Seyr A2 MF pistol to shoot

New Steyr A2 Modular Pistol

This year Steyr Arms surprised the gun industry when they announced that the Steyr A1 pistol would be no more.

In its place has come the new Seyr A2 MF pistol, which essentially a modernized and revamped A1 designed to be more modular.

On the A2 MF, you will notice a number of neat improvements over the previous A1 pistol, including new grip modules with swappable side panels, interchangeable backstraps, and new contours that greatly boost the gun’s ergonomics.

There are also forward slide serrations present on the A2 MF as well, which is basically standard on new guns and makes it easier to chamber a round or perform a press check in wet conditions.

Seyr A2 MF pistol

But the gun’s functionality has also been improved just as much as its ergonomics. For example, the new A2 MF features a flared magwell to make it easier to perform a reload under stress.

That all being said the A2 MF also retains several of the same features of the earlier A1 model, For example, it still features the trademark A1 trapezoidal sights and the low bore axis that keeps muzzle flip to a minimum.

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