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The Best Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365

Sig Sauer P365 pistol

The Sig Sauer P365 is a slim handgun that is a solid option for concealed carry. If you plan to add it to your collection, in addition to the weapon, you’ll likely need a holster to go with it. The type of holster that is perfect for you and your weapon comes down largely to personal preference.

However, when shopping for holsters for your Sig Sauer P365, it is necessary to consider material, ease of access, price, and fit for your weapon. Ideally, you want a holster that is made specifically for the weapon you are looking to carry and this includes the P365.  Below is our review of the best holsters for the SIG Sauer P365.

As a highly reputable company, SIG Sauer is known for making high-quality guns, and the P365 is no exception. You will just need a high-quality holster to go with it. Below is a list of some of the most popular holsters for Sig Sauer P365. All the holsters below are made specifically for this weapon, so you shouldn’t have to worry about fit.



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Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun HolsterSig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun HolsterCheck Price
image of Fobus Holster: Appendix Holster Adjustable Belt Clip AmbidextrousFobus Holster: Appendix Holster Adjustable Belt Clip AmbidextrousCheck Price
image of Safariland #7378 7TS ALS Concealment HolsterSafariland #7378 7TS ALS Concealment HolsterCheck Price
image of Muddy River Tactical: OWB Water Buffalo Leather HolsterMuddy River Tactical: OWB Water Buffalo Leather HolsterCheck Price


Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun Holster


Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun Holster


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The first on our list is the Black Point Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun Holster. This holster was designed by Sig Sauer for the P365 in collaboration with Black Point Tactical.

This holster is meant to keep your weapon concealed comfortably inside your waistband (IWB). The included strut is designed to draw the weapon closer to your body to minimize printing while wearing.

While this included and installed strut is meant for appendix carry, it can easily be removed and replaced with the other spacers included with the purchase of this holster. This will allow for IWB carry in other positions that may be more comfortable for you.

As far as materials go, the Sig Sauer P365 IWB Handgun Holster is made entirely of Kydex, except for the Philips-head bolts screws and bolts. Kydex is a type of thermoplastic used in many holsters and sheaths. It is used commonly because it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and has a low amount of friction when your weapon is removed. All in all, this will be an excellent concealed carry holster for the SIG Sauer P365 and will make an already small gun even easier to conceal on your person.


Comfortable for everyday wearDifficult to tuck in a shirt while wearing
Designed specifically for concealed carry of the P365Can pinch when re-holstering
Installed strut reduces printingRelatively expensive
Waterproof and scratch-resistant


Fobus Holster: Appendix Holster Adjustable Belt Clip Ambidextrous


Best Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365


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This holster from Fobus is part of their Appendix Series. While it was designed specifically for the ever-growing popularity for appendix style carry, it can be easily customizable for other carrying options.

This holster offers adjustable passive retention, allowing for comfort as well as maximum concealment. It also has something called a “concealment wing” that draws your firearm even closer to your body to reduce printing. If this is not something that you need, it is also easily removable.

In addition to all the features above, the Fobus Appendix Holster also has an adjustable belt clip so that you can find the perfect fit, no matter the belt or pants that you are wearing. The included rotating J-clip allows this holster to be completely ambidextrous for both right and left-handed users.

A sweat guard is also included with your purchase of this holster to keep you dry and comfortable for all-day wear. This holster also comes in at an amazing price, so you are not breaking the bank to carry your weapon with you safely and comfortably. In addition to their appendix holsters, check out the ankle holsters from Fobus as well.


Adjustable passive retentionBulky with concealment wing and sweat guard both attached
Virtually silent drawNot as comfortable for all-day extended wear
Protected sight channel
Includes concealment wing and sweat guard
Ambidextrous use


Safariland #7378 7TS ALS Concealment Holster


Safariland #7378 7TS ALS Concealment Holster


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The Safariland #7378 7TS ALS Concealment Holster is a great option for a Sig Sauer P365 concealed carry. The P365 is already one of the smallest micro double-stacked pistols on the market, and this holster will make it easy to carry outside of the waistband.

This holster is equipped with the unique and state of the art Automatic Locking System (ALS). This makes your holster extremely safe and easily operable in any situation. The ALS system secures your weapon automatically upon holstering.

While this may seem like an inconvenient trait for drawing your weapon, it has a natural draw that requires only a small swipe of the thumb. Not only is it instinctive and easy to use, but it is also difficult for someone else to take your weapon away from you while you are wearing it.

This holster is made of is the patented SafariSeven material. This material is a non-marking nylon blend that protects your firearm from scratches. It is also designed with raised interior stand-offs that allow for moisture and dirt to quickly clear from the holster.

Users love how rugged the SafaraiSeven material is and how comfortable this holster is to wear on a long day. It conforms well to the hip and leg and has a smooth, and natural release.


Automatic Locking SystemDifficult to get on and off the belt
Made of SafariSeven materialSteep cant angle
Safe and easy to useRe-holstering can require some adjusting
Comfortable enough for all-day wear


Muddy River Tactical: OWB Water Buffalo Leather Holster


Muddy River Tactical OWB Water Buffalo Leather Holster


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The last on our list is the Muddy River Tactical: OWB Water Buffalo Leather Holster. This holster is different than all the others on this list. It is handcrafted from real, high quality, water buffalo leather.

More specifically, this leather is 11-12-ounce natural water buffalo leather that is both extremely durable and incredibly soft. Because of the soft, natural leather, this holster is quite possibly the most comfortable option for all-day concealed carry.

This holster is designed to be worn outside of the waistband (OWB), which can be worn concealed carry contrary to what some may think. This Muddy River Tactical OWB Water Buffalo Leather Holster has a cant angle of 10 degrees forward.

This makes it more comfortable to wear, and easier and more natural to draw your weapon from. Since this holster is made of natural materials, it’s fitting process is highly unique. The company, Muddy River Tactical, begins the molding process for your holster, however, it is not completely fitted for your weapon upon arrival. This allows for your holster to mold perfectly, over time, to your unique body, firearm, and positioning.


Made from the highest quality water buffalo leatherDoes not fit weapon initially—needs breaking in
Extremely comfortableSlightly large for concealed carry
10-degree cant angle
Molds specifically to your style of carrying and weapon



As with many things, it is best to try out these holsters in person to see if you like how they feel and release for your P365. You may or may not have an idea of your preferences already.

If you are able, order multiple to try and return the ones you don’t like. Or, head to a store that sells these holsters to try them out in person before purchasing.

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