Simmons Scopes Review (2023) – Worth the Money?

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For over 30 years, Simmons has been an established leader in high-quality riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars. The American based company is also marketed by Vista Outdoor, whose brands include Bushnell, CamelBack, Weaver and more.

A low budget brand, Simmons has made a name for itself by proving that successful marketing tactics geared at hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts with a bare-all approach results in tremendous success and productivity. Since the 1980’s, the well established brand has introduced top quality optical instruments with extreme durability.

If you’re looking for rugged, reliable optics at a price that won’t break the bank, Simmons Optics are a solid choice. With state of the art rifle scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars, plus other dependable shooting and hunting gear, you really can’t go wrong with Simmons.

For decades, outdoor sports enthusiasts and hunters have looked to Simmons for exceptional optical innovation plus rugged and reliable durability. With accuracy when it matters the most coupled with original features and stunning performance, Simmons’ line of rifle scopes outsmart competitors’ scopes in the same league.

If you’ve been searching and searching the rifle scope industry for a rifle scope with an attractive price tag in addition to all the requirements on your checklist, you’ve just found one with a distinguished reputation and it’s truly ahead of its class.

Simmons brands of scopes come completely equipped with decent adjustments, a wide range of power and exquisite in lenses, not to mention unparalleled reliability. Tack on an affordable price and soon you’ll be ready for another outdoor hunting/shooting adventure with your new trusty rifle scope/companion.

Simmons is without a doubt a reputable and notorious source for providing exactly what you need without charging you a year’s salary. It’s true, optics are becoming high-end, high-value products and their costs reflect the same trend. Bells and whistles aside, Simmons scopes offer you just that — without the extravagant price tag.

And while the Simmons company stays abreast with the competing trends of igneous standards, they maintain their prices with the numbers that hunters, birders and shooters want to see. This brand is your best bet if you’re seeking high-quality features in a user friendly, budget friendly optic. But whatever your price range — high, low or in between, you can be sure Simmons has a rifle scope that meets your needs.

Please see below where we take a look at some of their top brands…

  • Simmons .22 Mag 3-9×32 Rifle Scope Review
  • Simmons .22 Mag 4×32 Rifle Scope Review
  • Simmons .44 Mag Scope Review
  • Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope Review
  • Simmons Blazer Spotting Scope Review
  • Simmons 20 60×60 Spotting Scope Review
  • Simmons Prosport 20-60×60 Spotting Scope Kit Review
  • Simmons ProDiamond Shotgun Scope Review

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Simmons .22 Mag Series Riflescopes

Simmons .22 Mag series rifle scopes continue to be America’s most popular rimfire scopes. Constructed with one-inch tubes, fully coated lenses and one quarter-MOA click adjustments, the Simmons .22 mag series is durable and rugged. Available for almost any hunting application as well as being redesigned, Simmons’ scopes are ready for just about any hunting application.

Need a scope for  your rimfire or high caliber rifle? shotgun or pistol? Not to worry — Simmons has you covered. The .22 Mag series also features True Zero Flex Erector System for a non-shifting point-of-aim at all magnifications as well as adjustment settings, and the Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece. With the handy QTA, your eyepiece will become a fast-focus system allowing more reliable target acquisition through its expanded eyebox.

Simmons .22 Mag 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

For big league optics it might be the best rimfire scope, Simmons .22 Mag 3-9×32 is in a class by itself. Featuring Sure Grip  rubber surfaces on all power rings, the .22 Mag has proven to be popular among rimfire enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Along with Simmons’ patented True Zero adjustment system, the Mag 3-9×32 provides exquisite light transmission, glare control and crystal clear clarity. Another unique feature of the .22 Mag 3-9×32 is the True Zero dial design uses a ball bearing and spring detent system. It expertly provides audible clicks, proving that the optic is a trusted performer time and again.


