Best Holsters For the Glock 43 [Our Top 4 Choices 2020]

LAST UPDATED: November 20th 2020
GUIDE: Chris Browning

After reading hundreds of reviews, talking to loads of experts on the Glock 43, and many hours spent reading through the extensive forums dedicated to this gun, we’ve managed to narrow down the best holsters available.

If you are looking for the best all-round holster for your Glock 43, get the Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster. Proudly made in the USA, this holster simply offers the best compromise between weapon retention and lightning-quick draw speeds.

Combined with the huge adaptability of this holster, we are confident that even the most discerning Glock 43 owner will find everything they need in this holster.

Concealment Express have quickly built an enviable reputation for their holsters, and it is easy to see why when looking at this product. As their name suggests, they design holsters that offer superior concealment qualities. This design philosophy carries over into this holster, which in managing to conceal a bulky Glock 43 achieves quite a feat.

However, this holster offers far more than just a low-profile carrier that will hide your weapon. It also includes many safety features typically only found on huge holsters much larger and more expensive than this one.

Add this to the fact that the holster is composed entirely of Kydex, and therefore likely to last for a lifetime, and you have yourself one hell of a holster.

In terms of disadvantages, in truth we can find very few bad things to say about this holster. It is not, as you can see, the most minimal of devices. If you like to carry your pistol around in a tiny leather pouch, this is not the holster for you.

However, in our humble opinion, it is dangerous to carry a powerful handgun like the Glock 43 in such a holster, and without preaching at you, we strongly discouraged it.

Our Review Process

But why should you trust us? Well, here at Gun News Daily we have an expert on every possible accessory for your handgun, know plenty of people who are crazy about guns, and also know plenty of people in the industry. Many of us have worked with guns for many years, and when we are not writing about them we are out using them.

For my own part, I’ve been reviewing holsters, scopes, and other accessories for longer than I care to remember. I humbly consider myself an expert on what features should be included on these items, and what not.

I see reviews like this as a way of cutting through the marketing hype around a new product – what a holster manufacturer, for instance, regards as the next big thing is often just an extra annoyance for many users. I’ve come to believe that simplicity in design is the thing to aim for, and it’s his philosophy that guides this review.

For this review in particular, I spent days reading through every review I could find online and in magazines, and contacted the people who had written them to get more information. I also talked to some experts on holster design, and especially on the materials used to make them – I possibly now know more about Kydex than any one else alive!

Then, we ordered a set of holsters and tested them. Obviously, we could not test every holster with every gun, because despite our best efforts we don’t yet own every single handgun produced in the US. We gave it a good shot, though.

Obviously, everybody has different preferences when it comes to their holster. Different people like different carrying angles, for instance, and some simply love the feel of leather and hate any kind of synthetic material. I’ve tried to take a range of views into account, but my recommendations and opinions remain mine.

Is the Concealment Express Holster Right For You?

Whilst the Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster is our top pick for a holster for the Glock 43, it is not for everyone.

First of all, note that it’s an Inside-Waist-Band holster. One of the perks of this job is hearing the OWB vs. IWB argument every time I review holsters, and hearing the passion that some people can put into their choice. I’ve chosen an IWB holster because I think that’s what the majority of people prefer, in truth, though I know that are others who swear by OWB items.

Secondly, whilst this holster is pretty good at concealment, it is not the kind of minimal pouch favored by those who want to conceal their weapon under the lightest shirt. That said, there are many ways you can conceal your firearm even with bulky IWB holsters.

Those two things out of the way, I would say this holster is suitable for almost everyone else who wants a solid holster for their Glock 43. The variable cant means that whether you are using your Glock for competition, hunting, or simply personal protection, you can set it up in a way that suits you.

This holster also – strangely, perhaps – had the fatest draw speed of any that we tested. Whilst this may sound strange for a bulky Kydex item, bear in mind that draw speed is always more dependent on practice than anything else, and it might just be that we at GND are more used to this kind of rigid, IWB holster.

Glock 43 Holster Reviews

Product Specs

Concealment Express

IWB Holster



Product Features

IWB Kydex holster

Small but powerfull

Variable Cant

Wow. This is, simply put, the best all-round holster we’ve come across for the Glock 43. Whilst some other holsters offer better concealment, or more protection for your weapon, with this holster Concealment Express have achieved a perfect mix of features that will please even the most discerning Glock 43 owner.

One of the joys of the Glock 43 is that it is powerful enough to give you a lot of stopping power, whilst also being just about small enough to carry concealed. This is the reason why it is such a popular choice amongst those who carry a gun for protection.

