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Ruger Mark III Holster Options – Complete Review

Triple K Magazine Clip Pouch Holster for Ruger Mk I, II and III

You are the owner of a Ruger Mark III and desirous of a holster to carry this weapon around comfortably under a range of situations. In this review, we look at several holsters of different types that use different styles and materials. One of these holsters will surely match your needs well.

There are several versions of the Mark III which includes two models with shorter barrels (4½ and 4¾ inches) and several longer barrel ones that extend to 5½ and sometimes over 6 inches in length. As a result, not every holster for the Ruger Mark III will best suit every model available. Therefore, one should look for the best Ruger Mark III holster that accommodates your pistol’s design first, and the desired features second.

We’ve looked at many different holsters to consider quality and suitability. In our opinion, the Mark IV Mark III COWS belt side holster is ideal for owners of Mark III models with a longer barrel length.



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Our Top Pick for the Best Ruger Mark III Holster

Triple K Magazine Clip Pouch Holster for Ruger Mk I, II and III


Triple K Magazine Clip Pouch Holster for Ruger Mk I, II and III


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The Triple K Magazine Clip Pouch Holster for Ruger Mk I, II and III is an excellent product for right-handed Ruger owners who enjoy the classic Western style stitched leather holsters seen in cowboy movies for decades. The light brown leather is durable to withstand questionable weather conditions while keeping the six 7/8-inch barrel Mark III dry.

The belt loops accommodate belts up to two inches wide. Securely stitched at the back to maintain a regular fit on the waistband, this product makes a longer barreled weapon feel comfortable to wear. There is a leather strap that loops over the grip and snaps into place at the front. Further down the front is a magazine pouch with its own leather strap and a snap to avoid the magazine slipping out when bending forward.

Triple K Magazine Clip Pouch Holster for Ruger Mk I, II and III – Features

  • Light brown quality leather
  • Clean, accurate white stitching throughout
  • Right-handed use only
  • Designed specifically for the Ruger Mark III and Mark IV models with a six 7/8-inch barrel
Close fit for both gun and ammoWon’t fit the Ruger Mark IV with mounted scope
Securing straps prevent Mark III, Mark IV or the cartridges slipping outToo long for shorter barrel Mark III’s
Beautiful brown leather with excellent finishOverly tight fit initially. Benefits from leaving the Mark III and cartridges in place for a week
Fits comfortably on a 2-inch belt
30-day Money-back guarantee

Choosing a Ruger Mark III Holster

There are different types of holsters for the Mark III mainly because of the varying barrel length. With the longer five or 6-inch barrel lengths, some holster styles simply wouldn’t suit it or permit a quick draw either. Thankfully, we’re blessed with a variety of styles and approaches that holster manufacturers have taken for the mix of Mark III models.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing a new holster for your Ruger Mark III.

Open Carry or Concealed Carry?

For the Mark III model with a 4½ or 4¾” barrel, there is the option for concealed carry (worn inside the waistband usually secured with a metal clip). For the longer barrel versions of the Mark III, open carry is going to be necessary. There are many more open carry models than concealed carry holsters available.

Can it hold a spare magazine?

Given that many of the holsters are designed for the longer barrel models, this allows enough space for the product to incorporate a magazine holder in many cases. Even with the more compact holsters for the sub-5-inch Mark III models, quite often there’s a slot to squeeze a cartridge into; it’s often easier to push the cartridge into than it is to extract it though.

Material & Feel

Most of the holsters are made from cow leather or another type that offers a comfortable wearing experience. With some of the small holster designs, they use Cordura ballistic Nylon, often with a barrier inside to ward off moisture reaching the weapon during long, hot days.

Nylon is good material for year-round use (especially in the heat), but leather is better in colder parts of the country.


The highest prices are consistently set for the leather holsters. The nylon-based ones are considerably cheaper. However, the longer barrel models are most often made from leather.

Is it compatible to hold other gun models too?

Unlike with some other weapon models, Ruger Mark holsters tend to be made specifically for certain Mark models. Quite often, several Mark models and variations are accommodated by a single holster. Generic holsters for Ruger Mark models are not commonplace.

Is there a way to adjust the fitting of the gun inside the holster?

