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Swarovski Scopes Review – Z3/Z5 – Which One is the Best?

Swarovski Riflescope Z5 5-25x52 BT

The first time I shot a rifle I was aiming at a row of tin cans lined on a fence. The “rifle” of choice was a BB gun, which was a fun way of getting the job done. Years later on a cool autumn day in a scenery complete with gorgeous countryside, I took another shot. This time my weapon of choice was a .22 caliber rifle.

It’s true, I was far from understanding, never mind possessing, the sophisticated versions of today’s weapons. Although my scope was missing (I didn’t own one), I knew that my aim had to result in a crisp, accurate shot. Back then, I had never heard of rifle scopes, not to mention Swarovski Scopes, but years later I would find out that their rifle scopes are considered some of the best in the world.

Whether you’re shooting cans, practicing at a rifle range or big game hunting, Swarovski optics are top notch with unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship like no other.

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Rifle Scopes of Yesterday and Today

In the late 1850’s/early 1860’s, Morgan James, a competitive rifle shooter, built the first telescopic sight. During the Civil War, sharpshooters began to use scope-sighted rifles for correlative long distances. To this day this scope is regarded by some as the first sensible optical rifle sight. One can argue that these earlier scopes lacked the remarkable optical quality and durability of today’s models.


Rifle Scopes of Yesterday and Today


The Swarovski Austrian producer is probably best known for their superior crystal products such as watches and various types of jewelry. But since 1949, Swarovski Optik , headquartered in Absam, Austria, has specialized in the manufacturing of optical instruments. Binoculars, spotting scopes, night-range devices and of course, rifle scopes are among their most most notable products.

Swarovski Scopes Review

Are you looking for superior precision in your next rifle scope? Vision and clarity are probably two words that come to mind when you’re in the market for a rifle scope that delivers just that.

The Austrian manufacturer, Swarovski is considered by some critics as the world’s best when it comes to scopes. When you’re staring down your target at dusk or dawn you need a clear, crisp and concise view. So what sets Swarovski scopes apart from the rest? Pragmatic design and state of the art technology that you can feel.

Today, the shooting and hunting industry has drastically upped their game in terms of rifle scope technology. Whereas the original tubes were made of steel, today’s rifle scope tubes are now drawn from aircraft-grade aluminum. Hence, there’s no comparison in terms of strength. Compact, sturdy and lightweight, Swarovski’s  Z3 and Z5 seem to be the top rated scopes of choice.

TIP: When it comes time to purchasing a scope, aim (no pun intended) for the best! The better the scope, the better your shooting skill.

  • Optical Power
  • Size of Lense
  • Reticle

How will you use your Rifle Scope and Why?

As soon as you know why you need a particular scope, it will be easier to choose the optic.

Are you a newly appointed police officer? Getting ready to hunt deer in the mountains of Pennsylvania? Need more target practice? Or do you simply need a clear and ultra-reliable scope for household protection rifle? These are all valid situations which require the perfect rifle scope.


Now that you’ve figured out why you need an optic, let’s consider the scope’s durability. Waterproof? Shockproof? Anti-fog? When it comes time to put your optic to use, you don’t want something to break. Spend that extra buck for peace of mind. Other considerations are batteries, warranties and size options.


There are many coatings available for optics. Consider coated, fully coated and multi coated. The better the coating, the less eyestrain you’ll endure.

The Swarovski Scopes Difference

With Swarovski optics, you’ll never have to strain when lining up the shot. Let’s take a look at the Z3 and Z5 models…

Swarovski Scopes – Z3 Rifle Scope Review

In the market for exceptional quality, but not looking for added weight? I give you the Swarovski Z3. You can expect ridiculously sharp, crystal clear optical clarity and light conveyance. I’ve picked a few you many want to consider for your next shooting/hunting adventure…


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Swarovski Scopes - Z3 3-10x42 LSwarovski Scopes - Z3 3-10x42 LCheck Price
image of Z3 3-10X42 PlexZ3 3-10X42 PlexCheck Price
image of Swarovski Scopes - Z3 4-12X50 BRH ReticleSwarovski Scopes - Z3 4-12X50 BRH ReticleCheck Price
image of Swarovski Scopes - Z3 3-9X36Swarovski Scopes - Z3 3-9X36Check Price


1. Swarovski Scopes – Z3 3-10×42 L


Swarovski Scopes - Z3 3-10x42 L


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Slim, sturdy, reliable rifle scope which stands out for its lightweight design and incredible optics. Perfect for your next stalk, it’s a handy companion for every type of weapon. Props to its classy, timeless design.

  • Matte black finish
  • 4A reticle
  • 1″ tube
  • Light alloy for ring mount
  • Magnification adjustment ring
  • Zero point adjustment
  • Low light, European style reticle

2. Z3 3-10X42 Plex


Z3 3-10X42 Plex - Swarovski Scopes Review


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Thanks to its high-precision optics and graceful design, the Z3 3-10×42 exhibits a slim construction and close mount to the barrel.