  • Exceptional quality with fully-coated optical glass lenses
  • Includes rimfire 3/8 – inch dovetail mounting rings
  • Parallax correction preset
  • Quality HD optics
  • HydroShield lens coating
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces to make adjustments easy
  • Eye-catching design
  • Tough and reliable
  • True Zero windage and elevation dials
  • One-piece tube construction to ensure lighter handling
  • Waterproof/fogproof/shockproof
  • Comes with a complete set of mounting rings
  • QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece

Simmons .22 Mag 4X32 Rifle Scope

Featuring Simmons’ True Zero adjustment system and QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece, Simmons .22 Mag 4×32 rifle scopes deliver uncompromised results. Easily distinguished from the competition, this rifle scope is made with the Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece and offers plenty of eye relief, which makes acquiring targets fast and easy.

The Simmons .22 Mag rifle scopes provide exceptional light transmission, contrast, glare control, and clarity equal to, or better than, any scope in their class. Simmons .22 Mag 4×32 rifle scopes are equipped with SureGrip adjustments to allow for easy transitions and adjustments adding to this rifle scope’s excellent and affordable features.

Available in black matte, silver matte, or black gloss finish, each Simmons .22 Mag rifle scope comes complete with a set of rimfire rings. For enormous optics in a rimfire riflescope, Simmons .22 Mag 4×32 is a great investment.

  • One-piece tube construction for greater strength and durability
  • Fully coated high-quality optical glass for bright, sharp images
  • Waterproof/fogproof/shockproof
  • 50 yard parallax
  • Truplex Reticle
  • True Zero Flex Erector System
  • QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece
  • HydroShield lens coating for high contrast views
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces-easily adjustable in all weather conditions

Simmons .44 Mag Rifle Scope Review

Signature .44 Mag rifle scopes from Simmons provide multi-coated optics with huge 44-millimeter objective lenses — perfect for the clear, wide field of view that hunters really crave.

Featuring Quick Target Acquisition (QTA), eyepieces, the .44 Mag is designed for just that — rapidly fast target procurement.

The True Zero windage and elevation adjustment system offers 1/4 and 1/8 MOA fingertip adjustments and a Truplex reticle. In addition, the one-piece tube offers less weight and extra durability and is waterproof, fogproof and recoil-proof. The Signature Mag .44 Riflescope also features 4x to 12x adjustable magnification for a close-up view without forfeiting the wide-angle field range.


  • Multi-coated, high-quality optics
  • One-inch tube construction
  • 3.75-inch eye relief
  • Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece with fast focus
  • Waterproof/fogproof/shockproof/recoil-proof
  • Objective lens diameter: 44 millimeters
  • Truplex reticle
  • Weight: 13.3 ounces
  • Backed by Simmons full warranty

Simmons Whitetail Classic

While this Simmons Whitetail is solid in its own right, it’s debatable in whether this scope lives up to its former classic iteration. With durable, strong construction, this 13.75” rifle scope is just as reliable as other Simmons scopes, and is one of the better-looking models I’ve seen, and is lightweight for its size.

Designed for hunting, deer hunting specifically (it’s in the name, duh), the Whitetail boasts a large field of view with a Truplex reticle. With 6024 x 50 mm magnification, the picture stays clear and high-contrast, even in low light environments, unlike other similarly-priced models that are useless after dusk.

With this Whitetail model, Simmons figured out how to build well-fitted adjustment knobs that easily click into place and feel solid, with easily adjustable side focus for an upgraded optic experience that you don’t often get in this price range.


  • Bright view even in low light
  • Comes with rings included
  • Special optic configurations for deer hunting
  • Side focus and adjustment knobs are smooth and easy to manipulate


  • Attractive matte finish easily scratches off near bearings and knobs
  • Some report feeling worried about recoil due to having to put eye fairly close into scope


Simmons 510513 Truplex Riflescope, Matte, 3-9x40mm

Simmons 510513 Truplex Riflescope

If you’re looking for an affordable, bare-bones rifle scope that doesn’t sacrifice quality, this Simmons Truplex riflescope is a great set-it-and-forget-it scope. While there are some setbacks that you can expect from a scope in this low price range, this Simmons has a surprisingly clear, high-quality image, with a high-contrast Truplex reticle and quick target acquisition that is easy on the eyes, unlike other plain-jane rifle scopes that are fuzzy and hard to focus.

