GLOCK 22 VS. GLOCK 23 – Handgun Showdown Round 1

The Glock 22 and Glock 23 are two of the most popular “plastic” handguns on the market. Both are very reliable handguns as both are manufactured by Glock, a company known for their products’ legendary reliability. Both are also chambered for the .40 S&W, a handgun caliber developed specifically for law enforcement and self defense.  […]

Cobra FS 380 vs. Cobra CA 380 – Handgun Showdown Round 5

Cobras. People with ophidiophobia fear them. Snake charmers love them. But we are talking about two snake related fire arm in this Cobra FS 380 vs. Cobra CA 380 article. Snakes being associated with firearms are nothing new. Elite revolver enthusiasts swear by and drool over their snake guns — the Cobra in .38 Special […]

GND Popup Giveaway Final 1

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