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Best Walther PK380 Holster in 2024? [Our Top 5 Picks]

Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid Holster

When you are looking for a holster for your Walther PK 380, you need to remember to do your research and take your time. Finding just the right holster for your Walther PK380 is as crucial a decision as finding just the right handgun.

You shouldn’t base your decision on the price, but on the function and features of the holster and how easy it allows you to access your gun when you need it. Different holsters are good for specific situations, so you need to make sure the holster you choose fits how you plan to use it and your handgun.

Our top pick is the Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid Holster which is made to order just for your handgun. With features like ride height, cant, and adjustable retention, this custom-made holster is comfortable to wear and also includes SHFT Gear’s patented “Custom Curve” technology for a secure fit.

This is a nicely balanced and durable holster with high-quality features that are easy to use for long periods of time.

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Walther PK380

Walther has been in the handgun game for quite a while and prides itself on their dependability and quality as well as their handgun’s comfort and shootability.

In comparison to the other Walther products, the PK380 is similar looking to the Walther PPS, but shares more heritage with the P22 as they both use an external hammer operation, a DA/SA trigger system, an ambidextrous safety, plus an ambidextrous magazine release.

The PK380 uses an 8-round single stack magazine so that its thin design fits comfortably in any size hand.

Design and Ease of Use

With its blowback design, the PK380 doesn’t have to use the locked breech that is found on handguns with higher-pressure cartridges. With the use of finger grooves and mild recoil, owners have additional control and improved comfort. And if you live somewhere cold and snowy, the trigger guard is big enough if you are wearing gloves, plus the slights-three white dots are easy to use and quick to pick up.


You can reach the magazine release lever on either side as it is a single piece that is inconspicuously cupping the trigger guard in the bottom front. You will find that using the trigger finger is the easiest way to drop the magazine. One nice feature of the PK380 is the little equipment rail rides underneath the frame which is great if you want to use it as a home defense weapon.

Choosing the Right Holster for Your Walther PK380

Since the Walther PK380 is a small to medium handgun, it is a pretty popular handgun for those who like to carry concealed weapons. The most popular concealed carry holsters chosen for this handgun tend to be either an OWB or IWB.

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you choose to carry a pistol, you will need to make a few decisions about carrying a holster including:

Having the decisions to these questions will help you decide how you want to carry your handgun and how you plan to use it. Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make your decision on a holster easily.

Type of Holsters for Your Walther PK380

Standard Belt Holster

Level with your hand, the Standard Belt Holster positions your handgun on your thigh. Since this holster is adjustable, you will always have the best position for your handgun in case you are in a fast-draw situation. This is a popular choice for anyone who practices open carry as well as law enforcement and the military.

Crossdraw Shoulder Holsters

If you choose this holster design, you want to make sure you are careful as you can accidentally fire your handgun when it is directed behind when you draw. The Crossdraw Shoulder holster often has the magazine pouch opposite the firearm on the harness’ side. If you choose this design, make sure to spend some time practicing with it to be successful.

Belt Worn Holsters

One of the safer and more secure holsters, the Belt Worn Holster gives you a place to slide your belt through. Your firearm is aimed downward until your gun is drawn and aimed. You have fast access to your pistol, but you may find it snagging on chairs when you sit down requiring you to take it off.

Paddle Holsters

With the advantages of a belt-worn holster, the Paddle Holster can be removed without having to take off part of your belt. With a Paddle Holster, it is important to make sure your belt is working tightly enough so that you don’t pull both your holster and your gun together when you draw. Wearing a good belt that is also wide should help this problem.

Inside the Pants Holsters

Used to conceal your handgun, the Inside the Pants Holster uses your jacket or untucked shirt to cover it. This type of holster does not need belt loop positions to hold it so you can choose where you want to wear it.