This holster makes the most of these features, holding a bulky Glock 43 securely, and protecting it from the environment, whilst also being slim enough to be concealed easily.

In addition, this holster has several huge advantages over the competition:

  • First off, let’s talk about the materials used here. Kydex, as used in this holster, is truly an amazing material. The reason why it is so good for holsters is that it can be molded to precisely the same shape as your Glock 43, ensuring a tight fit. The .08” Kydex used here, at the risk of sounding like a geek, is my favorite grade – thick enough to feel solid and rigid, whilst also thin enough to give the holster a slim profile.
  • Though this holster is sold as an IWB holster, and excels when carried in that configuration, it can also be used in other ways. The adaptable clip can also be put into use to carry your Glock 43 on your appendix, or on the small of your back. This is ideal if you carry your weapon both around town and out hunting, as it will never be in the way.
  • The no-nonsense design of this holster actually has great advantages in terms of durability. Too often, manufacturers feel obliged to pack their holsters with lots of small, sticking-out pieces of plastic which supposedly help the user but in fact merely snap off in everyday use. This holster is sleek, with no parts that will become weakened over time.
  • The variable cant on this holster can be varied between 0 and 15 degrees, and is an extremely simple and durable mechanism. If you own a Glock 43, it is likely that you take your draw speed and accuracy extremely seriously, and therefore have a particular cant that you like. No fear here – this holster will accommodate whatever weird shooting style you’ve built up over the years!

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • At the risk of repeating myself, let’s just say that having a gun as big as the Glock 43 tucked inside your waistband doesn’t leave much space for your … other equipment.
  • If you’ve added after market accessories to your Glock 43, such as sights, they will not fit in this holster.

All in all, in my opinion this holster offers the best compromise between all the features you should expect in a premium holster for your Glock 43. Even those who have been shooting with this weapon for a while will, I think, be pleasantly surprised by how easy this holster is to set up and use.

And that is the reason why, if you are looking for the best holster for your Glock 42, this is the one to get.

Product Specs


Paddle Holster



Product Features

SERPA Safety System

Quality Polymer

Variable Retention System

Ah, BlackHawk. Let me first say that I was really torn between this and the Concealment Express holster above as to who the winner would be in this review. In truth, this BlackHawk holster does almost as well as the Concealment Express item, only failing because I felt the build quality was ever so slightly lower than in the competition.

But let’s start with the good stuff. One amazing thing about this holster is that you have a choice as to whether to mount it on your belt loop or on a paddle. If you haven’t tried a paddle holster, do it, as they offer several advantages over more traditional holster designs. This holster is a great example of those – when on the paddle, your Glock 43 is held precisely where you want it, and never slips around even if you are running.

In addition, this holster has several huge advantages:

  • The passive retention screw used here is becoming a feature of most high-end holsters, and I’m really glad about that. I know that a lot of people complain about screws like this, but in my experience those people merely haven’t set up their holster correctly. If you are setting up a gun for competition, having a variable retention system like this is absolutely required.
  • The Serpa safety system remains a marvel. Whilst some other manufacturers have tried to copy it, in my opinion no other safety system is as good just yet. Pushing the release with a straightened finger, towards the ground, unlocks the weapon, and it will slide out easily. Whilst this may sound like it will reduce your draw speed, it will not – after even a dozen draws, you will be so used to it you will not think about it.
  • And in terms of draw speed, this holster is also great. The casing is cut right down on the leading edge of the weapon, allowing you to start to bring the muzzle forward almost as soon as you grab it, giving you a few extra milliseconds when it really counts.
  • The people we talked to for this review also praised the durability of this holster. It will last for years, they said. Given the thickness of the Kydex the holster is made from, I don’t doubt them, though as I said above the material here perhaps feels a little less rugged than on the Concealment Express holster.

The cons of this holster are pretty minimal, but might annoy some people :

  • Some people told me that this holster can be difficult to remove, because the clip really holds onto your pants. Personally, I think this indicates that the holster is secure, and if you can’t get it off when you want to, it’s going to be impossible for it to come off accidentally.
  • The forward part of the holster is pretty big, I assume because some professionals have a suppresor fitted on their Glock 43. For the rest of us, this adds a little extra unnesseccary bulk to the holster.

In conclusion, this would be the best holster for your Glock 43 if the Concealment Express holste didn’t exist. It has all the features you would expect from a modern holster, is built well, and will give you super wuick draw speeds once you get used to the locking mechanism.