Few holsters adapt to fit the weapon more securely because of the holster being made for the Mark III specifically. What is most important is to select a holster that’s suitable for the barrel length of your Mark III to avoid any issues.

Other Holsters for the Ruger Mark III


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Pro-Tech Holster for Ruger Mark III with 4 to 4 1/4 barrelPro-Tech Holster for Ruger Mark III with 4 to 4 1/4 barrelCheck Price
image of Ace Case Mark III HolsterAce Case Mark III HolsterCheck Price
image of Fobus Concealed Carry Paddle HolsterFobus Concealed Carry Paddle HolsterCheck Price


1. Pro-Tech Holster for Ruger Mark III with 4 to 4 1/4 barrel


Pro-Tech Holster for Ruger Mark III with 4 to 4 1/4 barrel


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Pro-Tech produces a wide select of similar looking Cordura ballistic nylon holsters for many gun models. The situation is no different here. Their ambidextrous holster clips onto the waistband with a rugged clip that won’t let you down. It’s designed to hold the Mark III, plus one or two backup ammo clips too, without it moving around uncomfortably.

The material is a ballistic nylon on the exterior, followed by a vinyl barrier that soaks up moisture. Then an inner padding follows, with a soft nylon lining for the interior. There is a spring-loaded action thumb release. The stitching is made from bonded nylon and double-stitched at critical points.


  • Lightweight waistband holster
  • Ballistic Nylon exterior material with Velcro strap
  • Ambidextrous fit for right and left-handed people
  • Front situated magazine holder
Custom fitting for Ruger Mark II and Mark III models fitted with laser sight or Tac lightNot as durable as a leather holster
Moisture separation layer between the interior and exterior layersLeather material is better in colder temperatures
Soft interior nylon liningCustom attachments likely won’t fit
Spring-loaded thumb break
Bonded Nylon stitching that’s double-stitched at critical points

2. Ace Case Mark III Holster


Holster Ruger 22:45 Mark III 5 1:2 barrel


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The Ruger Mark III holster from Ace Case is a concealed carry product that is designed to be worn inside the waistband or on the belt. It has a universal design that works on either side of the body for left and right-handed people. The two-inch long clip is sturdy and unlikely to break.

The Cordura Nylon outer material, matched with a smoother faux leather, is a robust combination. Interior lining is soft and smooth for cleaner draws. There is a belt loop to support belts up the two inches wide to fit the holster outside the waistband for open carry options.

Ace Case Mark III Holster – Features

  • Ballistic nylon and faux leather finish
  • Ambidextrous side holster for Mark III
  • Concealed carry holster
  • Compact holster with less reduced weight
Wear on left-side or right-side of the pantsNo ammo cartridge pouch
2-inch clip that’s moveable across to the other side of the waistbandMay slide around on the belt a bit
Belt loop behind the clip for open carry situations
Snug fit to secure the weapon
Inner lining offers quicker draws
Made in the USA

3. Fobus Concealed Carry Paddle Holster


Fobus Concealed Carry Paddle Holster


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The Fobus Concealed Carry Paddle Holster is a right-handed version of this holster that fits on the belt (there is a paddle version too). It is an injection-molded holster that doesn’t require oil or to breathe like leather holsters sometimes do. Maintaining the holster is a simple matter of washing it gently in the soapy water.

This holster uses passive retention because it lacks a pressure-button release mechanism or a retaining strap over the handle. The result is a faster draw than possible with a leather holster with a strap.


  • Injection mold holster for the Mark III
  • Slide the belt through holster’s belt loops to fit
  • Non-fussy product for everyday use
Faster action from unobstructed drawWill not accommodate a scope or other attachment
Adjust the fitting manually to secure the weapon more snugglyNo concealed carry
Easier to clean and maintainNo cartridge pouch for ammo
Wears better than leather over the years
No nonsense holster with a professional appearance

Ruger Mark III Holster Review – Conclusion

The Classic Old Western Styles Mark IV Mark III COWS Belt Holster is the one we preferred for a Mark III with a long barrel. It has quality leather and is ideal for different weather conditions. It is a right-handed model, so left-handed gun owners will need to choose a different holster.

The Pro-Tech Holster for a Ruger Model with 4 to 4 1/4 barrel is a good second choice for models of the Mark III sporting a much shorter barrel. It is very affordable and has an ambidextrous fit.

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