One solid aspect of this Simmons rifle scope is its ability to hold its zero. If you’re looking for low-maintenance elevation and windage adjustments that stay put even between uses, this guy has a great rep for a solid, no-drift zero. Unfortunately, the Truezero windage system, while staying locked and stable even under stress, can be difficult to set, with the advertised “audible click” seeming like a bit of an exaggeration.

All in all, this Simmons model is durable and extremely reliable for its price range. Fully-coated optics are weatherproof, shockproof, and fog proof, leaving a clear 3-9×40 mm clear image with quick target acquisition, great for beginners and enthusiasts of all kinds.


  • Amazing optics for the price
  • Solid, no-drift zero on weathering and elevation adjustments
  • Clear picture
  • Fast focus, easy on eyes
  • Durable


  • Need to buy rings/weavers separately
  • Tracking takes elbow grease

Simmons 8-Point Rifle Scope Review

The eight point rifle scopes from Simmons offer more high-quality features than any other in its class. If you want fully coated optics and brighter, higher contrast images, consider Simmons 8-point for your next rifle scope.

All models come fully equipped with 1/4-MOA SureGrip audible click windage and elevation adjustments for easy tweaks. Sturdy one-piece tube construction is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

Select models offer the True Zero windage and elevation adjustment system and QTA eyepiece for easy target acquisition.


  • Waterproof, shockproof and fogproof
  • Fully coated optics
  • Audible-click windage and elevation adjustments
  • Magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Variable objective diameter: 40mm
  • Field of view: 31.4 feet at 100 yards
  • Truplex reticle
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Eye relief: 3.75 inches
  • Weight: 10.7 inches
  • Overall length: 12 inches
  • Tube diameter: 1 inch
  • Variable click adjustments
  • Waterproof/fogproof
  • Limited lifetime warranty by Simmons
  • High-quality optical glass and fully coated optics deliver bright, sharp images
  • HydroShield lens coating helps maintain a clear image regardless of weather conditionsSimmons SureGrip rubber surfaces make the Simmons 8-Point Scope one of the easiest and quickest scopes to adjust under any shooting conditions

Simmons 8-Point 3-9×40 Riflescope

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9X40 is a practical, solid and durable rifle scope for any hunter or target shooter. Consistently receiving high praise online, it’s an affordable scope (under $100!) with premium features.

The 8-Point 3-9X40 model offers the Truplex reticle featuring a crosshair which reaches to the top, bottom, left and right of the lens. Fully coated optics and multi-coated lenses enhance bright, clear and crisp images on this model for the perfect photo every time.

As always, Simmons thoroughly test their rifle scopes so they can effectively market to all types of firearm users. In addition, Simmons also makes rifle scopes for shotguns and handguns, but the 8-Point 3-9×40 is geared towards the rifle user.

To further complement the above features, this scope also uses the fast focus eyepiece system (also known as the European style system). Becoming more and more popular, this fast focus eyepiece can quickly focus in your reticle. The end result? You get a positive target acquisition quicker than ever before.


  • Simmons’ Truplex reticle for clear and crisp cross hairs in any shooting/hunting situation
  • Fully coated lenses for rich color contrast and extremely bright images
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and recoil-proof to endure even the most rugged hunting conditions and extreme weather.
  • 1/4 MOA clicks with True Zero windage and elevation adjustments
  • QFA eyepiece for quick focus and easy target acquisition
  • Magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Variable power
  • Objective Diameter: 40 mm
  • Length: 12 inches
  • Tube diameter: 1 inch
  • Field of View: 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 3.75 inches
  • Exit Pupil: 3.6mm to 10.7 mm
  • Truplex reticle
  • Fully coated optics
  • Black matte finish
  • Waterproof/shockproof
  • Best used for big game hunting and target shooting

Simmons 8-Point 3-9×50 Rifle Scope

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9×50 Riflescope outshines all entry level scopes. Backed by Simmons’ outstanding reputation, the 3-9×50 displays an impressive performance and is one of the best value scopes on the market today.

Featuring Simmons’ patented True Zero adjustment system and QTA eyepiece, the 3-9×50 rifle scope comes equipped with a large 50mm objective, a one-inch tube and a Truplex reticle. Aside from the fact that this scope is entry level, it’s fitted with high-quality coated lenses and 1/4 MOA adjustments.



