The Best Fobus Ankle Holster for the Money 2023

wearing the fobus ankle holster

One of the most popular ways to conceal carry a firearm these days, and certainly one of the most popular ways for a backup gun, is to carry the firearm in an ankle holster.

As with any other concealed carry method, you must make sure that your ankle holster is high quality in order to properly retain the gun and to withstand general wear and tear after many years of use.

One of the most popular ankle holsters on the market is the Fobus ankle holster. As the name suggests, this is the typical Fobus holster only repositioned on your ankle rather than the hip.

Let’s learn more about the Fobus holster, its pros and cons, and the benefits of ankle carry in general.

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Advantages of Ankle Carry

Ankle carry has both its advocates and its detractors. On one hand, only small handguns such as .380 or 9mm single stacks or .38 snubnose revolvers can be carried in the ankle carry method. The ankle position is also rather awkward for some people and requires you to kneel down in order to draw your weapon.

But despite those drawbacks, the ankle carry method still has its advantages. For one thing, in the event that you have to wear a tucked in shirt without a jacket, your concealed carry options are severely limited. But an ankle holster will probably be the next best option for this scenario (other than maybe pocket carry).

If you prefer to carry two guns and already have another handgun on your hip, the ankle is a great place to carry your backup guns. Cops will commonly carry backup guns on their ankle for this reason.

Finally, even though drawing from an ankle can be awkward while standing up, while sitting down (or while in your car), it’s very easy to draw the weapon.

History of Fobus Holsters

Fobus is a big name in the holster world.

The company was originally founded in the year 1978, with a mission of manufacturing holsters that offered passive retention (meaning no over strap and snap for retention) while also permitting quick deployment.

Fobus Holsters were among the first successful polymer holsters on the market in an era where leather and nylon were by far the most popular.

Each holster was designed to be specifically molded to the specified weapon in order to ensure the strongest retention and fastest draw.

The company is headquartered in Israel, with each of their new products being thoroughly tested in harsh conditions before being released.

Fobus products are in use with law enforcement units, militaries, and civilians all over the world. It should go without saying that by purchasing a Fobus Ankle Holster, you are at the very least buying from a reputable brand.

But what makes the Fobus Ankle Holster specifically a good choice? Let’s find out next.

Pros and Features of the Fobus Ankle Holster

The Fobus Ankle Holster isn’t one of the most popular ankle holsters on the market for no reason.

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This holster comes with a number of neat benefits and features, including:

  • A thick suede lined Cordura pad that wraps around your ankle and makes the holster more comfortable
  • Secured with a fully adjustable and durable Velcro strap
  • Pistol is kept properly secured in the holster even without a retention strap
  • A 100% Lifetime Warranty From Fobus
  • Tested to Military/Law Enforcement Standards
  • Weight of approximately 4 Ounces
  • Reasonably priced (routinely less than $50 and sometimes less than $40)

Cons of the Fobus Ankle Holster

There are some negatives to the Fobus ankle holster as well. Some of these negatives will be based in your personal preference, but others will be in the inherent design of the holster itself.

The biggest inherent flaw with the Fobus ankle holster is the fact that, because it is made of polymer, it is quite thick for an ankle holster. This means that this holster is not going to conceal well in tight pant legs, but fortunately if you have thicker or wider plants, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

As far as personal preference issues are concerned, if you prefer leather to polymer then you are naturally going to be disappointed in this holster.

You will also be disappointed in this holster if you prefer an actual retention strap in order to keep the firearm secure.

One of the biggest competitors to the Fobus Ankle Holster is the Galco Ankle Glove, which utilizes leather and has an actual strap over the back of the gun that actually snaps into place.

Many users of the Fobus Ankle Holster also report that it feels very uncomfortable at first and takes a significant amount of time to get used to. The best way to remedy this is to wear the holster extensively around your house first before going into public.


If you want a polymer ankle holster, the Fobus Ankle Holster is easily the best choice on the market. It is wide for an ankle holster, but it has good retention even without a strap and Fobus is a very reputable manufacturer so you know you are buying a quality product.

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