3 Safes Under 500 That Won’t Break the Bank


In today’s world, it seems nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper or go online and learn that another death was caused as a result of a carelessly placed firearm. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that security and safety are prioritized when dealing with guns. Finding a good and reliable safe can be challenging, especially finding one that is affordable.

But is a good safe under $500 really that hard to find? We here at Gun News Daily beg to differ. There are countless options on the market today. And with Christmas right around the corner, there’s tons of sales, thanks to the recent Black Friday deals.

Undoubtedly, a quality safe is an absolute necessity as well as an important investment for any gun owner. For some, the cost of a safe can seem excessive, but if you stick to the basics, you can rest assured that you’ll find a safe that’s completely secure and still offers steady access.

And there are still more gun owners who may think that for $500 it’s hard to find a reputable safe with all the bells and whistles. This really isn’t the case. Many of the safes made today feature a premium lock, but if you choose mechanical versus electronic, you’ll save a bundle. So, there’s no need to compromise on security.

In addition, if you’re thinking of purchasing a small safe, you have more options. There’s some very budget-friendly safes available, including quick access ones that are ideal for home security firearms. With that being said, after much research and reading customer reviews online, I’ve found some affordable and quality-made gun safes.

Please see below for my review on the Best Gun Safes Under $500.

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1. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeBarska is a worldwide sport optics company with strong brand recognition in the optics industry. Additionally, they are the leading producer and innovator in biometric safes. Relying solely on fingerprint recognition, Barska biometric safes can be opened and accessed to its contents expeditiously.

The Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is user-friendly and extremely reputable for its advanced fingerprint recognition technology. It’s the perfect mountable-sized safe to store your rifles. This quick access biometric safe is approved by the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) and is designed for storage of four rifles, plus handguns and ammunition.

Offering three solid steel locking deadbolts for added security, this biometric rifle safe features an internal memory that stores up to 120 distinguishable fingerprints and includes emergency backup keys for multiple access modes. With the simple touch of a finger, you can quickly open this safe and access your valuables — no need to remember (or try to remember) a combination when you may be under duress.


As well as including a removable storage shelf, the  Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe features an adjustable four position barrel rest to keep your rifles upright and steady, a three-step programming process to easily register your fingerprint, and an additional small shelf to store spare magazines or ammunition.

For under $500, the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe is a reliable option in its category. By choosing this safe, you’ll get excellent security features as well as a fantastic unit to store your guns and valuables. And with all the reviews I’ve read on this safe, I’ve seen the same comment over and over: “Guns are safe and secure and locked away from the kids”.


  • Quick access safe in case of an emergency
  • Accessible during daytime or nighttime
  • Comes with backup keys and battery
  • California DOJ Approved
  • Ideal safe for stowing valuables and keeping guns away from children


  • Neither waterproof or fireproof


  • Second generation fingerprint technology
  • Three-point deadbolt locking system
  • Fingerprint /backup key access
  • Emergency backup battery
  • Four position barrel rest
  • Floor/wall mountable
  • Silent access mute mode
  • Stores up to four rifles
  • Store up to 120 different fingerprints
  • Extra space for guns and ammo
  • California DOJ approved
  • Exterior dimensions: 8.6 x 9.8 x 52.17 inches
  • Interior dimensions: 6.3 x 9.7 x 52 inches
  • Steel construction
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Check latest price on Amazon

2. Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Double Door Safe

If you’re a gun enthusiast with an extensive collection of firearms, or one that plans on acquiring said gun collection, the Stack-On Double Door Safe is for you. This rather large safe (over 100 pounds) provides what is basically two separate safes all in one.

The Stack-On Double Door Safe is the perfect safe to keep thieves and unauthorized users away. And you can store more than your rifles in this safe — it’s great for packing away your valuables plus other gear.

Stack-On 16-Gun Convertible Gun Safe

Roomy Steel Security Cabinet

The cabinet is constructed with a welded steel box for unbelievable strength and durability. The steel cabinet features a three-point locking system with two bars to provide the utmost level of security for all of your possessions.

The cabinet also features pre-drilled holes for easy attachment to a floor or wall and comes with the necessary hardware. The Stack-On Double Door Safe includes Stack-On’s patented barrel rests and standoffs for optimal storage and will accommodate rifle barrels, plus side-by-side shotguns. There’s even room for your scopes, as the standoffs are designed to accommodate scoped rifles.

Storage, Storage and More Storage

The right side of this customizable cabinet can hold up to 16 firearms and features foam padded sides to protect your firearms. The left side includes four large, foam padded removable steel shelves and in addition, it can hold 15 more rifles when the shelves are removed.

