Our Complete List of Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers [2022 Review]

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Over time, moisture and other environmental factors can cause metals to rust or corrode. This is a big concern for gun owners as firearms can rust if you don’t keep them dry.

The resulting degradation can be detrimental to both the cosmetic and structural integrity of your firearm.

Luckily, there are several ways to dehumidify your safe. There are currently two kinds of dehumidifiers available:

  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Electric dehumidifiers


The desiccant dehumidifier is ideal for those who don’t have an electrical outlet by their safe or prefer not to drill holes in their safe.

The desiccant dehumidifier serves as a sort of sponge, sucking up moisture from enclosed areas. Top desiccant dehumidifier brands can be effectively used for months on end.

An electric dehumidifier remains the more popular option among consumers. The only downside here is that you will have to have wires running out of your safe.

Both kinds of safe dehumidifiers are readily available and perform the same task. No matter which kind you decide to go with, you’ll be able to find the best dehumidifier for your needs after reading our list of the best gun safe dehumidifiers of 2017.

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Top 5 Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

  • Lockdown Silica Gel Can
  • Lockdown Original Dehumidifier Rod
  • Goldenrod Original Gun Safe Dehumidifier
  • Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier
  • Peet Dryer
1image of the Barska Biometric Gun Safe
Lockdown Silica Gel Can
2image of the Lockdown Original Dehumidifier Rod
Lockdown Original Dehumidifier Rod
3image of the Goldenrod Original Gun Safe Dehumidifier
Goldenrod Original Gun Safe Dehumidifier
4image of the Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier
Afloia Gun Safe Dehumidifier
5image of the Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier
Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier
6image of the Peet Dryer
Peet Dryer

1. Lockdown Silica Gel Can – Best Value Choice

This is my top pick for dehumidifiers for no other reason than it’s cheap, easy to use and can fit into a gun safe of any size.

For those going the desiccant route, this one is my number one recommendation. It is perfect for smaller gun safes such as those you keep revolvers in. It can be recharged in a household oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Lockdown Gel Can gets a four star rating on most consumer websites. It contains silica beads which change color when they’ve absorbed all the moisture they can handle. So you’ll know when the moisture is cleared up.

The silica gel can generally retails for around $12-14, making it slightly more affordable than other brands.

If you go with this option, be sure to recharge it prior to putting it in your safe. The beads should be dark blue to indicate that it’s ready to accept absorption. When the color changes to orange, it’s time to recharge.

2. Lockdown Original Dehumidifier Rod

This original electronic model is a bit larger than its desiccant counterpart, but it’s easy to install thanks to its quick plug attachment. It helps to maintain the temperature within your gun safe too.

By circulating warm air throughout your safe, the dehumidifier rod prevents condensation from forming and wards off humidity. This one comes with mounting brackets so that you can attach it to the bottom of your safe.

Another pro to this one is the separate plug attachment which enables you to cut the wire to your desired length before connecting the plug.

Additionally, you will never have to worry about the dehumidifier overheating as it only releases enough heat to keep your safe dry.

The only drawbacks here are the cheap plug (which, fortunately, can be easily replaced by visiting a hardware store and purchasing one of better quality) and the fact that it’s a bit pricier than their desiccant model, retailing at $19.99. The rod can also be hot to the touch.

But it never gets too hot to cause a fire and it’s fairly affordable compared to some of the other dehumidifiers on this list.

3. Goldenrod Original Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Like the Lockdown Original, this Goldenrod model comes with a detachable plug for your convenience. It can cover 100 cubic feet of area and will heat your safe to 70 degrees.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that you get a quality product and won’t have to worry about replacing it at any point.

The Goldenrod dehumidifier bests the Lockdown Original in that it never gets too hot to touch. What’s more, it is able to drop humidity to museum level, eliminating humidity by 50%. It’s also similar to the Lockdown Original in terms of price with most retailers.

Our readers should be advised that you will have to purchase more than one Goldenrod Original if you have a large safe.

4. Browning Safes Everdry Electric Dehumidifier

This electronic dehumidifier comes with a removable cord for easy installation. While it has often been compared to other models like the Goldenrod, you’ll find that it’s actually much more affordable and safer when handled.

Unlike other models, the Browning Safes Everdry Dehumidifier never gets hot to hold. It does, however, have a shorter warranty period than others I’ve listed here, suggesting that it doesn’t have the longevity of its competitors.

While it certainly works, many consumers have said that they need to run other dehumidifiers in addition to their Browning Safes dehumidifier.

Another negative here is the price as most sellers is a little higher for the electric model. Considering that the other dehumidifiers on this list tend to receive better reviews and cover more ground, this one may not be the right dehumidifier for your needs.

5. Peet Dryer

PEET is a company that has a solid reputation for being a purveyor of drying products. Their dehumidifier is designed to sit upright in the corner of your safe.

This differs from other dehumidifier rods and should give the buyer confidence, knowing that the corners of your safe will be protected against unwanted moisture.

After it’s plugged in, the Peet dehumidifier heat begins to rise from the top of the unit. Another interesting thing to note is that their dryer does not have a fan, so you won’t have to be annoyed by any humming, buzzing or airflow.

The only downside to this one is that the instructions are difficult to understand. Fortunately for consumers, there are several helpful video tutorials available online.

Useful Accessories

Keeping your firearms in the best gun safe will keep them in good condition, but additional measures should always be taken to maintain optimal integrity. These dehumidifiers can get the job done, but there are other useful tools for proper upkeep.

Pistol racks, organizers and alarms are some other helpful accessories. You can also install a light on the inside of your safe.

There are many great lights on the market, especially LED lights which can last for more than six months, depending upon how often you access your safe.

Browning offers a light kit for $70 that consists of six tubes with mounts. It’s AC powered and has a 30-60 delay once the safe is closed.

Organizers are available in a variety of forms from panel organizers to door organizers. Liberty panel organizers sell for around $80 and come with 3 quick draw holsters, choke tube holders, cool pockets, mesh storage pockets and zip pockets.

Cannon’s Gun Safe Door Organizer sells for $34.74 at Home Depot and has 6 pistol holsters. It has an easy hook system for mounting and several mesh pouches for ammo storage, etc.

Other popular options include pistol hangers and stands. Pistol stands generally sell for $20-30 apiece and can hold as many as four to six handguns.

One extremely helpful option is an alarm which will alert you via email and/or text message if someone accesses your safe without your permission.

Liberty Safe offers its SafAlert Gun Safe Alarm System for $149.99 with free lifetime monitoring. It’s a smart alarm system that sends alerts via email, text, iOS, and Android apps.

However, some reviewers have suggested that SafAlert is inferior to other systems such as Nest Cam, pointing out that Nest Cam doesn’t sound false alarms and actually enables you to see and hear what’s happening during a burglary via their app.


As we’ve seen, there are a number of great gun safe dehumidifiers and gun safe accessories to choose from. While the Lockdown Silica Gel Can is my top pick for the best safe dehumidifier of 2022, there are lots of alternatives out there that may be right for you.

When selecting your gun safe dehumidifier, be sure to consider a few important factors. Think about what your budget is, what you need to use the dehumidifier for, how large your gun safe is, and whether or not you may require more than one dehumidifier to cover more ground.

Everyone’s needs are different, but hopefully, this list will help you make the right choice for your personal preferences. Happy hunting.

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