If you are looking for a holster to set up your Glock 43 for competition, in particular, this is the one to go for.

Product Specs


Paddle holster



Product Features

Low Pricing

Safety Features

Variable Cant

Considering the price, this holster offers amazing value. Whilst, at this price, you would not expect the kind of advanced features of some high-end holsters, Cytac have done a pretty good job at incorporating useful features into a budget holster.

When I’m looking at cheaper holsters, the first thing I always look for are the safety features – cutting these down tends to make holsters cheaper, but at the expense of safety. It goes without saying that a holster that allows you to accidentally shoot yourself is not going to get any recommendations from me.

I’m pleased to say that with this holster there are no such worries. The whole package feels secure, and the fact that this holster completely covers the trigger mechanism on your Glock 43 means that the risk of accidental discharge whilst drawing it is limited.

In addition, this holster has a number of advantages:

  • Amazingly for a budget holster, this holster actually has an infinitely variable carrying angle. This means that it is really adaptable, and can be carried in several different configurations. It also means that if you have got used to a particularly strange carrying angle, you can replicate your weird shooting style on this holster!
  • The paddle here, whilst not the best example of its type, is pretty good. It is not too small, which is the mistake many budget paddle holster manufacturers make, and so holds the weapon pretty securely against your body. In fact, if you haven’t used a paddle holster before and want to give it a try, this holster could be a good way of doing so.
  • The no-nonsense design of this holster actually has great advantages in terms of durability. Sometimes all you want is a holster that will hold your gun still and let you get on with your day, and this one does that. The slightly thinner materials that this holster is made from, whilst perhaps making it a little less durable than some others, mean that it is admirably lightweight.
  • The locking system here, whilst it has nothing on the SERPA system of the Blackhawk holsters, is pretty good. Of course, if you are determined to shoot yourself you can still do so, but an attacker will have a hard time getting your gun off you if it is in this holster.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, it’s an OWB holster, and is pretty hard to conceal. Concealment is perhaps possible if you wear a really baggy shirt, but if you like to carry your pistol in deep concealment this is not the holster for you.
  • The draw is not the smoothest. The holster seems to hold on to your pistol for just a little too long, and even after a bit of practice I was not able to get used to this.

For the price, very good. It’s nice to see that even budget holsters can come with pretty advanced locking mechanisms, albeit ones that get in the way a bit. If you are looking for a holster for open carry, and don’t mind a few niggling faults, this is the holster for you and your Glock 43.

Product Specs

Alien Gear

IWB Holster

Leather / Kydex


Product Features

Professional IWB Holster

Custom made for Glock 43

Highly Adaptable

High-End Price Range

This is an IWB holster for the true professional. Alien Gear tend to win a lot of our reviews on Gun News Daily, and when testing this one out I found out why. It is bigger than all the other holsters I tested for this review, but still manages to stay pretty concealed, and also offers a whole host of other features that are simply beyond the reach of the other holsters.

I’m not sure where to start, but let’s mention the materials first. The core of this holster, for instance, is made of spring steel and ballistic nylon, which means that it will flex but not warp.

What this means in practice is that the holster will simultaneously fit to your bodyshape without moving around at all. Over this core, there is a layer made of a proprietry thermoelastic polymer, “Alien Skin”, which grips your pistol just enough to hold it in place whilst still allowing you to draw it quickly.

In addition, this holster has several huge advantages over the competition:

  • Though this holster is available for a staggeringly wide array of weapons, each retention shell is custom made for your weapon. This is perfect for Glock 43 owners, because th unusual dimensions of the weapon can sometimes make finding a perfectly-fitting holster difficult. No such problems here.
  • This is an IWB holster, and despite seeming quite large, conceals really well. Though it looks big, the flexible materials are actually quite slim, and when worn fit themselves very well to the shape of your body, meaning that even in hot climates you should be able to ide your Glock 43 pretty well.
  • This holster offers all the adaptability you could possibly need. The cant angle can be adjusted, as can the ride height. This is one of the reasons why this holster is used by so many law enforcement professionals, who spend many hours practicing on the range and need their weapon to be at just the right angle in those dangerous situations.
  • Last but definitely not least, let’s mention Alien Gear’s customer aftercare. With this holster, you get a lifetime of retention shell swaps, an amazing offer from a company who wants to make money! The reason is that, even if you change from your beloved Glock 43, buying this holster means you are buying a holster “for life”, so if you upgrade your gun Alien Gear will upgrade your holster for free.