  • High quality, fully coated lenses
  • Fogproof, shockproof and waterproof
  • True Zero flex erector system for repeatable accuracy
  • Tactile rubberized SureGrip surfaces simplify adjustments
  • Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece for rapid target acquisition and accurate shot placement
  • Truplex reticle with four posts and fine cross hairs for accurate shot placement
  • High-quality optical glass and fully coated optics deliver bright, sharp images
  • HydroShield lens coating helps maintain a clear sight picture regardless of weather conditions
  • Simmons SureGrip rubber surfaces make the Simmons 8-Point one of the easiest scopes to adjust under any shooting conditions
  • Magnification: 3-9x 50
  • Rings not included
  • Eye relief: 3.75 inches

Simmons 8-Point 4-12×40 Rifle Scope

Featuring Simmons’ True Zero adjustment system and QTA eyepiece, with plenty of eye relief, the eight point 4-12×40 rifle scope brings you the undeniable and trustworthy performance you need while hunting or target shooting.


  • Magnification: 4x to 12x
  • Objective: 40mm
  • Field of view: 8.2 – 23.8 feet at 100 yards
  • Truplex reticle
  • Hydroshield lens coating
  • Eye relief: 3.75 inches
  • Weight: 11.1 ounces
  • Length: 12.5 inches
  • Tube diameter: one inch

Simmons 8-Point 3-9×32 TruPlex Reticle Rifle Scope

Dependable in the worst of weather conditions, the rugged and reliable Simmons 8 Point 3-9×32 Truplex riflescope ensures you’re good to go in all types of environments.

And with 1/4-MOA SureGrip audible-click elevation adjustment, the Simmons 3-9×32 eight point Truplex also features fully coated optics technology. The Truplex reticle is great for quick aiming and accurate shooting in a wide range of applications

If you’ve been searching for undeniable quality in both optical precision and durable construction, the 3-9×32 TruPlex Scope is a solid choice.

  • Fully coated, high-quality optics for bright images
  • Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece for quick target acquisition
  • Waterproof/fogproof/recoil-proof
  • One-inch tube to fit a wide variety of scope rings

Simmons Blazer Spotting Scope Review

If you’re in the market for a rifle scope that’s great for hunting, the shooting range or even bird watching, check out the Simmons Blazer spotting scope. Also perfect for hunters and sports enthusiasts, this high-quality scope uses fully-coated BK-7 prisms for a perfectly clear and concise view.

Featuring fully coated optics and waterproof housing, the lightweight Simmons 20-60×60 spotting scope delivers exceptional targeting results in exquisite brilliance.

With a rubber armor design, nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed, the Blazer creates a fully fogproof and waterproof shield whether you’re at the shooting range, in the field, viewing wildlife or bird watching.This incredible scope comes with a hard-shell aluminum case, soft case and tripod.


  • High-quality glass, fully coated lenses for bright images in super detail
  • BK7 prisms for brilliant light transmission
  • Waterproof/fogproof
  • Fully coated optics
  • Rugged construction
  • Nitrogen purged


  • Rubber armor matte finish
  • Magnification: 20x-60x
  • Objective diameter: 60mm
  • Weight: 1.75 pounds
  • Length: 14 inches
  • Field of view: 20 x: 115 at 1,000 yards and 60 x: 52 feet at 1,000 yards
  • Magnification: 20x to 60x
  • Eye relief: 17mm
  • Exit pupil: 3mm
  • Short focus: 26 feet

Simmons ProSport 20-60×60 Spotting Scope (Kit)

Are you a true outdoor sports enthusiast? Would you consider yourself a weekend warrior? Do you meticulously read online reviews of your favorite sport optics brands? If so, you may want to consider the Simmons ProSport 20-60×60 for your next adventure.

The ProSport 20-60×60 is perfect for hunting on the range, in the field or birdwatching from a cliff over the ocean. Boasting fully coated optics to deliver extremely bright and sharp images in larger than life detail, this scope also comes equipped with BK7 prisms to offer even greater light transmission.

With a rugged rubber housing to stand up to whatever tenacious situations the field throws at you, you’ll be just fine with its nonslip grip. Manufactured using an extremely lightweight  polycarbonate to reduce overall weight while maintaining an impact-resistant construction, the 20-60×60 remains ahead of the competition.

