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1911 Cross Draw Holster – Guide to Choosing the Best

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band 1911 Cross Draw Holster

If you own a 1911 pistol, the cross draw holster you choose for it will speak volumes to your general defense capabilities. Getting the proper load-bearing harness for your handgun is something that requires a lot of thought and consideration. It is always important to carry your gun in the same position to ensure that you are able to retrieve it at a moment’s notice.


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1911 Cross Draw Holster Quick Pick

Are you looking for a holster that will give you the freedom of carrying different guns for different situations and still feel comfortable?  The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry is our top pick in this list for the best 1911 cross draw holster.

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band 1911 Cross Draw Holster


The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band 1911 Cross Draw Holster is made of neoprene


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This belly band holster is made of neoprene, which is soft material that is gentle on your skin unlike all the others that are made of elastic.

With ComfortTac ultimate bellyband holster, you don’t really need to get limited to your wardrobe choices. A flexible size surgical grade elastic can fit all sizes of pistol up to 1911. However, if you want it for small pocket size pistol, you should ensure tis safe and conveniently easy to draw.


1. Flexible

While you may require more hand movement to get your gun out, this holster is perfect when you are in a seated position. If you are a driver you will appreciate the fact that you can draw your gun without bumping your elbow on the backrest of your seat.

2. Better retention

The perfect retention of your gun is critical. It is important to ensure that you gun can stay in the holster after use. If you have tried martial arts, you will preferred this type of holster because you can use your arm to protect the gun from being grabbed by your opponent easily. You can also easily draw your gun and use it.

  • Made of neoprene material
  • Convenient for all wardrobe choice
  • Right and left hand draw holster
  • Surgical grade elastic holster
Gentle and comfortable to skinThe restraining strap clip makes it hard to draw the gun with one hand
Does not require extra belts to fitDoes not have lots of carrying positions for conveniences
Both right and left hand draw convenience
Convenient for all pistol sizes

Things to Consider when Choosing a 1911 Cross Draw Holster

There are several things you must have in mind when choosing a 1911 Cross Draw Holster. Your holster is an investment and you therefore need to ensure you get the best for yourself.


The first thing you want to ensure is that the holster you get has a concealment. When you are dealing with a threat, concealment gives you the advantage of surprise against your adversary. If you are out walking in public, it prevents people from calling the police on you because they saw you with a weapon.


The holster you choose should allow you to draw out your gun quickly and easily. The holster should allow you to have a complete hold of the gun. It should also allow you to release any retention devices quickly. The drawing pattern should be a straight line from drawing you weapon to pointing it to your target. This makes it easier for you to get your target easily.


The last thing you a want is a holster that is comfortable for you. The size you get needs to fit you easily. You will be wearing this holster everyday all day long. You don’t have to keep remembering that you are carrying a weapon with you. In fact, unless you are in danger, you don’t have to keep holding it or adjusting it.


Of course there is also the issue of retention. After a confrontation, you want to be able to return your weapon in your holster. If your holster is difficult to open or does not have a great retention mechanism, you risk dropping your weapon.

You will therefore be in danger if your opponents pick up the gun before you do. There is also the risk that you will lose your weapon anywhere.


You don’t want to be buying your gun a new holster too often. This is therefore an investment you will be making for your gun. You need to ensure the manufacture you buy from makes their holster from high quality materials.

The materials used will ensure that your holster will last for decades without showing any signs of aging. With the right one, you will only change it because you got bored not because it was damaged.


There are a lot of accidents that could occur if your trigger guard is depressed. It is therefore critical to ensure that your trigger guard is protected. The material around it needs to be rigid. This will ensure that nothing that presses against the guard can depress it.

You should also check whether the design is made in such a way that it can easily disengage the safeties of the gun. If it does, you should find another holster. This is because if you are engaged in any strenuous activity and there is a blow to the holster, your weapon could fire while in the holster.

You should also ensure that the position of the holster allows you to retrieve your gun safely.


Because you will be carrying your gun with you every day, you need to ensure that the gun can easily attach and detach from your clothes easily. This means if you are in a hurry, you will not opt to leave it as opposed to attaching it to your clothes.


When buying a holster you need to consider what gender you are. Men and women face different challenges because of their physical structure, their strength and the size of their hand.

