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GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Review

GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Review

Modern optics are among some of the most impactful firearms innovations of the past couple of decades. From pistols to rifles and heavy military weapons, Optics are used on all kinds of projectile weapons, and they can improve their effectiveness very significantly.


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Today, we are going to talk about the Viridian GDO 20 Green Dot Electro Optic. Viridian makes excellent high-quality accessories and optics that work quite well with various weapon platforms. I am always impressed by the ergonomics and the tech that has been integrated into their optics.


Viridian GDO 20 Green Dot Electro Optic


The GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Site has a 3 MOA green dot reticle


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Viridian is known for its focus on the color green being more easily visible to the human eye. I have to agree with this since green is the most easily discernible color, and easy-to-acquire color option when it comes to reticles and lasers. The Viridian GDO 20 also has a 3 MOA green dot reticle, which combined with the 20 mm objective lens, gives you a wide field of view, and makes target acquisition very easy and fast.


GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Front


GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Glass

The glass on the GDO 20 is exceptionally clear and has no parallax. The green dot is very vibrant and has zero blooming or artifacting in a variety of lighting conditions. The exterior body of the GDO 20 is made from high-grade aluminum alloy. It is very durable and rugged, yet is the lightest in its class as well. The GDO 20 is designed to work in a wide range of environments. It has an IPX6 water resistance rating, which allows you to use it in rainy and humid environments as well.

GDO 20 Windage and Elevation Turrets

The GDO 20 features 1 MOA windage and elevation turrets, allowing you to adjust the reticle according to your firearm. The brightness of the reticle can also be easily adjusted using the adjustable push buttons on the top. The GDO 20 has 7 different visible brightness settings, and one for night vision as well.

GDO 20 Green Dot Electro-Optic Power Source

One of the best things about the Viridian GDO series is that they work on standard AAA batteries. Using a single AAA battery, it has a very long battery life of up to 30,000 hours, and replacing the battery is very easy and simple. The GDO 20 also comes with a Riser mount. Subsequently, it allows you to mount the optic a little higher for better eye relief and the ability to co-witness your backup iron sights as well.

Overall, the Viridian GDO 20 is one of the best optics for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. It works consistently in a wide range of lighting conditions and has a solid and rugged design.

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