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Taurus 740 Slim Holster Options – Best of 2024

Pro Carry Taurus 709 740 Slim Holster

You have several options in today’s market when it comes to selecting a top-notch Slim Holster for a Taurus 740. But when considering all aspects, which one comes out on top? Based on a host of product features and benefits to the gun owner, the best option would appear to be the Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster.

Among the advantages this holster provides you are a quicker draw versus leather, no required maintenance and a lifetime warranty.



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Best Holster Options for the Taurus 740


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Fobus Evolution Taurus 740 Paddle HolsterFobus Evolution Taurus 740 Paddle HolsterCheck Price
image of Cloak Tuck IWB HolsterCloak Tuck IWB HolsterCheck Price
image of Pro Carry HD leather Conceal Carry Gun HolsterPro Carry HD leather Conceal Carry Gun HolsterCheck Price
image of Pro Carry LT Gun HolsterPro Carry LT Gun HolsterCheck Price


1. Fobus Evolution Taurus 740 Paddle Holster


Fobus Evolution E-2 Paddle Holster For Taurus 740 Slim


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A lightweight holster that features a steel reinforced rivet attachment as well as a protective sight channel. The paddle’s rubberized insert furnishes you with both comfort and stability.

A tension adjustment screw built into the holster allows for personal customization regarding ease of presentation and retention security, combining to facilitate functioning with a passive retention design.

The rubber backing does a solid hob of stabilizing the holster against the body.




The gun locks into the holster securely.

Commonly recommended for Open Carry and Range Use.

One Fobus holster user offers these comments, “Holds your Firearm tight till you need it. Comes out clean. Your Firearm also goes back into the Holster well.”

Another owner adds, “The Fobus design is smart and simple, that provides a positive grip and clean draw for a OWB holster.”

2. Cloak Tuck IWB Holster


Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster for Taurus 740 Slim


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This inside the waistband hybrid holster does a superb job of concealing your gun and is comfortable. It features a fully changeable plastic shell and comes with either nylon or steel clips fitting belts up to 1 3/4 inches. If you’re looking for added discretion there are also nylon “C” clips and “J” clips available.

Provides positive retention along with a smooth and easy draw.



User comments range from “My first conceal holster. It disappeared with only a t-shirt on and the custom adjustments make for a superior product” to “It was a little uncomfortable and a little stiff, but then-like an old baseball glove-the leather softened up and started to form to my body. After the first week, this holster was so comfortable, I didn’t even know I was wearing it.”

3. Pro Carry HD leather Conceal Carry Gun Holster


Pro Carry Taurus 709 740 Slim Holster


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This is a heavy duty inside the waistband holster which is reinforced with double stitching at the stress points. Made of Grade A leather it provides you with a very deep concealment of your weapon.

Firm retention and the leather has a nice feel and is comfortable.

“Wears comfortably”, “Nice holster, comfort, finish overall” and “This Holster fits my Slim like a glove.” are some of the comments that owners are making about the Taurus PT740 Slim Cloak Tuck IWB Holster.

You may also want to be aware that many satisfied users have registered initial observations similar to this one, “Fits great but it’s super tight when you first get it” along with “They are quite stiff when first received, but if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wrap your weapon in wax paper and leave it in the holster for 24-48 hours, it will fit perfectly.”

4. Pro Carry LT Gun Holster


Custom Pro Carry LT Leather Taurus 740 Slim Holster by The Holster Store


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This is an inside the pants, clip-on ultra lightweight holster. The finished leather shell also has a smooth leather lining which helps make for a fast and smooth draw. Designed for comfort whether you’re standing or sitting, this 100% made in the USA cowhide holster is double back stitched at the stress points for maximum durability.

One key feature of this holster is that it can be worn securely with out without a belt as it clips firmly to the top of the pants, a well.



Owners are saying the following about their Taurus 740 Slim Right Hand Pro Carry LT Gun Holsters:

“Fits very snug and not bulky. Buy a left hand if you want to carry on your back.”

