Ruger Single Six 22lr

Ruger Introduces New Budget Single Six: The Wrangler

One of the most popular single action rimfire revolvers is the Ruger Single Six, which is widely considered to be the gold standard for .22 revolvers with a single action firing system.

Durable, accurate, and high quality, the Ruger Single Six may be extremely popular, but it’s also incredibly expensive at around $500 for a new gun.

To accommodate those on a budget, Ruger announced a budget version of the Single Six this week called the Wrangler.

According to Ruger, the Wrangler will MSRP at $250 (which means that gun dealers should sell it for around the $200 range) and it is currently available in a 4 ¾” barrel.

Ruger Single Six 22lr single action revolver

The Wrangler is built on the same frame as the Single Six and uses the same holsters and components, but according to Ruger, utilizes ‘leaner’ CNC machining techniques and an aluminum alloy cylinder frame to help cut down on costs.

The Wrangler is also offered from the factory in three different cerakoted finishes, which means that the weapon will be very rust resistant against the elements such as moisture.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new Single Six available for around half the cost of the original model, you’ve just found it!

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2 thoughts on “Ruger Introduces New Budget Single Six: The Wrangler

  1. This new gun by Ruger sure looks good—could any one tell me if they are also going to make it in a 380 and 9 mm

  2. Whoa there, my over-anxious friend. Let the company see what sales are like before they go into production of combo calibers beyond the .22 lr / wmr ‘family’. A brief talk with the counter-person a our LGS states that sales are brisk for the reasonably priced Wrangler and in his estimation it feels like the Single-Six in heft and function. I’m sure that Ruger has looked down the track for the likely evolution of this model and is still ironing out the production kinks / challenges (not likely that there are any that effect the quality). Good point to bring up, though! Thanks, I never thought of it.

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