If you’ve been looking for a safe that requires gun storage as well as multitudes of valuable possessions, this is quite possibly the safe you need. Each compartment has a door that opens to their access their storage, and each storage has the capacity to hold up to eight guns.

The Stack-On Double Door is comparable to having two safes in one space. If you need or want a large safe, this is one of the best budget gun safes out there. And lastly, each Stack-On steel security cabinet is a California approved firearms safety device that meets the requirements of California Penal Code Section 12088.


  • Extremely spacious and durable
  • Adjustable shelve
  • California DOJ approved
  • Nice green epoxy finish
  • Molded barrel rests will not deteriorate over time


  • No fire or water protection


  • Holds 16 rifles or shotguns up to 54 inches tall
  • Foam padded sides and bottom to reduce possible scratching
  • Four large foam padded removable steel shelves for storing ammo, handguns or jewelry
  • Super strong full-sized steel door
  • Three-point locking system with key coded, double-bitted lock for enhanced security
  • Measures: 20 x 40 x 58.5 inches
  • Weight: 147 pounds
  • Check latest price on Amazon

3. GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe

With a fast access digital keypad, 18 gauge steel construction, plus multiple mounting options, this could very well be one of the best gun safes on the market today.

GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe

The Quick Access SpeedVault SV 500 is designed with a fast activation drop down drawer that is intended to gives users faster access to their firearm as needed. This gun vault is mountable along walls, under desks, in corners, or at the foot of your bed to secure a firearm safely.

Because if an intruder enters your home, time is of the essence to protect yourself and your family. And the special feature about this gun vault is the fact that it’s equipped with an internal floodlight that will allow you to grab your gun and defend yourself.

The only downside to this is the intruder can also see the bright light —  but aside from that, it’s still a positive feature. The GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe also features a user-friendly programmable keypad, which makes it very easy to protect a gun and have access to it. Just don’t forget your entry code!

To review, the GunVault SV 500 is truly a great gun safe that all homeowners should invest in — provided that they own a defensive handgun which needs protection. Overall, a big thumbs up.


  • Fast activation drop down drawer
  • Quick access digital keypad
  • 18 gauge steel construction
  • Protective foam-lined interior
  • Multiple mounting options with hardware included
  • Backup override key included
  • Exterior dimensions: 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches
  • Interior dimensions : 2.25 x 5.75 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Check latest price on Amazon

4. First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe With Digital Lock

For 60 years, First Alert has been a leader in innovation for the home safety industry. They offer smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, security cameras and most notably, safes. Over the years, many happy customers have chosen First Alert because the company manufactures reliable products that offer much security and peace of mind.

First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe With Digital Lock

The First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock has earned a great deal of approval from consumers. This is one of those safes that offers some of the features which you would get in a high-end safe.

With a spacious interior large enough to hold most small and medium sized guns, valuables, electronics and documents, it also features adjustable shelves which you can adjust. And if you have a medium sized gun, you’ll be able to remove all of the shelves and store it in the safe diagonally.

The First Alert Waterproof Fire Safe has a solid lock and four steel bolts — which make the door very difficult to pry open. And as soon as the door is locked, the bolts get activated.

In addition, this First Alert safe provides special hinges which feature a patented design that cannot be broken from anti-theft equipment. In addition, the safe is also able to withstand an external temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour. And not to worry … the interior will keep a temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lastly, humidity will not damage this safe as there is a reliable seal which prevents moisture from getting in and in the event of a flood, this safe can float. The First Alert Waterproof and Fire Safe is a terrific all-around choice. I like this one because as well as storing your firearm, you can also store small electronics and valuables.


  • Digital locking safe
  • Protects valuables from fire, water, and theft
  • 2.1 cubic foot capacity for plenty of storage space
  • Fire-resistant design
  • Withstands temperatures up to 1700 degrees F up to one hour
  • Waterproof seal keeps contents dry
  • Pry-resistant hinges
  • Exterior dimensions: 24.13 x 17.63 x 23.38 inches
  • Interior dimensions: 19.69 x 13.50 x 13.88 inches
  • Weight: 145 pounds
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Check latest price on Amazon

Final Thoughts

As we’ve said in many of our product reviews, if you own a gun, you need to lock it up! By now, we can all agree that gun ownership requires responsibility. A good safe provides a barrier you can easily put between your weapons and anyone who should not be near them.

From the Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe to Stack-On’s 16-Gun Safe down to First Alert’s waterproof and fire-resistant safe, you can definitely find one for under $500. We certainly hope that this review has given you some helpful tips for your next gun or home safe investment. Happy Christmas shopping!

Alex Joseph

Alex Joseph is an avid bow hunter and father of two boys. Originally from Tacoma, Washington. Alex now resides in California.

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