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Best Survival Food Brands for Emergency Situations

You already know that emergency kits should obviously include survival food. But, what type of food? For any survival situation, you’ll need emergency food supplies that are practical for on-the-go situations.  Below we’ve listed some of the best survival food brands for prepackaged freeze-dried foods.

Now, the quantity of food you’ll need will depend on a number of things. Firstly, how many persons are moving? And is each member of your party able to carry their own several-day food supply? This will basically determine how much food you’ll need.

Secondly, are you going to be camping in one place? If yes, you can easily pack foods that would last you for more than 72 hours. If you’re concerned with saving space, then freeze-dried meals is the way to go. They are lightweight and can last a couple of years.

You can either make your freeze-dried foods yourself or buy them prepacked.

Mountain House

mountain house food pack

Mountain House is one of the ideal food brands for any survival situation. They are a brand of backpacker’s food, with meals containing two fairly large portions. You can make your choice from their varieties of freeze-dried foods, such as Mountain House Chili Ma with beef, Mountain House Beef Stew, etc.

There are also snack and breakfast options. The price of each meal ranges anywhere from $6 to $51.

Wise Company 52 Serving Prepper Pack 

Wise Company is a well-known brand in the survival foods market. The Wise Company 52 Serving Prepper Pack comes in 240-serving survival packages, 120-serving breakfast buckets, and 60-serving protein packs.

The 52 serving prepper pack comes in flavors, such as apple cinnamon cereal, savory stroganoff, creamy pasta with vegetables, and southwest beans and rice. It also comes with an orange drink and whey milk alternative. This is your best bet, if you plan on staying in one place.


goodto go products

Goodto-Go is somewhat similar to Mountain House, in terms of style. The major difference is that Goodto-Go offers more gluten-free and vegetarian options. Some of the choices here include Thai curry, herbed mushroomrisotto, Pad Thai, and Mexican quinoa bowl. Their meals normally cost around $14.

Best Tasting Survival Food Brand – Valley Food Storage

Valley Food Storage products

Valley Food Storage offers emergency food kits with no artificial ingredients, fillers, or GMOs. Their meals have good options for those with special dietary requirements. Valley Food Storage comes in various sizes, according to individual needs; there is a one-month, three-month, and six-month supply. You also get some veggies and fruits, in addition to what’s in the meals.

American Red Cross 4 Person 72 Hour Food Supply 

American Red Cross 4 Person 72 Hour Food Supply

The American Red Cross Food Supply offers enough survival food kits for four persons during a 72-hour period. Meal options include black beans and rice, macaroni and cheese, cheddar and broccoli rice, chicken and vegetable stew, and cheddar cheese grits.

The meals are designed in such a way that each person gets at least 2,100 calories per day. This can only suffice if you’re staying in one place, otherwise, you may have to bring additional food.


Aside from the above-mentioned brands, a lot of options abound for freeze-dried meals. You just have to calculate how much food you need and choose the one that best fits your survival situation.

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Alex Joseph is an avid bow hunter and father of two boys. Originally from Tacoma, Washington. Alex now resides in California.

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