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The Best Shot Timers and Why You Need One

Shot timers

Do you own a shot timer? If not, have you thought about owning one?

Basically, a shot timer is an activated timer that uses an audible signal to alert the shooter to begin shooting, and also detects each shot from the beginning signal. When the shooter is done shooting, the timer can then show them the time from the start signal to the final shot, down to the hundredth of a second.


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As you can imagine, shot timers come with a variety of uses: they are necessary for competition shooting, as well as for improving your shooting skills by learning how to deliver shots quickly and accurately. A shot timer also works far more effectively than a stopwatch, because it more accurately provides truly trustworthy data to track your performance.

If you want to be able to place three shots quickly in under two seconds, for example, a shot timer will be invaluable to helping you achieve that (with practice, of course).

Essentially what a shot timer does is add stress to your defensive shooting practice, and becomes a harsh judger of your shooting performance.

A basic shot timer will consist of a microphone, speaker, logic board, and a screen to display the above information. Despite being this simple, shot timers are still quite expensive and regularly cost over a hundred dollars. For this reason alone, many people avoid purchasing them.

Nonetheless, a shot timer will still be a great investment because it’s one of the very best tools that you can use to improve your shooting skills and gauge your shooting ability when it comes to timing.

Here are the top three best shot timers on the market for you to consider today, presented in alphabetical order:

Competition Edge Dynamics CED7000 Chrome RF Timer


Competition Edge Dynamics CED7000 Chrome RF Timer


The Competition Edge Dynamics CED7000 Chrome RF Timer is a very compact and lightweight shot timer that comes packed with an array of impressive features.

The entire shot timer is roughly the same size as a phone, and can display results fifty yards away from the timer (meaning that you can shoot up to fifty yards away from it and it will pick up the shots.

The CED7000 is capable of variable delay intervals up to 0.01 seconds, with a total record capacity of 999.99 seconds before needing to be reset. The LCD display is very easy-to-read and fully illuminated.

The battery is fully rechargeable and the device ships with a universal plug-in charger, with wrist and neck lanyards to make it easy to carry around.

Competition Electronics Protimer IV


Competition Electronics Protimer IV


The Competition Electronics Protimer IV is a more expensive and high end shot timer that commands a higher price point.

One of the big selling points to the Protimer IV is the fact that it can be connected to a printer, so you can print the stored data right away.

But when it comes to actually improving your shooting skills, the Protimer IV has a lot to offer. It offers an instant, random, and fixed delay start modes to test your reaction and draw times.

Another big reason to consider the Protimer IV is the fact that it’s very sensitive. It won’t miss any shots that you take, and it has enough memory space to memorize a hundred different shots.

Pact Club Shot Timer III


Pact Club Shot Timer III


The Pact Club Shot Timer III is another compact and lightweight shot timer that can fit nicely into your hand. It’s also very ergonomic with buttons that are deep pressed designed so they cannot be accidentally activated.

The PACT has enough memory to memorize a hundred shots with the timer. It has a very simple LCD display and a black plastic construction, although it’s not the most durable shot timer on the market so you’ll need to be careful about not dropping it.

As an added bonus, it also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Any one of these shot timers can be used to drastically advance your shooting skills by improving your reaction times and placing more shots accurately in a more limited amount of time. For this reason, a shot timer can be one of the best investments you make to improve your shooting skills.

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