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New .22 Target Pistol – Volquartsen Black Mamba

Volquartsen accurizing kit install

This year at Shot Show a new .22 LR target pistol was introduced: the Volquartsen Black Mamba.

First and foremost, this pistol has an MSRP of nearly fifteen hundred dollars. Yes, you read that right.


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So why on earth would you want to spend that much money on a .22 pistol when there are numerous other .22 caliber pistols on the market available for only a fraction of that price?

Well, we’ll dive into that.

The Black Mamba pistol is built on the proven frame of the enormously popular Ruger Mark IV 22/45. The Ruger Mark series of pistols in general are the best-selling .22 semi-automatic pistols of all time.


Volquartsen Black Mamba 22 pistol


But what Volquartsen did is they added numerous high end and luxurious components to the 22/45 frame. For example, the upper Ruger frame has been replaced with an LLV Competition Upper, which is much more lightweight than the Ruger version while also being far more accurate.

The barrel, available in either a 6 inch or 4.5 inch variation, is built out of high quality and rust-resistant stainless steel material.  A single port compensator is also attached to the end of the barrel.

Finally, Volquartsen also added an Accurizing Kit and Competition Bolt to the gun as well, which makes the Black Mamba one of the smoothest to operate .22 pistols on the market and with an incredibly lightweight and crisp trigger pull.

And that’s all not to mention that this high end .22 pistol built right here in the USA.

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2 Responses

  1. “And that’s all not to mention that this high end .22 pistol built right here in the USA.”

    *IS built…

    How does no one catch the grammar and spelling mistakes that plague so many of your articles?

    Plus, you proclaim that it’s built in the USA….to indicate what? Lack of quality? Availability? The fact that it will cost me USD, rather than Euros?

    Think about this carefully. Saying that a product is made from a particular location has NO bearing on its quality. Or it’s value. You can buy a poorly built gun from Germany. Or a well built one. You can even buy a Swiss watch that doesn’t function perfectly.

    The bottom line is, take your writing more seriously, proof-read it, and stop using blanket statements to try to add filler.

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