Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory Pistol – What’s the fuss?

sw 22 victory

If you’re a serious target or competition shooter, you need a reliable target pistol to help you maintain your accuracy. And maybe something different from your expensive competition pistol. There are plenty of ‘plunkers’ out there, but you’ll be looking for something inexpensive yet reliable.

You might take a look at the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory. This sleek little stainless steel pistol comes with an interchangeable 5.5-inch Match barrel. It’s got an adjustable fiber optic rear sight and a green fiber optic front sight. The Victory also features an adjustable trigger stop. For its price, the Victory might be the perfect target pistol.



What to Consider Before Buying

The SW22 is designed for accurate target shooting. For target or competition shooters, this could be an excellent choice to use for everyday practice. It comes with an interchangeable match-grade barrel and fiber optic front and rear sights. The rear sight is adjustable. The Victory offers an adjustable trigger stop.

This pistol is customizable for the target shooter and also has a picatinny-style rail. It’s got a steel reinforced polymer thumb safety. The Victory comes with a stainless steel frame and two 10-round magazines.

If you’re looking for a concealed carry or self-defense handgun, this .22 Long Rifle pistol is probably not the best idea. While it could be used for small game, it’s not exactly a hunting firearm. It’s built mainly for target shooting.

For self defense options, have a look our favorite .22 pistols this year.

Alternatives to SW22 Victory

There are many other similar pistols to the Victory, if you think you’d like to look at something different.

1. Ruger MarkIV™ Target

The Mark IV™ comes with an adjustable rear sight and the capability to add the Picatinny rail. It’s more costly than the Victory.

2. Browning Buck Mark

This pistol is made of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy machined to exact tolerances with raised side panels on the slide to facilitate cocking.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re a serious target or competition shooter looking for something inexpensive for practice, the Smith & Wesson SW 22 Victory might be the perfect match. This pistol offers interchangeable barrels, an adjustable trigger stop, and a Picatinny rail which is included in the box. It’s got fiber optic front and rear sights; the rear sights are adjustable.

This might be an excellent target pistol for reliability and accuracy. Even if you’re just into ‘plinking’ at targets for fun, this pistol won’t cost you an arm and a leg (and the wife will probably appreciate that!), and comes with a lifetime repair policy. The customization features of the Victory pistol means your options are nearly unlimited.

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