You need to ensure that the manufacture you choose can make a holster that is suitable for your gender. This will make using it easy for you. You will also not have to make too many adjustments to ensure the holster works for you.

Other 1911 Cross-Draw Holster Options

While we are fans of the belly band holster from ComfortTac, there are other options that might suit your needs better.


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Belly Band Gun Holster With Dual Magazine PouchBelly Band Gun Holster With Dual Magazine PouchCheck Price
image of Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Leather HolsterRelentless Tactical The Ultimate Leather HolsterCheck Price
image of 1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way 1911 Cross Draw Holster1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way 1911 Cross Draw HolsterCheck Price




Alpha Holster Belly Band Gun 1911 Cross Draw Holster comes with Dual Magazine Pouch


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This is one of the best 1911 cross draw holsters you can find. When you carry your firearm around, you want something that will keep it compact close to the skin that no one can tell you have a gun with you.

This is what this belly band gun holster with dual magazine pouch does. It ensures you feel secure all times. Its USA made with ventilated elastic material therefore ensuring that your gun is safe even when you put on a tucked in shirt. It has a strap that fastens over the gun thus making it convenient even for a small size firearm.

It has pockets on both sides and can be used for both right and left hand carrying for easy drawing. Ti is lightweight and you can have it on even when your activities involves running. The magazine pouch ensures you are always loaded with enough bullets for the day always.

Alpha Holster Belly Band Gun 1911 Cross Draw Holster – Features

  • Retention straps for gun
  • Fits all guns
  • Versatile
  • Dual magazine pouch
  • Ambidextrous left/right hand draw
  • Breathable elastic material
Convenient for any wardrobe selectionIts slightly expensive
Fits all guns
Secure retention straps
Both side pocket for right or left hand draw
Numerous wearing positions



RELENTLESS TACTICAL THE ULTIMATE LEATHER 1911 Cross Draw HOLSTER is made with High quality leather material



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Your handgun is essential and when you carry it with a cheaply made holster, you will are asking for all kinds of issues. Therefore, you need to ensure that you set your eyes on the best 1911 cross draw holster to feel the confidence of carrying your gun around every day.

For this reason, this ultimate leather gun holster form relentless tactical is one of the best holsters available for all your gun needs. It’s made of highest USA quality leather and you can wear it with a concealed belt.

It has three slots to ensure all your carrying requirements are sorted. Once you wear this ultimate leather holster, you are secure and safe every time you need to draw your gun and its versatility keeps you comfortable always.


  • Maximum comfort with effective concealment
  • Pancake design versatile 3 slot
  • High quality leather material
  • Fits most 1911 perfectly
Convenient and comfortableThe gun does not sit on the safely position all time
Durable leather material
3 slot for all carry situations

3. 1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way 1911 Cross Draw Holster


1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way 1911 Cross Draw Holster has 3 different CCW positions


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If your work involves sitting and lots of driving, then you need to ensure that the holster you buy meets your daily regulations. This 1791 GUNLEATHER is one of best choices you can make in selecting a convenient holster for your 1911 handgun.

It’s made of leather material for longevity and convenience all time. When sitting, you can easily draw your gun without having to stand and when driving the gun sits conveniently where you can access it safely without interfere the seat belt functions.

It’s made of finest and top-grade American steer hide wet molded to ensure it fits all your weapon specifications.

It has a leather flap on the back that wraps it around your belt to hold firmly.

1791 GUNLEATHER 3-Way 1911 Cross Draw Holster – Features

  • Finest quality steer hide wet molded
  • 3 different CCW positions
  • Ambidextrous draw
Comfortable and convenient even when sitting or drivingDoes not fit some full Size Models
Quick draw designMagazine release button maashed on some models
Durable material

1911 Cross Draw Holster – Final Thoughts

Getting the right holster is just as important as getting the right gun. Given the fact that it is the first line of defense for yourself, it is critical to ensure that you get the right one. The ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for concealed carry is the perfect holster for people who want their weapons concealed.

It allows you to have your gun at a place where you can easily retrieve it. The ComfortTac 1911 Cross Draw Holster is also made from high quality materials ensuring that you will not be buying a new one so. It color, black, ensure that no matter which color the top you wear, people will not notice that you are also wearing a holster.

Its flexibility, high quality material make and the fact the it allows for great retention makes it perfect for any 19111 gun owner.

To see more holster reviews, you can visit this page.

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