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Ruger GP-100 Holster Options – 3 Best Picks

Ruger GP-100 Holster Options - 3 Best Picks

The Ruger GP-100 is such a great revolver to shoot, and many others would agree. It is comparable to certain, more expensive brands and will last a long time. Maybe that is why you got it, and of course you are now looking for the perfect Ruger GP 100 holster.

While such a bulky firearm might not be so easily concealed, it is still a great piece to wear on your hip. There are ways to get around the issue of its bulkiness, but my favorite holster for it is more suited to open carry anyways.

Best Ruger GP 100 Holster – Quick Pick

The Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster is a quality option for your Ruger. It is sturdy, has good retention, and fits the Ruger GP-100 very nicely.

Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Ruger GP 100 Holster


Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster isn’t an ideal concealed carry option, it does look nice


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While it isn’t an ideal concealed carry option, it does look nice and it does what it needs to.



Before we move on though, I want to go over the advantages and disadvantages of owning a revolver.



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Benefits of a Revolver

There is a constant debate over whether pistols or revolvers are the better option. While I am not here to make up your mind about either side, I will go over the benefits of a revolver since we are already talking about one in this article.

The Test of Time

When you think of a revolver, often times you are going to imagine cowboys and the olden days. It is a nostalgic and stylish option, and they will last you for many years to come. They are something that can be passed down from generation to generation, and all the while they will still shoot great if taken care of.


Revolvers are known for being reliable when it comes to their mean time. This meaning that there is less of a chance for mechanical issues while shooting, and will shoot more rounds before it comes to these issues that affect the firearms operation.

If there is a malfunction, such as a failure to fire, all you need to do is pull the trigger again to rotate the cylinder to the next chamber. No wasted time with the fancy maneuvers needed to keep autos going.

They are also reliable when it comes to the variety of types of ammo you can shoot them with. For autoloaders you generally have to test ammunition because they can be picky about the size, weight, and shape of the bullets. It has been said that they should be tested with 200 rounds or so in order to make sure there will not be any malfunction.

With a revolver, you are generally going to have it easier with ammunition, and thus save yourself on time and money, and not have to worry about malfunction as much.

No Magazine

Speaking of ammo, I’m sure we all are aware that revolvers do not use magazines like regular pistols do. Magazines can be a weakness of a pistol, in that they wear, add to the handle length, and ultimately you are in a pinch if you forget them!


People will argue that pistols are more concealable than revolvers, but the argument goes the other way. Like I said before, I am not here to convince you of either side. This is what the common opinion is, though, when it comes to revolver supporters.

Without the magazine, a revolver’s grip can be shorter and rounded, which allows a more natural form versus the obvious right angled shape of a pistol. Sharp edges draw the eye more, while rounded shapes are softer and do not attract attention as much.

Some people argue that revolvers do not shift as much when concealed as much as a pistol does.

There is also the hammerless snub, which is about as compact as it can get. This firearm will be minimal on the sharp edges and lacks much of the bulk of a lot of other sidearms.

One Size Fits All

Again, with the lack of a magazine, there is not a necessity for a specific grip size. You can find one that will fit any sized hands, simply with the simple change of the grips. There is even the possibility for a gunsmith to make changes to the grip frame in certain situations.

Heavy Trigger

To some, this might be a negative quality, but in certain dangerous and confusing situations it can be a great advantage. When someone is panicked, their finger may instantly jump to the trigger guard, and they may accidentally discharge before they planned or without thinking.

Revolvers have heavy triggers so if you are in a sticky situation like this, there is much less chance for negligent discharge. Please note, though, that the heaviness of the trigger is in no way meant to be depended on as a safety mechanism. It simply adds another additive of safety.

Collectability and Appreciation

Revolvers make pretty collector’s items, of course. They are great family pieces to pass on to future generations, make great displays, and hold the chance of rising in value over time. Depending on the quality or if it is a classic gun, the chances are that it will increase in value and become an excellent investment.

.357 Magnum

People forget about the reliability of a .357, which is a very common caliber for revolvers. It is effective whether in self defense or for sport, and it is a versatile option.

Cons of a Revolver

Of course, what would an honest and unbiased bit of information be without acknowledging the cons of something argued as better than another?

Not meant for quick reload.

Autos are great for a quicker and easier reloading process. This is one of the top reasons pistol lovers give.


Autos are generally much more powerful when it comes to firepower, and will inflict much more damage.

Easier trigger pull.

While some argue the heavy trigger of a revolver as a plus, many others argue it as a con. The lighter, easier trigger of an auto is smoother and nicer to handle.