Comes fully equipped with a PLEX aiming reticle and limited lifetime warranty from Swarovski. Works great with all types of weapons.

  • BRX distance reticles for precise long-range shots
  • Perfect for big game hunting
  • Suitable for every type of weapon
  • 3x zoom in a 1-inch rifle scope
  • Centered reticle in the second image plane
  • Rapid diopter adjustment

The lens here are really what make the Z3 one of the most popular picks. Let’s take a closer look at how they function.

  • Tube features defined ribbing to prevent residual reflections for high-contrast images regardless of the lighting conditions
  • Anti-reflective lens coatings
  • 1″ riflescope — slim design
  • Long eye relief: 3.54 inches
  • 1/4 ” clicks
  • Lightweight alloy main tube with scratch resistant surface
  • Waterproof turrets

3. Swarovski Scopes – Z3 4-12X50 BRH Reticle


Z3 4-12X50 BRH Reticle - Swarovski Scopes Review -


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The Z3 4-12×50 is available with BRX or BRH reticle and an optional BT. It’s extremely versatile and designed for better low light visibility in big game hunting. (Distances between bars and dots are the same for both reticles).

  • Exceptional in poor lighting and for long distances
  • 50 mm objective lens plus 12 times magnification
  • Bigger diameter means brighter scope in low light
  • Heavier reticle version of the popular BRX reticle with 3 times zoom
  • Range to target estimation
  • Designed for long range shooting

4. Swarovski Scopes – Z3 3-9X36


Z3 3-9X36 - Swarovski Scopes Review


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  • Designed for the hunter who wants a small, lightweight scope
  • Compact, reliable and tough, yet sturdy
  • Exceptional optics
  • New slim design
  • Long eye relief
  • 1/4 ” clicks

It’s safe to say that any product associated with the name Swarovski brings first in class optics with unparalleled quality. Optical magicians, one might say as hunters and shooters worldwide will attest to this.

Finding the perfect rifle scope is easy if you’re debating on which Swarovski model to choose. Read on for more options…

Swarovski Z5 Rifle Scope Review

Similar in design to the Z3, the Z5 rifle scopes possess the unsurpassed distinction of durability, dependability and precision. You need the best whether you’re in the mountains or shooting a target on the plains.

If you had only one shot to secure your target, what scope would you choose? With the Z5, one crisp, clean, shot is all you’ll need. Ready?


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of Swarovski Scopes - Z5 5-25x52 BTSwarovski Scopes - Z5 5-25x52 BTCheck Price
image of Swarovski Scopes - Z5 3.5-18x44 BT PlexSwarovski Scopes - Z5 3.5-18x44 BT PlexCheck Price


1. Swarovski Scopes – Z5 5-25×52 BT

Think long-range shootingThis rifle scope comes fully equipped with a BT-Ballistic Turret. A lightweight, sleek, high-precision scope with five times zoom in its one-inch main tube. Suitable for various types of hunting, it offers max precision at extreme distances.


Z5 5-25x52 BT - Swarovski Scopes Review


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The optics on this rifle scope are obsolete even at the lowest light. It offers quick, comfortable adjustments with the addition of a ballistic turret. You won’t be disappointed. Accuracy at its best!

  • Newly designed 5x zoom riflescope
  • Extremely versatile
  • High magnification – with a wide field of view
  • 3.74″  extended eye relief–worry free concentration on shot
  • Compact, rugged and beyond reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Large, wide field of view: 5.8 to 1.17 degrees
  • Second image plane reticle

2. Swarovski Scopes – Z5 3.5-18×44 BT Plex

This particular scope would best be be considered for the traditional hunter. It’s a one-inch highly precise scope with a five times zoom and weighs in just under a pound. The compact, light and reliable Z5 3.5-18×44 BT profile also has a clean unassuming look about it.


Z5 3.5-18x44 BT Plex


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If you’re a mountain hunter in a situation that requires critical precision and accuracy, the Swarovski Z5 3.5-18×44 BT is the scope you’ll want in your hands. It features state-of-the-art technology and is there when you need it the most-especially for that long range shot.

  • Large field of view
  • Crystal-clear optics
  • 90% light transmission
  • Sturdy, mechanical design
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Side parallax turret
  • Waterproof and fogproof

Whichever scope you aim for and in whatever situation you need one, you really can’t go wrong with Swarovski. Both the Z3 and Z5 are lightweight, durable and sturdy. And with optical clarity so clear that it knows no boundaries, why settle for less?

Whether you’re big game hunting, shooting the occasional small prey or honing your precise target skills, you can rest assured Swarovski scopes won’t let you down.

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