Arms Preservation Storage Bags

Arms Preservation Anti Corrosion Gun Storage Bags

If you own a lot of firearms, you probably aren’t going to be using all of them regularly. In my experience, most people have a small set of guns that they regularly use, and the rest just lay in their gun safes, sometimes collecting dust and corrosion. For any serious gun owner, proper storage is essential. To properly store a gun, you need to achieve these goals. Firstly, your guns should be out of reach for children, while being easily accessible if required. Secondly, the guns should be protected from environmental factors like moisture, and dust, which can lead to corrosion, and damage to the gun itself. Lastly, your gun should be safe from thieves.

The first and last goal can be fulfilled with a good gun safe. However, to keep your guns protected from damaging agents that are found in the environment, you need to have proper gun storage bags. Arms Preservation Inc has a wide range of excellent gun storage bags that are ideal for both long and short-term storage.  They have velcro storage bags for both pistols and rifles. They also offer liners for ammo cans, which can be used for long-term storage of Ammunition.

Pistol Storage Bag

11x15 Velcro Storage Bag (CCW)

The pistol bag is 11×14 inches in size and can be used to store any sign from a polymer frame compact pistol to a large metal revolver, or full-sized pistol.

Rifle Storage Bag

14x49 Velcro Storage bag (Tactical)

The rifle storage bag is 14×49 inches in size, and it can be used to store rifles, shotguns, and any other long gun. The bug is big enough to store most rifles, even some long sniper rifles.

Gun Ammo Storage Bag

Lastly, Arms Preservation Inc also offers bags for Ammo storage, their 50 caliber ammo can liner is an excellent option for storing large amounts of ammunition. It can be used to store any caliber, and other small gun parts and ammo reloading supplies as well.

50cal Can Liner Bag

The velcro gun storage bags from Arms preservation Inc keep your guns safe and easily accessible as well. Unlike most competitive products in the market, you don’t have to heat seal the bag or zip it shut. The velcro can be opened instantly to access your gun if you need it. It is designed to offer a tight seal as well. This will keep your firearms safe from damaging factors in the environment.

Moreover, they have a Non-abrasive interior. Which means that you can keep optics, flashlights and other accessories mounted to your firearms while storing them. The specialized interiors of these bags keep your firearms and the mounted accessories safe from VCI (Volatile corrosion inhibitor) molecules. They are designed to keep your firearms in perfect condition for years.

So. If you want to keep your guns protected, and have the peace of mind that they won’t be damaged in storage, then these affordable gun and ammo storage bags from Arms Preservation Inc are perfect for you.

Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph is an avid bow hunter and father of two boys. Originally from Tacoma, Washington. Alex now resides in California.

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