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Are Strict Gun Control Laws Now A Certainty For Minnesota?

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Let’s rattle the cage and bark up the tree about a topic that ain’t all sunshine and rainbows but a hard grit that every gun lover, especially folks in Minnesota, should lock n’ load on. We got ourselves here an overview of the latest gun control laws that Minnesota got cookin’. Bear with me and grab yourself a cuppa Joe, ‘cause we’re about to cut through the haze and give it to ya straight, no chaser.

What’s In the Crosshairs for Minnesota Gun Laws?

See, you gotta understand these laws ain’t born outta thin air. Every lawmaker got their heart set on keeping the peace and ensuring justice. The play in Minnesota has been changing since the onset of 2020; it brings in new laws and toughens up some seasoned ones.

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Permit To Purchase/Transfer

If you’ve been cruising through the land of 10,000 lakes, you may already know this, but for those of ya just breezing in, let me enlighten ya. You’re gonna need to get yourself a goose chase called a Permit to Purchase/Transfer for certain firearms.

Minnesota Background Checks

Now, don’t even try to squirrel around this one, bud. It’s a solid deal-breaker. The pencil-pushers at the gun shops gotta run a background check on ya before they can ring out that shiny new piece.

Minnesota Legislature Guns
AP Photo/Jim Mone

Minnesota Handgun Waiting Period

You’re gonna have to play the waiting game here, partner. Even though you’ve crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s your shiny new pistol doesn’t come home with you just yet. You gotta cool your heels for five days when buying a handgun or a semi-automatic military-style assault weapon.

Carry Permits

Planning on carrying a firearm when you mosey on about town? You’re gonna need a Permit to Carry. Minnesota ain’t taking chances here. Don’t think you can keep it on the down-low. The old saying ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ doesn’t run in this part. It’s ‘Ask, Tell, and Play by the Rules,’ period.

Minnesota Stand and Defend

Here’s a ray of sunshine in the fog, though. You can stand your ground and defend yourself wherever you might be, in your house, in your car, or even at the supermarket. You just gotta have a valid reason and proof to back it up.

Firearm Prohibitions

Tattoo this on your brain, partner. If you got convictions or restraining orders coming out of your ears, or if you’re mentally unfit, the state absolutely, positively ain’t gonna hand you a Permit to Purchase, a Permit to Carry, or even a whiff of gun smoke.

Minnesota Seller Transfers

This ain’t a hootenanny, friend. Just can’t hand firearms around like it’s a bowl of chili. Even private sellers gotta follow the suit – background checks, transfer documentation, the whole shebang.

Juvenile Restriction

These laws are guardians of angels. If you ain’t hit the sweet 18, forget about playing cowboy. The state has its eye on juvenile restriction laws and don’t you go poking around it.

Minnesota Gun Law FAQs

What are the Requirements for Buying a Firearm in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, anyone purchasing a handgun or semi-automatic military-style assault weapon from a federally licensed dealer must possess either a valid handgun transfer permit or carry permit, or undergo a seven-day waiting period. As part of the process, criminal and mental health background checks are conducted. For other types of firearms, such as rifles and shotguns, no permit or background check is required.

Do I Need a Permit to Carry a Firearm Openly in Minnesota?

Yes, you do need a permit to carry a firearm openly in Minnesota. The state mandates a permit for both open carrying and concealed carrying. Applicants for this permit must be at least 21 years old, complete an authorized firearms training course, and meet other eligibility criteria, including not being prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Is there any Limit to the Number of Firearms I can Purchase?

No, the state of Minnesota does not have a limit on the number of firearms you can purchase or own at once. However, each purchase of a handgun or semi-automatic assault weapon from a licensed dealer requires a valid handgun purchase permit or a carry permit.

Can I Use My Firearm to Defend Myself in Minnesota?

Yes, Minnesota is a Stand Your Ground state, which means you can use deadly force in self-defense when facing a threat of serious harm or fatal injury and you are not required to retreat. However, the force used must be reasonable in relation to the threat.

What is the Law on Possessing Firearms in Public Places?

In Minnesota, with the exception of schools and daycare centers, it is generally permitted to carry guns in public places with the necessary permit. However, establishments can prohibit guns on their premises if they have posted clear signage or have notified the person directly. It is also illegal to carry firearms on public property where signage prohibits their presence, such as state parks and government buildings.

Minnesota Gun Law Loopholes

Just ‘cause you found some cracks and crevices in these gun control laws don’t mean you can sneak on through. The state is hot on their heels, covering up gun show loopholes and unregulated private sales.

Now, this ain’t all though. There’s more to these gun laws than what’s floating on the surface. Each one ain’t just serving time for show. They’re there to make sure that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can lay their heads down at night feeling secure yet not restricted.

Whether you’re a marksman, a varmint hunter, or just a fella still learning the ropes, it pays to know your rights and your limits. Remember partner, it’s safety first, always.

2 Responses

  1. Where do YOU FEEL “SAFE”? Mall, theater, school, church? Grocery store? Concert? Walkway? Bar? Hospital?
    All of these have experienced mass shootings the last couple years.
    Do you really feel safe in a Gun free Zone?
    Wear/carry a gun, to protect yourself and those you love,
    maybe others around you that you care about,
    like a soldier does.
    Soldier for God.
    Christian people are supposed to fight evil.

  2. 8 laws restricting 1st Amendment rights-20000AgainstGuns

    1 Communicative impact restrictions
    1.1 Incitement
    1.1.1 Incitement to suicide
    2 False statements of fact
    3 Obscenity
    4 Child pornography
    5 Fighting words and offensive speech
    6 Speech owned by others
    7 Commercial speech
    8 Restrictions based on special capacity of Government
    8.1 Government as Employer
    8.2 Government as Regulator of the Airwaves
    8.3 Government as Educator
    8.4 Government as Subsidizer/Speaker
    8.5 Government as Regulator of the Bar
    8.6 Government as Controller of the Military
    8.7 Government as Prison Warden
    8.8 Government as Regulator of Immigration

    1 to 20,000 anti-gun laws on the books – will more bring any relief? Really? How, exactly?

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