carrying styles that have developed over the years, mean that there is now a bewildering array of holsters to choose from.

That’s where we come in. After reading hundreds of reviews, talking to loads of experts on Kahr holsters, and traweling through seemingly endless forums full of people discussing the pros and cons of various holsters, I think I finally know which holster you should buy for your Kahr.

It’s the Badger Concealment Kahr Arms IWB Holster. This is one of the lightest, thinnest concealment holsters we’ve ever tested, and as a result is a great choice for those who want to carry their Kahr pistol concealed. In my experience, people generally choose Kahr pistols because of their lightweight design, and this holster is therefore a perfect fit for most Kahr weapons.

Let’s start with the basics. This holster fits every model of Kahr we tested really well. It is clear that it is custom molded for each Kahr variant it is available for, and this means that it encases each weapon really well. It offers just the right level of grip on your gun – tight enough for it to feel secure, whilst also being loose enough to allow for a really fast draw, if your technique is correct.

Added to this, this holster also offers adjustable retention screws. This is great if you are setting up your pistol for competition, but also has other advantages. If you do a lot of physical activity whilst your gun is in the holster, you can set up this holster to have a slightly tighter grip on your weapon, with the extra peace of mind which that brings.

Having advanced features like this on a concealment holster is amazing, as such features are normally reserved for much more expensive, bulky holsters.

In short, this holster contains all the features you would expect in a premium item, whilst also giving a superior level of concealment. If you’ve invested in a Kahr for its lightweight design and slim profile, and like to carry your pistol concealed, this is the holster to go for.

Our Review Process

Our review process if designed to sort the best holsters available from the huge variety of holsters now available. It used to be easy to choose the “best” holster for your Kahr, because for a lot of models there was only one holster available. The situation today is very different, and every year new holsters come out that offer new features that are supposedly huge advances.

This is sometimes the case, of course, but sometimes new features can actually hinder the actual usage of a holster. To our mind, there is only one way to find out what the best holsters are – talking to the people who actually use them, and then testing them ourselves.

For this review, I read hundreds of other reviews of Kahr holsters, and where a person seemed particularly happy or angry about a holster I contacted them for more information. What emerged was a complex picture – sometimes, a holster that was loved by most people had a fatal flaw that rendered it completely useless for a particular purpose.

After talking to a lot of people who take their Kahr holsters very seriously, we ordered a batch to test ourselves. We don’t feel comfortable recommending a holster until we have thoroughly tested it first hand, and so for this review we ordered the ten holsters that we thought looked the best.

After testing each and every one, both on the range and by carrying a Kahr around all day, we were finally able to make our recommendations.

The Badger Concealment Kahr Arms IWB Holster: Is It For You?

I think so. For most Kahr owners, most of the time, this holster offers all the features you will ever need. Of particular note is the fact that it is incredibly lightweight and has a slim profile, so if you are looking for superior concealment this is a great choice of holster.

That said, there are a few groups of gun owners for whom I would not recommend this holster. First and foremost, in my opinion you should be an experienced gun owner before looking to get a holster of this type.

The lightweight, extremely compact construction comes at a price, in this case meaning that this holster does not protect you or your weapon as fully as some others on the market. With this kind of minimal holster, the risk of accidental discharge is increased unless you really know what you are doing, and for this reason I would say that if you are new to your Kahr pistol you should look for a holster that totally encloses your weapon.

Secondly, this is an inside waist band (IWB) holster. One of the joys of writing these reviews is that I get to hear the IWB vs. OWB debate every time I recommend a holster. I know that a lot of people much prefer OWB holsters, because they offer a few extra features (adjustable ride height, notably) that IWB items cannot.

If that sound like you, then this holster is not the one to go for. That said, for most of us who carry a concealed weapon, there are great advantages of an IWB holster – notably, that they can significantly reduce printing and make concealment a good deal easier.

Lastly, the lack of a locking mechanism on this holster could be a problem for some professional users. If you are using your Kahr professionally, you already know this, but for the rest of us it is perhaps worth a reminder that with this kind of holster it is possible for an attacker to – just about – grab a gun from your holster.

Therefore, if you think you are going to be in dangerous situations a lot, this is not the best holster for you.