The tough rubber armor covering also protects your Simmons ProSport Spotting Scope from bumps in the road, abrasions and damage. Rugged durability is also a large part of the ProSport formula with the True Zero windage and elevation adjustment system and one-piece aluminum tube construction — to make the ProSport ready for any hunt.

Simmons ProSport 20-60×60 is waterproof, fogproof, and nitrogen purged to ensure you years and years of reliable use. It’s also unaffected by any severe climatic conditions you might encounter in the outdoors.

Simmons ProSport Spotting Scope 20-60×60 features a sliding sunshade that is built into the objective leg of the scope to reduce glare in very bright light. The 20-60×60 was surely created with the price conscious sports enthusiast in mind. The series is quite possible the best value in the optics market today.

With optical performance that is equal to or better than competitors’ optical products, Simmons ProSport Spotting Scopes also offer undeniable armored construction as well as a hard-shell case, soft case, sunshade and tripod!

For true innovation, dependability and value, and customer satisfaction, no other riflescope delivers like ProSport spotting scopes.


  • High-quality, fully coated optics for bright images
  • 20 to 60x magnification and 60mm objective lens spotting scope
  • 100 percent quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Handsome design and durability
  • BK7 prisms for even greater light transmission
  • Rugged, nonslip rubber armor coating to absorb shock
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell construction
  • HD clarity optics
  • Waterproof, fogproof and nitrogen purged
  • Built-in sliding sunshade
  • Tripod included
  • Soft case and premium hard-shell aluminum case

Simmons Pro Diamond 4×32 Shotgun Rifle Scope

With hunting season just around the corner, the Simmons Pro Diamond 4×32 shotgun rifle scope is a smart choice. The Pro Diamond scopes have been designed carefully and creatively with such features as their patented True Zero adjustment system to ensure accurate shots and placement time after time.

The QTA eyepiece ensures quick target acquisition in less than ideal situations while delivering up to 5.5 inches of eye relief. The Pro Diamond reticle is a turkey hunter’s best friend as it can identify a turkey’s vital zone at 40 yards. The high-quality optical glass and multi-coated optics convey the brightest and sharpest image regardless of weather conditions due to the HydroShield lens coating.

The Pro Diamond 4×32 Shotgun Scope is also equipped with the True Zero erector system and fully-coated optics with Hydro Shield protection for crystal clear images even in rain or snow.

This compact and lightweight sighting solution on the 4×32 shotgun scope features the ProDiamond reticle whereby its configuration assists the shooter in locating the vital zones of their prey.

Designed for rapid target acquisition at short ranges, the Pro Diamond 4×32 is made with 1/4 MOA clicks and 70 MOA adjustments. This exceptional optic also boasts a generous field of view and excellent performance at nighttime. The Super Grip rubber surfaces on the black matte finishing of this Simmons Diamond Scope make adjustments quick and easy in normal and inclement weather.

  • Simmons exclusive true one-piece tube construction for years of rugged use
  • High-quality optical glass and multi-coated optics deliver the brightest and sharpest image available in its class
  • HydroShield lens coating helps maintain a clear sight regardless of weather conditions
  • Simmons new SureGrip rubber surfaces on power change rings and eyepieces make ProDiamond one of the easiest scopes to adjust under any shooting conditions

ProHunter ProDiamond 1.5-5×32 Shotgun Rifle Scope

The Pro Hunter isn’t limited to rifle use only. You can get the clearest, most concise and incredibly bright images with a handgun or shotgun too. The best of hunters and shooters alike reach for the ProHunter scope as they know it guarantees them the perfect combination of exceptional, high-quality optics and extreme reliability.

Special perks include the True Zero elevation adjustment system and Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece to deliver generous eye relief through the whole magnification range.



  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Handsome, withstanding design and durability built to last
  • Shotgun rifle scope with 5x magnification and 32mm objective lens
  • Multi-coated optics and high-quality optical glass to produce sharp, clear images
  • True Zero fingertip windage and elevation adjustment system
  • Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece with over four inches of eye relief
  • Weight: 8.6 ounces

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