There are a lot more points to make in regards to the argument of revolvers versus pistols, but that debate is left up to each individual to resolve on their own. It is an interesting topic to look into, however.

Best Holster Options for the Ruger GP-100

Now let’s look at some more holsters for the Ruger GP-100. Hopefully, you’ll see something that catches your eye and fits what you’re looking for.  All these are good leather holster options for the Ruger GP 100. Also a few non-leather options.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Ruger GP-100 HolsterBianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Ruger GP-100 HolsterCheck Price
image of Fobus Standard Ruger GP100 Paddle HolsterFobus Standard Ruger GP100 Paddle HolsterCheck Price
image of Bianchi 111 Cyclone HolsterBianchi 111 Cyclone HolsterCheck Price
image of Outbags OB-09SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun HolsterOutbags OB-09SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun HolsterCheck Price


1. Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Ruger GP-100 Holster


Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster


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A high ride holster that holds your gun firmly and close to your body for comfort and stability. It’s a nice contoured mold and has good retention.

Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Ruger GP-100 Holster – Features

  • High ride
  • Steel-reinforced retention snap
  • Belt loop option
  • Molded fit
Snug fitNeeds breaking in
ComfortableBelt loop causes gun to ride high on 4.2” models
Looks niceDoesn’t cover rear sights on 4.2” model all the way

2. Fobus Standard Ruger GP100 Paddle Holster


Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle RUGP Ruger GP100


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If you like paddle holsters then this is a good choice for you. It requires little maintenance, has a lifetime warranty, and is a simple, one-piece design that still protects your firearm.

Fobus Standard Holster RH Paddle RUGP Ruger GP100 – Features

  • Maintained free
  • Doesn’t breathe or sweat
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Right handed holster
  • Steel reinforced rivet
  • Rubberized paddle
  • Protective sight channel
Secure fit to body and firearmMay be too snug
Stays in placeNot a quick draw
Good retentionRough edges may need filing

3. Bianchi 111 Cyclone Holster


Bianchi 111 Cyclone Holster is a strong side carry or cross draw GP 100 Holster option


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Whether you want to strong side carry or cross draw, this one is a great option. It has a quick release thumb break that allows for fast draw, but still has solid retention.

Bianchi 111 Cyclone GP 100 Holster Features

  • Two belt loops
  • Strong side carry or cross draw option
  • Thumb break
  • Suede lined
  • Open muzzle
  • Leather
  • Custom contoured
Stays close to bodySnap may be difficult to close
Good fitNot as much of a high rise as advertised
SecureGun carries too vertical at times

4. Outbags OB-09SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun Holster


Outbags OB-09SC Nylon OWB Belt Gun Holster


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For a simple, inexpensive nylon GP 100 option, this holster is fantastic and works great for the Ruger GP100.

OUTBAGS USA NSC09 Nylon OWB Ruger GP 100 Holster – Features

  • Nylon material
  • Mag pouch
  • Adjustable thumb break
  • Steel belt clip
  • Belt loop
Quick drawSlim fit without working shape
Easy reholsteringSlightly loose on hip
Adjustable thumb break is niceBelt clip might not be secure enough (gun may fall out)

Best Ruger GP 100 Holster Options – Conclusion

The Bianchi Tan 5Bh Thumbsnap Holster is definitely my top pick when it comes to finding the right holster for the Ruger GP-100 revolver. It is a stylish option, as well as secure and reliable. You can count on it lasting a long time, and it will ultimately fulfill whatever requirements you might have with your firearm.

Perhaps you favor revolvers, or perhaps you favor pistols. Either way, if you have the Ruger GP-100 then you have a quality firearm. I hope now you have found a quality holster to go along with it. Let us know what you end up choosing, and explore our other articles for more information, reviews, and news.

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8 Responses

  1. I carry my GP-100 Match Champion (4.2″ barrel) in the Bianchi 5BHL when hunting because the closed end prevents brush or other objects from entering the end of the barrel. However, I also use the Galco C159WC on occasion, because it rides slightly higher and holds closer to the body. Both are excellent holsters. For my 3″ GP-100 I use an Old World #23571 holster which carries the revolver high enough and close enough to the body to make it a comfortable concealed carry option. I’ve had this holster for several years so doubt if it is still available. Good thing it probably won’t wear out!

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  3. Can you show me a couple of holsters to fit a Ruger gp 100 357 mag 7 shot
    RH belt .. Would like no thumb straps

    Thanks Ellis

  4. Hello and thanks for a great review. I just purchased the Ruger model 1771 in a black finish. I am looking for a good leather cross draw holster. Because of size & wt; this option works well for me as the revolver would be more horizontal on my belt. Can you recommend any options? Thank you…

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