Best Holsters for Walther PK 380


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid HolsterWalther PK380 IWB Hybrid HolsterCheck Price
image of Fobus Walther PK 380 Roto-Paddle HolsterFobus Walther PK 380 Roto-Paddle HolsterCheck Price
image of Desantis Softuck Glock Walther PK380 HolsterDesantis Softuck Glock Walther PK380 HolsterCheck Price
image of Walther PK380 Lightweight IWB Concealed Carry HolsterWalther PK380 Lightweight IWB Concealed Carry HolsterCheck Price


1. Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid Holster


Walther PK380 IWB Hybrid Holster


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For a little higher-end holster, Concealment Express makes a holster specifically for the Walther PK380 that is made to order just for your handgun.

It includes features like ride height, cant, and adjustable retention.

This easy-to-use holster has a higher price point than the other holsters on our list, but for a made-to-order holster that should be expected. With its high quality and features, this is a durable and nicely balanced holster that you can use for both extended and more active wear.

Very comfortable, nicely balancedTakes a while to get on and off
Feels really secure, and never feels looseA little on the expensive side
Easy to use and carry all day long

2. Fobus Walther PK 380 Roto-Paddle Holster


Fobus Walther PK 380 Roto-Paddle Holster


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Fobus has been created as a basic holster that can accommodate quite a few types of handguns, including some of the Glock models as well as the Walther PK380. This is actually a really nice holster for your Walther PK380 since it really has no required maintenance.

It only needs a simple cleaning with soap and water, it doesn’t require oiling and it doesn’t sweat or breathe.

The Fobus Walther PK 380 Roto-Paddle Holster wears well in bad weather including extreme temperatures and weather. It is constructed with a steel-reinforced rivet attachment system, and it attaches with a rubberized paddle that is not easy for someone to break off and steal.

Even if you aren’t very attentive, it would take some effort to pull this gun out of the holster away from its owner.

Priced under thirty dollars, the Fobus Standard Holster is affordable and a good value for its casual use. Keep in mind this is a holster for those that are right-handed. Otherwise, it is easy to use, is great for range visits, and it also has a great warranty with a no questions asked philosophy.

Holster stays in place well even when you are drawing from itDoes not have a locking mechanism
Easy to take off and guns feel secure in itEasy for someone to remove it from you
The paddle is comfortable, a great value for the price

3. Desantis Softuck Glock Walther PK380 Holster


DeSantis SOF-TUCK Walther PK380 Holster


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The DsSantis Softuck Glock PK380 is another holster that is good for both Glock models and as a Walther PK380 holster.

With a straightforward, no-frills design, the Desantis Softuck is made just for right-handed users and clip onto your pant just below the belt.

Once you have placed your handgun in the holster, it stays in place until you remove it. With minimal maintenance, this is a holster that will last you a while.

You may find that there is a break-in period with this holster, but many owners have found it a comfortable holster to use with no experience riding up.

Good-grade leather, won’t fall apart quicklyLeather has a generic mold
High-quality workmanship and materialsThe metal clip takes some getting used to
Comfortable to wear either standing or sitting

4. Walther PK380 Lightweight IWB Concealed Carry Holster


Custom Pro Carry LT Walther PK380 Leather Holster by The Holster Store


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Unlike the previous two holsters, the Walther PK380 Lightweight Inside the Waistband Holster was made especially for the Walther PK380.

Made by the Holster Store, this is an attractive-looking holster that is sturdy, has a snug fit, and is made with high-quality leather work.

It is for right-handed use only, and it is a very comfortable holster to wear. It has a comparable price to the Fobus Standard Holster and many owners actually buy the two to wear in combination with each other.

Some owners have found that the snug leather fit makes it a little difficult to remove their firearms quickly and it can be seen if you are wearing it with business clothes.

Nice quality leather and it fits your gun snuglyGun doesn’t sit that deeply for some users
Good stitching, guns stay in placeThe holster will pull out of pants with the gun if you aren’t careful
Affordable price and it holds your gun well

Best Walther PK380 Holster – Conclusion

It is very important to find the right holster because you not only want a holster that your handgun fits into well, but you also want a holster that gives you easy access when you need it most. Always do your research to make sure the holster you decide on meets all your needs.

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