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Best Sig P320 Holster – Our Picks

Comp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB Hybrid Holster in 2017

So you have recently purchased a Sig Sauer P320. Excellent choice!  You’re not alone. The P320 recently became the US Army’s new service pistol, having won the Modular Handgun Program testing competition. Now you need a holster for your Sig P320.

The Sig Sauer P320 is a striker fired, polymer framed pistol similar to the Glock family, Springfield Armory XDS series, and Smith and Wesson M&P pistols.  So there are lots of holsters to choose from. We narrow down and review the best Sig P320 holster options.

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What To Consider When Shopping for a Sig Sauer P320 Holster

The Sig P320 Design and Shape

The P320 is a modular pistol design that offers some truly unique features. The fire control group inside of the P320 is the serial numbered part of the gun.

Per ATF regulations, this means the trigger group itself is the actual firearm, so all of the other components of the pistol can be changed. This setup makes it so the user can have one fire control group that is a full-sized .40 S&W pistol, a compact 9mm with a long or short grip, and subcompact .357 sig, all with one serial number.

All of these options simply by swapping grip frames, slides, barrels and magazines.

P320 Grip and Slide Length

The P320 has four different sizes of grip unit: full size, carry, compact, and subcompact. These each correspond to a slide length: full size, carry/compact, and subcompact.

The full size slides and barrels only work with the full size grip. Likewise, subcompact grip frames only correspond with sub-compact slide assemblies.

Each of the sizes is also available in different circumference modules, to account for the differences in human hands. The .40 S&W, 9mm and .357 Sig all use same size grip frames, while the .45 ACP uses a separate, larger frame.

Firing Mechanism

The P320, like the Glock, Smith and Wesson, and Springfield pistols, is striker-fired, meaning the striker acts as both the hammer and the firing pin. Depressing the trigger allows the striker to slam forward into the firing pin.

Most striker fired guns use a trigger that is two separate pieces that hinge together. These are in effect two stage triggers; the first step hinges the trigger together to allow rearward travel, the second stage fires the gun.

The P320 has a striker mechanism that is partially cocked by the trigger stroke, thereby eliminating the two piece design of the others. This gives the pistol a trigger more like a DA revolver, relatively long and heavy yet consistent and clean.

Sig P320 Uniqueness

The P320 is also unlike other striker fired pistols in that the trigger need not be depressed in order for the gun to be broken down. This is a first development among striker pistols, as Glock, Springfield XDs, and Smith and Wesson M&Ps have always required the user to depress the trigger to release the striker prior to disassembly.

This has led to many negligent discharges, through poor training on the part of the user. Proper safety includes always being aware of the status of your weapon’s chamber, magazine well, and magazine at all times period.

The Best Holsters for the Sig Sauer P320 [Our Top Picks]

The best concealment holster for the Sig P320 is the holster that offers the user the most desirable features, in a high-quality holster at a reasonable price. All holsters require that we give up something that we want in order to get something else.

The really good holsters offer the most benefits for the least sacrifice, and can do more for the user than their price would suggest. Holsters that are highly adaptable to the task at hand, and can be worn in more situations than they must be changed out are the holsters that fare well in the quest to be the best.

Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Comp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB Hybrid HolsterComp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB Hybrid HolsterCheck Price
image of Black Point Tactical Mini Wing IWB HolsterBlack Point Tactical Mini Wing IWB HolsterCheck Price
image of SigTac Paddle Retention HolsterSigTac Paddle Retention HolsterCheck Price

1. Comp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB Hybrid Holster


The Comp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB Hybrid Holster is Available for  all of the P320 variants


image of a button check this price


The Comp-Tac MTAC Premier IWB hybrid holster is made of Kydex and leather. Available for  all of the P320 variants,the MTAC is designed to be worn behind the hip at the 4 or 5 o’clock position.

The back of the holster is top grain cowhide, so it is comfortable against the body. The body of the holster is made from Kydex to provide rigidity and a custom fit for each firearm.

The MTAC is available for all three Sig P320 slide length variations; subcompact, compact, and full size. The Kydex body of the MTAC holds its shape when the pistol is drawn for ease of re-holstering.

It uses interchangeable Kydex bodies, so multiple different firearms can be used with the same holster. the MTAC attaches to the wearer’s belt with two clips to distribute the weight of the pistol evenly on the belt.

The clips offer multiple different mounting holes, so the holster is quite adjustable for height and cant. There are several different belt attachments available, including hidden Velcro straps for attaching to the inside of a belt.


2. Black Point Tactical Mini Wing IWB Holster


the Black Point Tactical Mini Wing IWB Holster offers custom made Kydex holsters for compact and full sized P320 pistols


image of a button check this price


Black Point Tactical offers custom made Kydex holsters for compact and full sized P320 pistols. One of the most interesting aspects of the Black Point IWB holster is the mini wing design. The holster has leather wings to allow it to flex and move.

This flexibility gives the user multiple options for cant, ride height and position on the body. By changing the location of the screws on the wings, the user can customize the position of the holster on the belt.

The Black Point Tactical Mini Wing IWB holster can be adjusted to allow the user to carry in comfort in multiple positions; from appendix, to 3 o’clock, behind the hip, or even small of the back.

In addition to the many carry options, Black Point Tactical also offers customization of the holster’s colors. The front and rear Kydex panels are available in more than 20 colors. The leather is available in five colors.

The mini wing holster comes with the user’s choice of metal or plastic loops. Also an extra set can be added for just $10.

3. SigTac Paddle Retention Holster


The SigTac Itac Defense Roto Retention Paddle Holster was designed for the P250, however like the majority of such holsters this one accepts the correspondingly sized P320 as well


image of a button check this price


Another low cost concealment holster available for the P320 full size and compact pistols is the SigTac Paddle Retention Holster.

This holster was designed for the P250, however like the majority of such holsters this one accepts the correspondingly sized P320 as well. The SigTac paddle holster is a slim profile, minimalist paddle holster. While some paddle holsters are not noted for their deep concealability, this particular model is quite slim and unobtrusive.

The SigTac paddle is right hand only and features adjustable retention via Allen key. The active retention system is disengaged via the trigger finger during the draw stroke. This method of retention is not only quite secure, it also arguably increases safety by forcing the trigger finger to remain straight. At least until the pistol is free of the holster.

At around $25 on Amazon, this holster is relatively inexpensive and appears to be durable, with the added advantage of being a Sig supported product. The paddle also rotates 360° to fit every application and is made from durable high-impact polymer.

Best Sig P320 Holster – Conclusion

After comparing all of the holsters above the Comp-Tac Flatline emerged as the best overall holster. However, Comp-Tac stop making this holster for some reason. We did find some places to buy. The Comp-offers outstanding adaptability which is very important in a good holster.

The design is flat and minimal combined with adjustable retention. The Flatline has all the right features at a great price. It is useful in the widest variety of conditions among P320 holsters.

This holster is versatile enough to wear inside the belt or outside. Also on either side of the belt, in multiple different height and cant positions. Combining all of these features with high quality at a $54 price tag makes the Comp-Tac Flatline the top concealment holster for the P320.

The Sig P320 is an outstanding pistol for concealed carry or uniformed duty. The US Army and the civilian market have recognized the potential of the platform. The holster makers have responded to the demand.

Whether your pistol is a full size, compact or subcompact, there is a great holster on the market for you.

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  1. Anyone know of a good IWB holster that covers the mag release? The 320 has a prominent mag release that when worn close to the body, in some situations, can activate. Most holsters do not cover it.

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