I don’t, of course, mean to be overly negative about this holster – it is my recommendation for the best holster for Kahr pistols for a reason, after all! If you are looking for a holster that will allow you to carry your Kahr in the deepest concealment, and one that is very comfortable whilst doing so, this is a great holster.

Top Holsters For Kahr

Product Specs

Badger Concealment

IWB Holster



Product Features

Slim and Light

Good fit for Kahr Pistols

Great Sweat guard

Thin Kydex

I’ve chosen this holster today because I think it offers the features that most Kahr owners look for in a holster. Of course, I might be making assumptions, but in my experience people normally go for a Kahr pistol because they want to carry their gun in deep concealment.

This is the focus for this holster, and why it is my choice today. It is one of the slimmest, lightest holsters I have seen, meaning that it is easy to conceal even in hot climates where light clothing is the norm. The material used here stays pretty cool to the touch even after extended wear, so the holster feels comfortable even when worn at the height of the summer.

In addition, and in contrast to many concealment holsters, this item offers adjustable retention. We wish that more concealment holsters like this one came with this feature, because it really adds value without adding much additional weight or volume to the holster.

In addition, this holster is my choice for the best Kahr holster for a number of other reasons:

  • First off, the fit on every Kahr we tested this holster on was great. You can really feel, when holstering your pistol in this product, that each holster has been custom molded for each variant of Kahr pistol it is available for. It’s a joy to have a holster that fits your weapon this well, and if you are used to generic nylon holsters I’m certain that you’ll never go back after trying a holster like this one.
  • The sweat guard on this holster is another one of those features that is normally only found on more high-end items at several times the price of this holster. It forms a waterproof barrier between your body and your weapon, ensuring that even in the hottest climates your weapon will not become slick and difficult to draw.
  • The Kydex used here is quickly becoming the standard material for premium holsters, offering a rugged but flexible design that should give years of reliable service. The Kydex used in this particular holster is thinner than on most other Kydex holsters, aiding the concealment abilities of this holster.
  • Last but definitely not least, Badger Concealment are a veteran owned company that make all of their products in the USA. This means that you can be assured of the quality of this holster, and also know that you are supporting our veterans in buying one.

Though this is my favorite holster for Kahrs at the moment, as with any holster it does have some cons:

  • Firstly, I know that some people don’t like IWB holsters, preferring OWB holsters that offer a few more features and a slightly quicker draw. Which you prefer is, of course, your own decision, but to my mind if you are looking for concealment an IWB holster is the way to go.
  • Some people found that the standard belt clip included with this holster did not fit well on extra wide gun belts. This is a pretty niche problem, but if you have such a belt it might be worth swapping out the standard clip for a wider item.

Overall, in my opinion this is the best value holster for Kahr pistols around at the moment. It offers a great level of concealment, a few extra features such as variable retention, and all at a price point that makes it great value for money.

Product Specs

Relentless Tactical

OWB Holster

Suede leather


Product Features

Minimal Holster

Premium Suede Leather

Old-school design

This is an amazing OWB holster, and only held from the top spot today because in my experience suede tends to wear just a little but faster than Kydex. This is only a problem, of course, if you are carrying your weapon everywhere, and for most casual gun owners will not be a huge problem.

Having a sueded holster also has advantages of its own, of course. A soft holster like this is especially useful if you have an unusual variant of a Kahr pistol, because you can be assured that it will fit. It’s also more comfortable to wear, especially in hot climates, than plastic or nylon holsters.

This is a pretty minimal holster, with limited safety features. For that reason, I have some hesitation in recommending it for inexperience gun owners. Make sure you know what you are doing before getting a holster like this.

The simplicity of the old-school design here is a joy. This holster manages to achieve the adaptability of many high-end holsters in the way this was traditionally done – by incorporating a couple of extra ways it can be fastened to a gun belt. Using these, your can wear your Kahr in a straight drop or forward cant, and either in a strong-side, cross-draw, or behind the hip configuration.

In contrast to holsters that achieve this via plastic adjustment screws, the belt loops on this holster feel incredibly strong, as does the suede used throughout this holster.

