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The Best Women’s Concealed Carry Bra: Our Top 4

concealed carry bra

Once you start carrying a firearm every day, as woman, you’ll soon start looking for the best women’s concealed carry options. Believe it or not a concealed carry bra might be a great option to consider. But, of course, everything you wear now you must consider your brand new gun and how it works with your apparel!

Several women own firearms because they want to feel safer in their homes or go out alone. But did you know statistics say that having a weapon dramatically reduces the chances of being assaulted?

A Concealed carry bra can protect your weapon as you go about your day. They are specially designed with hidden pockets for storing a gun and other essentials. Check out the different styles and designs and answers to crucial questions about the bras in this article.

Finding an ideal bra to carry your firearm can be pretty challenging. Here are some handy tips to help you find the best-concealed carry bra!



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Frequently Asked Questions – Concealed Carry Bra

Finding the right women’s concealed carry bra does not have to be complicated. We are here to help you find the right gun. Armed with an informed decision, a little research, and the best carry bras for women, you can possess and carry an effective self-defense tool.

Is a Concealed Carry Bra Safe? 

Quality brands are safe.  Keeping your weapon secure is the key to safety. You will always want to purchase your bras from trusted links or merchants. Also, you want to use trusted brands with high reviews on products. Below our product list references several options ideals for you whether you are a beginner or pro.

What Kind of Concealed Carry Bra Should I Own? 

Look bras in general are about fit and comfort.  Since every woman’s body is different, finding the right conceal carry bra may take some trial and error. Since it is hard to choose from the hundreds of products on the market today, we’ve narrowed them down to those that are proven quality. Fortunately Amazon allows for returns, so although you know are getting quality getting the perfect fit may take a few trials.

What is the Best Conceal Carry Bra Material? 


women’s concealed carry bra


When looking at materials for bras, you want to look for something that provides safety, comfort, and support. Nylon and flexible materials are usually more durable. And comfortable. While Nylon may not be the most breathable, it is probably the most sturdy for holding your weapon secure.

Also, depending on your uses, consider zippers and water-resistant fabrics when comparing bras. We always recommend a material that can withstand the washing machine.

How Do I Know if the Bra is Right for Me? 

Testing and practice. If you are new to women’s concealed carry bras, perhaps you should consider a less expensive option until you have gone out on the range to test out this holster option. Regardless of your skill level, whenever you purchase a new concealed carry bra, make sure to spend time practicing your draw.

These are some of the questions you may be asking yourself if you’ve never thought about a women’s concealed carry bra. But, consider this, you may have even passed an individual in public who is wearing one of these bras and does not even realize it.

Feel Confident With a Women’s Concealed Carry Bra

It is easy to see how carrying a firearm or gun could be beneficial given that the United States has an increasing average of mass shootings every year. With the advent of social media, more and more companies are stepping in to cater to female gun owners by creating firearms and gear specifically geared towards them. Now ladies can feel a little better about carrying their guns with the best women’s concealed carry bra.

When it comes to the best women’s concealed carry bra, one must be sure that they choose a bra carefully as underwear and guns don’t necessarily go hand in hand. In addition, the female body is designed to be sensual, curvy, and beautiful.

Therefore, women’s concealed carry bras need to be of the highest quality and comfort to ensure that your body looks normal and not bulky while you are out running errands or exercising.

That being said, several companies have begun to create specialized bras explicitly designed for women with firearms.

With women’s gun ownership on the rise, many female gun owners face specific challenges that male gun owners don’t have to deal with. Here are the top 4 concealed carry bras on the market right now

Top 4 Women’s Concealed Carry Bras


Product NameWhere to Buy
image of UnderTech UnderCover Women’s Midriff Half TankUnderTech UnderCover Women’s Midriff Half TankCheck Price
image of UnderTech Undercover Women’s Tank Shirt T0801UnderTech Undercover Women’s Tank Shirt T0801Check Price
image of Concealed Carry Convertible Sports BraConcealed Carry Convertible Sports BraCheck Price
image of Flashbang Bra HolsterFlashbang Bra HolsterCheck Price


1. UnderTech UnderCover Women’s Midriff Half Tank


UnderTech UnderCover Women's Midriff Half Tank



Ratings: 3.6 out of 5

UnderTech UncderCover’s midriff is perfect to wear as a concealed carry bra. Whether you are a left-handed user or a right-handed user, this concealed carry bra works for both! It is incredibly comfortable and even can hold spare magazines.

With two concealment pockets on either side of the bra, it is straightforward to draw your weapon (especially if you have a button-down shirt on). And, this concealed carry bra is commonly worn by the Secret Service, FBI, and more.

2. UnderTech Undercover Women’s Tank Shirt T0801


UnderTech UnderCover Women's Midriff Half Tank



Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

Description:  UnderTech UnderCover’s tank shirt is comfortable and functional, made of polyester and spandex (79% and 21%, respectively). And, it is crafted in the US! With a cute design and two extremely easy-to-access holsters located directly under the armpit of the tank, you can have the best of both worlds. Plus, the tank provides compression, so it fits like a second skin.

3. Concealed Carry Convertible Sports Bra


Concealed Carry Convertible Sports Bra



Ratings: 4.7 out of 5

Description: Did you know that you can find concealed carry sports bras? Well, look no further than UnderTech UnderCover’s convertible sports bra. Welcome to the most attractive, functional, concealed carry bra on the market for women! With one holster on the left side and a small pocket for keys on your right, you can run in style and with protection.

4. Flashbang Bra Holster


Flashbang Bra Holster



Ratings: 4.3 out of 5

Description: While most concealed-carry bras include a bra and holster, the Flashbang Bra Holster is slightly different, so we knew we needed to have it on this list. With this holster, it instead nestles underneath your bra band where it stays secured. To access your gun, you pull down while the holster stays attached to your bra band.

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