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What To Know About Reloading and Concealed Carry Ammunition

What To Know About Reloading and Concealed Carry Ammunition

Reloading your ammo is a satisfying trade to learn. Many people who reload start with handgun ammunition before they reload rifle ammunition. If you want to reload and have a concealed carry, you may ask yourself if you can reload your concealed carry ammunition at one point or another. Learn what you need to know about reloading and concealed carry ammunition before you start.


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Reloading Tools

Before you begin, consider the plethora of reloading tools you will need to invest in. If you’re on a limited budget, a single-stage press will work for you. Although it’s more tedious and doesn’t have the bells and whistles, it will get the job done just fine while also being cost-efficient. You will need shell plates, dies, a case neck brush, and case lubricant, among other tools. Keep in mind that people purchased primers in bulk due to the pandemic. Although production companies may have more back on the shelves now, they may still be difficult to come by. Expect to see prices a little higher than pre-pandemic.


Your fate may rest in the hands of your ammunition. Consider these important factors when you choose your CCW ammunition if you decide not to reload it. Whether you reload your ammunition or buy it straight from production, there is always a risk of a bad round. If you decide to reload your concealed carry ammunition, you need to pay attention to detail. Commit to making your rounds as perfect as possible. Don’t risk your life because of a sloppy reload.


From reload purchases to attention to detail, prepare to spend a big chunk of time on reloading. The more time you spend on it, the more you may appreciate and perfect the craft. However, if time is limited for you, this may not be a good route for you to take. Evaluate how much free time you have. If you have room in your schedule and the confidence, learn this rewarding craft.

Consider the number of tools you’ll need and the time it will take to reload. Most importantly, decide if you have the confidence and precision to create a bullet you can place your safety in. There’s a risk with any bullet, but you may have more confidence when you know exactly how your bullet was made and that you created it. Take into account these matters about reloading and concealed carry ammunition.

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  1. I found it interesting that the one issue that this article didn’t address is that of civil or criminal liability. In most cases, I think it’s a bad idea to use reloaded ammunition for personal defense use. I have had extensive training in lethal force law and policy.. And most instructors held the view that using reloaded ammunition opens you up to a possible issue if you ever have to defend yourself in court. For example, the prosecuting attorney might argue, “no no ladies and gentlemen of the jury come up regular ammunition wasn’t enough for Mr. Ellis. He had to go in his basement and brew up some super duper, Megadeth dealing rounds.” In other words, they could argue that regular ammunition wasn’t enough for you and try to get intent butent out of the fact that you made your own “”super killer” rounds. Although it’s remote that a jury would actually buy this, I wouldn’t put it past most juries today. Although I reload my own ammunition for practice practice, I use factory ammunition for personal defense and carry. That way, if you have to defend your ammunition choice in court, you can always say, “I went with what local law enforcement carries.” I always run at least 2 magazines of my defense load through in each practice session. I know defense rounds can be very expensive nowadays, but if you only do it a couple of magazines at a time and regularly rotate your carry ammunition, it’s not that bad.

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