“Soft leather and it fits the Taurus like a glove. I am impressed it fits very comfortably in hot weather…Love it!” ()



Other Options on the Taurus 740 Slim Holsters Market


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Fobus SWSRB Roto Evolution Series Belt HolsterFobus SWSRB Roto Evolution Series Belt HolsterCheck Price
image of Hip Holster for Taurus 740 SlimHip Holster for Taurus 740 SlimCheck Price
image of Nylon Belt or Clip on Taurus 740 Slim HolsterNylon Belt or Clip on Taurus 740 Slim HolsterCheck Price


1. Fobus SWSRB Roto Evolution Series Belt Holster


Fobus Roto Holster for Taurus 740 Slim


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The Evolution is billed as “the next step in the advancement of holster development”. It is lightweight and includes steel reinforced rivet attachment and a protective sight channel. User dissatisfaction points to the holster being quite bulky and that is may protrude from the body.


  • Will fit with Walther PPS / CZ 97B / Taurus 709 Slim, 708, 740.
  • Lifetime Warranty-Every All Fobus product carries a 100% Customer Satisfaction “no questions asked” policy.
  • Patented Locking Adjustment System
  • One-piece holster body construction.
  • Passive retention design.
  • Paddle includes a rubberized insert for comfort and stability.
  • Tension adjustment screw allows for personal customization of presentation and retention security.
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system.
  • Protective sight channel.
  • Potential discrete concealment issues.
  • Roto-mechanism design may cause holster to extend too far away from body for undetectable concealment

2. Hip Holster for Taurus 740 Slim


Federal Holsterworks Hip Holster for Taurus 740 Slim


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This product combines the rugged stability of a belt holster with the convenience of a clip-on. The composition and hand finishing contribute to a strong, good looking and long wearing holster. User feedback indicates that there is the potential for the metal belt clip to be unstable.


  • Multi-layer nylon cushion fit design molds itself to shape of your gun.
  • Ambidextrous and may be worn either left or right handed.
  • Belt loops on both sides.
  • Sturdy, high carbon black metal clip may be moved from side to side.
  • Polyslide sight channel, soft nylon lining and reinforced thumb break provides quick release and smooth draw.
  • Thumb break positioned across the hammer instead of the grip for natural feel and positive draw.
  • Standard extra magazine pouch mounted on front channel of holster.
  • Constructed using only top grade and new materials.
  • No surplus automotive foams, fillers or liners.
  • Nylon exterior resists scuffs, abrasions and moisture.
  • Interior features smooth nylon lining and closed cell foam moisture barrier.
  • Sewn using nylon thread and edgebound with nylon binding tape.
  • Double needle stitching provides approximately 14 stitches per inch reinforcement.

3. Nylon Belt or Clip on Taurus 740 Slim Holster


Nylon Belt or Clip on Taurus 740 Slim Holster


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One of the more highly regarded nylon gun holsters on the market. The inner layer is padded and the soft nylon aids in protecting the gun’s finish. This holster has been considered not suitable for a concealed weapon because it may carry too bulky.


  • Will fit Taurus PT-709 SLIM and PT-740 SLIM.
  • Sturdily constructed.
  • Metal clip with side to side mobility.
  • Extra magazine pouch on holster.
  • Outer layer of Cordura nylon.
  • All Velcro covered with webbing keeps dust and lint from collecting on holster and helps preserve clean finish.
  • Strong integrated double stitching at all holster pressure points.

Wrapping it Up – What’s the Best Taurus 740 Slim Holster?

Bringing it all back full circle now, your most sound bet overall for the best holster in this highly competitive market is the Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster. Owners consistently beat the drum for this lightweight holster in terms of it being quicker on the draw than is leather.

This holster features an uncommon steel reinforced rivet attachment as well as a protective sight channel. The paddle’s rubberized insert provides the owner with desired comfort as well as reliable stability. The tension adjustment screw incorporated into the holster allowing you to customize presentation and retention security is a considerable advantage.

And certainly another strong suit lies in the fact that it requires no maintenance. Add in the reassuring bonus of a lifetime product warranty on the Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster and you’ve got yourself a gun holder that is genuinely tough to beat.

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