All that said, as with any holster, this one has some cons also:

  • Well, the price. This is the most expensive holster we found for the Glock 43, which is in itself quite an expensive gun. That said, it’s also the best.
  • That’s it. I tried to find something else bad to say about this holster, but I can’t!

If money is no object to you, get this holster. It will conceal your Glock 43 really well, whilst also holding it securely in place and impriving your draw speed. It’s comfortable to wear even in the hottest climates or the longest hikes, and will last essentially forever.

Whilst the Concealment Express holster above is the best value holster I reviewed for the Glock 43, this is the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Glock 43 has a sight fitted. Will it fit in these holsters?

The answer, sadly, is no. Whilst there are holsters available that will accommodate Glock 43s with sights, these tend to be bespoke items that are hard to find for most people. It is possible to get an open-topped holster that will allow you to keep the sight on your Glock 43, but in truth we don’t recommend this.

If you are carrying concealed, it is probably best to take your sight off and get a holster that will hold your gun well.

  • How are these holsters in terms of concealment?

All of the holsters above, except the Cytac product, offer fairly good concealment. Keep in mind that it is not only the holster that is a factor in concealing your weapon – the clothes you where and even how you wear them can also play into this.

If you are really into concealed carry, or are lucky enough to live in a hot part of the country, there are of course more minimal holsters available, but these are typically less safe than those holsters above, and only recommended for expert weapon handlers.

  • Will these holsters work without a belt?

Not very well, in truth. It might just about be possible to have the waistband of your pants holding up you Glock 43, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Ultimately, the point of a holster is to hold your weapon in precisely the same place all day, and if your pants are slipping down that is not going to happen no matter what holster you buy.

Final Thoughts

Which holster you need for your Glock 43 depends, to a huge extent, on how you use it. No review can tell you the absolute best holster for your needs.

If you only carry your Glock 43 sometimes, it could be worth going for a slightly cheaper holster, though in my opinion this is something of a false economy – if you’ve already spent the money to get a serious weapon like the Glock 43, get something serious to carry it in.

If you already own a Glock 43, I’m assuming that you want to carry it concealed, at least sometimes. For this reason, I’ve largely chosen holsters that will allow you to do this. However, bear in mind that no matter what holster you get, you will give away the fact that you are packing unless you are clever about hiding your gun.

Beyond this, I know that many people care about their draw speed, and the holsters above generally allow a quick draw once you get used to the locking mechanisms in use. The first time you use a new locking mechanism, of course, you are likely to draw pretty slowly, but practice and you will soon improve. This is the case with all the holsters we tried above.

All this said, in my opinion, if you are looking for the best all-round holster for your Glock 43, get the Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster. Proudly made in the USA, this holster simply offers the best compromise between weapon retention and lightning-quick draw speeds.

Combined with the huge adaptability of this holster, we are confident that even the most discerning Glock 43 owner will find everything they need in this holster.

4.7/5 (3 Reviews)


  1. The choices you fellas made here tells me you have never spent time with a professional instructor. Theres a ton of reasons why no trainer allows Serpa holsters in their courses. A Cytac holster with the little locking mechanism is just as bad. You gotta take a course and read some more articles on those things.
    Hybrid holsters have serious flaws too.
    Amazingly your Concealment Express holster is the only choice here thats acceptable at all.

  2. Guess you overlooked the alien gear which doesn’t have the mechanical retention system as the Blackhawk. Ive used the CQC for years without failure or impediment. It’s the same argument of a carry weapon having a manual safety vs no safety.

  3. I purchased a Cytac Holster for my Sig Sauer P365 and agree completely with your review. The Cytac Holsters are not only one of the best OWB holster options but one of the only holsters on the market that has both a 360 degree adjustable cant and a level II retention feature in the same holster.

    If you want to use a cross draw arrangement for driving, you need to find a holster that allows adjusting the holster cant (negative cant) so you can draw across your lap while having the handgun aimed toward the likely source of the threat which is the driver’s side window.

    The Cytac holster allows 360 degree adjustment of the holster cant and once set, the holster stays in that position. Once in that position though you want to make sure the handgun does not slip out of the holster; to control this the Cytac holster has a level II retention feature. The holster has a lever that on holstering snaps the handgun into the holster. To draw the holster you simply lay your finger along the outside of the holster which releases the lever and allows you to draw the holster. I have found this works very well. Lastly Cytac described the polymer used in the holster as Military Grade Polymer. I agree there is no plastic feel here; the material is very strong and should last for years. Thanks for identifying the Cytac holster as a great option.


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