In addition, this holster has several big advantages over the competition:

  • First off, let’s talk about the materials used here. Relentless exhort their customers to say no to cheap Nylon gun holsters. Whilst I’m not sure I agree with them that all nylon holsters are bad, this leather holster is the closest I’ve come to being convinced. The suede used here is incredibly hardwearing, and it is clear that the production quality of these holsters is second to none.
  • The holster comes with a lifetime warranty, which shows the confidence that Relentless put into their products. If you are worried that a suede holster will not last as long as a Kydex or other polymer item, this holster is a good idea.
  • This holster, largely due to the suede construction, is the most comfortable of those we tested. The material feels great even where it is directly against your skin, and absorbs sweat well. Some polymer holsters have a nasty habit of becoming a sweaty mess on a hot day, and this holster manages to avoid those problems.
  • This concealment is helped by the small size of this holster. If you are an experience gun owner, getting a minimal holster like this is a good choice for superior concealment, but please don’t lend it out to people with limited carrying experience!

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • It’s not custom molded, and so if your Kahr is in a particularly small variant it might feel a bit loose in this holster. There are ways around this, of course, but it might be a slight annoyance for some owners.
  • The other minor disadvantage of this holster is that some people find it holds their pistol too close to their body. To our mind, this is not a disadvantage at all, but people used to a looser holster might find it a but strange at first.

All in all, this is a great holster, and offers good value. If you prefer suede or leather holsters, and want one that offers a good level of concealment for your Kahr, this is a good choice.

Product Specs


Belly Band Holster



Product Features

Low price option


Good Concealment

I know, I know – this holster looks like a cheap chinese product. That’s because it is. But before everyone starts telling me that buying a basic item like this is simply not suitable for carrying a serious Kahr pistol, have a look at some of the advantages.

Firstly, the price. It’s one of the cheapest holsters available for your Kahr, and in a lot of cases offers all the features you need. If you only carry your Kahr pistol occasionally, or want to loan it to a friend or relative for a short time, this holster offers pretty good concealment and protection for both weapon and user.

It’s a belly band holster, which for some people is actually the most comfortable way to carry a Kahr pistol. The design used here does a pretty good job of spreading the weight of your pistol, and is a really good option for women. Having a pistol hanging from your belt is great if you have a good gun belt, but in some circumstances it is simply not practical to have a sturdy gun belt on all the time.

In cold climates, the minimalism of the holster also offers surprisingly good concealment. You only need to reduce printing on the gun itself, precisely because the holster itself is so small.

All in all, if you are an experienced gun handler and know how to safely work with a holster like this, it could be a good budget option for your Kahr.

In addition, this holster has a number of advantages:

  • You are not going to get variable cant and retention, of course, in a minimal holster at this price. That said, the belly band configuration of this holster is ambidextrous by default, and offers space for an extra magazine or other items.
  • Because of its minimal design, this holster is also a good choice if you have rear mounted red dots on your Beretta. The fact that the rear of your weapon is left exposed when carrying it in this holster means that a lot of aftermarket accessories will fit without any problem.
  • The holster is alo pretty comfortable, especially at this price point. The fabric stays cool to the touch, and this combined with the small cross section of this holster means it is really well suited to hot climates.
  • The draw … is not great, in truth. As with any belly band holster, drawing takes practice and is slow even for experienced users. On the other hand, inexperienced users are much less likely to shoot themselves with this holster than with a tiny IWB concealment item.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, it feels quite cheap. The nylon used here is pretty standard, and if you are used to more expensive holsters it might be a bit of a let down.
  • Perhaps not recommended for tactical use, due to the lack of locking mechanisms on this holster.

For the price, very good. If you are looking for a back-up belly band holster, this could be a good choice. Whilst I wouldn’t say that this should be the primary holster for your Kahr, as a budget item that does the basics well, it represents excellent value.

Product Specs

R&R Holsters

OWB Holster



Product Features

Professional holster

Highly adjustable

One year replacement warranty

Made in USA

This is an expensive, fully-featured holster that comes highly recommended if you use your Kahr in a professional capacity.

It’s hard to know where to start to describe the advanced features of this holster, but what really makes it stand out from the competition in this review is the range of adjustments that can be made on it. Both the cant and retention screws can be changed, a feature that I know many professional users cannot do without.

This is also the only Kydex OWB holster I’m recommending today. OWB holsters, this item included, generally offer a few extra features over IWB holsters, and can be much quicker on the draw for experienced users. So if you are looking for a fully featured holster, at a reasonable price point, this is the one to go for.

In addition, this holster has several huge advantages over the competition:

  • The Kydex used here offers a few advantages. It fits each Kahr we tested pretty well, holding each weapon securely. In addition, Kydex is incredibly strong, and I’m confident that this holster will provide many years of service even for heavy users.
  • As you would expect for this price, this holster has adjustable cant. This is great if you like an unusual carrying angle, or if two people share your Kahr and each prefers to carry and draw differently. Whatever weird technique you’ve developed over the years, this holster will accommodate you!
  • The one year replacement warranty, whilst a little less generous than some other manufacturers, is a nice extra. With Kydex holsters, this kind of warranty is generally only used if the item turns up damaged, because the polymer itself is really tough.
  • I know it’s important to some people, so I’ll mention that this holster is completely made in the USA. Quite apart from partriotic reasons, this also means that you can be sure the product is built to the highest quality standards.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, the price. This is one of the most expensive holsters we came across, but still within the reach of most people. Though this is the “luxury” option today, it still represents excellent value.
  • That’s it. In all other respects, this holster does everything you would expect from a premium item.

If you are looking for a holster with a few more features than standard, and like to carry your Kahr OWB, this is the holster to go for. Whilst slightly more expensive than most, the additional features offered here are great value.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these holsters fit my Kahr?

This is a very difficult question to answer, because of the numerous variants Kahr pistols come in. The best approach, to my mind, is to phone the manufacturer of the holster you want to buy, and check directly. This is especially true if you have an unusual gun, or have fitted aftermarket accessories.

  • How are these holsters in terms of concealment?

I’ve priortized concealment in this review, because I think that is what most Kahr owners are looking for. Whilst the R&R holster above, being an OWB item, is a little more difficult to conceal, with all the other holsters above you can be sure that no-one will know you are packing.

  • What size belt do I need?

This is a perennial question – there is almost as much discussion about gun belts as there is about holsters. In general, I think a 1.5” belt is the best option, and all the holsters above (excluding the belly band holster, obviously!) will fit a gun belt like this.


No review, and no reviewer can recommend a holster that fits everyone’s needs. Some people have specific requirements that mean that any holster I recommend will never suit their needs. That said, all of the holsters I have reviewed above are great in their own way, each offering great value for its price point.

Unfortunately, however, there has to be a winner, and today it is the Badger Concealment Kahr Arms IWB Holster. This is an incredibly lightweight holster that offers some of the best concealment properties we have seen, whilst also keeping your Kahr pretty secure in most circumstances.

It’s compact design also offers great advantages in terms of comfort. If you are wearing your Kahr all day, especially in an IWB configuration, some holsters can feel quite bulky. There is no such problem here – the slim profile means that you will hardly know you are wearing your pistol, and nor will anyone else! This is especially true if you are lucky enough to live in a hot part of the country, where bulky holsters can quickly descend into a sweaty, slick mess on hot days.

Every part of this holster is well made, and I’m confident that it will provide many years of reliable service. The belt clip, which is often the first place to look to assess the build quality of this kind of IWB holster, is thick, well-made, and holds the holster in place very well. The polymer moulding is clearly designed specifically for every variant of Kahr pistol this holster is available for, and as a result fits each like a glove.

This tight fit, combined with the adjustable retention screws, means that weapon retention on this holster is second to none. Even when doing quite strenuous physical activity, your Kahr is held securely, greatly reducing the possibility of it becoming dislodged from your holster. The adjustable retention here also means that you can set up the holster precisely how you want it, whether for competition shooting or self defense.

All in all, this is a great holster with a compact design that offers superior concealment. It does this whilst also offering great weapon retention, which is a feat in itself. If you are looking for a holster for your Kahr pistol that you can carry all day, you could do much worse than giving this Badger Concealment holster a look.

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